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19 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes 2023

A huge list of the best AdSense WordPress themes to improve the revenue and CTR of your website or blog.

Adsense optimization is a great way to boost your click-through rate by engineering little details which make a difference.

The trick is to get the perfect balance between adverts and content. The adverts must be present but not obnoxious. The content must still be king.

Adsense is the easiest monetization method for a simple website, blogs, niche sites, magazines, news, and forums because it doesn’t require technical knowledge to set up and use.

It is also the best paying CPC/PPC network due to its popularity and advertiser competition. We also use it for Colorlib, but it is not our main income because developers dislike clicking on ads.

AdSense and SEO go hand in hand, and you can get much higher CPC from organic traffic from Google than from social or direct traffic. (You might also want to check these awesome SEO-friendly WordPress themes.)

Let’s get to the real deal now – THEMES!

Best WordPress Themes For Google Ads (AdSense)

1. Newspaper

newspaper wordpress theme

If you are searching for an excellent WordPress AdSense theme, choose Newspaper. This product generates revenue for its owners by increasing the website’s popularity.

You can create pages and articles using the tagDiv Composer page builder and the pre-designed design templates with Newspaper theme.

You can tweak every aspect of the design with tagDiv Composer.

Furthermore, you must generate revenue from advertisements without irritating readers. Thankfully, Newspaper has implemented a modern, intelligent ad system.

Newspaper has 18 ad locations that apply globally and will help you maximize your revenue stream.

The template also lets you include advertisements on individual posts or pages, through the tagDiv Composer and the Ad Box or Single Post Content elements.

This theme offers many useful tools, and you should certainly use it for your business strategy.

More info / Download Demo

2. Divi


The creators made Divi an AdSense Optimized WordPress theme for easy online advertisement and ad placement.

Its excellent design and gorgeous layouts will be able to attract scores of customers and followers. The sky’s the limit with Divi!

Divi allows website owners to target foreign demographics with quick translations and RTL support.

Divi is a flexible solution for any talented business person. And you have absolute freedom in terms of customization. There are 1,000s of possible settings and options for your pages.

You can either construct layouts from scratch or import pre-made versions. Regardless of your choice, the result will look incredible.

More info / Download Demo

Gillion is an incredible AdSense WordPress theme for news, writing, magazines and blogs. It serves a communication tool by all means. It comes with 15+ demos, premium support and awesome plugins.

Gillion uses WPBakery page builder and Unyson. It also features an admin panel built to make users comfortable.

Moreover, Gillion requires no coding and is SEO optimized. The responsive layout makes this theme mobile-friendly and adaptable to all screens.

Gillion is the trendy, simple, and smooth theme made just for you! Go for Gillion!

More info / Download Demo

4. CheerUp

CheerUp is a WordPress theme fully oriented to blogs, magazines and story writing. It comes with 1,000s of awesome, handcrafted layouts.

Use its live customizer and admin panel’s advanced options to change things quickly and easily. Use MailChimp and WooCommerce to set up your businesses with subscriptions and stores.

CheerUp has lots of headers and footers styles available, icons, social media sharing buttons and search toolbars. Plus, play with 5 beautiful sliders and tons of widgets. CheerUp aims for versatility and visual appeal to make readers go crazy for your content.

CheerUp features multiple sidebars, an off-canvas mobile menu, and logo space settings! It is SEO and Contact Form compatible too!

Get its premium support and documentation to get started. Use CheerUp and make a difference!

More info / Download Demo

5. Jevelin


Jevelin is a colorful and mobile-friendly AdSense WordPress multipurpose blog and magazine theme.

You will never run out of ways to impress your audience with multiple main and internal layouts with many practical features.

Try Jevelin today, and see for yourself! (You’ll create your blog VERY fast.)

More info / Download Demo

6. MagPlus

MagPlus is a clever and modern responsive WordPress blog and magazine theme. It is the ideal platform for putting together eloquent websites for any industry.

WPBakery builder makes customization quick and seamless. A range of premium plugins provides plentiful functionality for your every page. 160+ handcrafted elements let you build anything you can dream of.

40+ demos, dozens of templates and headers, and infinite layouts await. Best of all, MagPlus is AdSense-ready out of the box. Monetizing your content has never been easier and faster.

Grow your audience with powerful SEO enhancements and maximize your AdSense profits. Get MagPlus today!

More info / Download Demo

7. Webify

webify adsense optimized wordpress theme

Once you grow your online space to a certain volume, you start brainstorming the best monetization approach.

With an AdSense optimized WordPress theme, you want to add Google advertisements to your website. Thanks to Webify, the tool has all and everything predefined for you.

What’s more? Webify is also fully compatible with modern plugins that you can integrate anytime, expanding your online project to new territories.

More info / Download Demo

8. GoodLife


GoodLife is an AdSense WordPress theme for users who understand the market’s demands.

A fine balance must be struck with advertising because too many ads can discourage people from frequenting your page. Successful owners realize that the placement of ads is the most important factor.

Thankfully, WPBakery makes it easy to organize advertisements and customize their layouts.

Upon installation, GoodLife comes with Jetpack and Social Integration. You can even track your position on search engine rankings, due to the Rankie WordPress plugin.

In addition, this theme has the Essential Grid plugin, to showcase content formats in a personalized grid.

GoodLife is also compatible with any device, regardless of its screen size. Be sure to access the theme preview, for more information.

More info / Download Demo

9. The Voux

the voux clan magazine theme

The Voux is a highly responsive magazine theme for WordPress. Pages are fully customizable through WPBakery, so you can easily create your custom version.

Browsing through news articles on the page is conveniently designed for users as the next article loads while they scroll down.

The link on the browser also updates as the page being viewed changes. This feature is possible courtesy of infinite scrolling. Besides news articles, this theme also showcases stylish full-screen galleries.

Sharing data is stored via WordPress and visible even on the back-end. Cache period for the data and preference of social networks can be modified through Theme Options.

More info / Download Demo

10. Herald


Developed by an elite author, Herald is an excellent AdSense theme for WordPress websites. There are numerous customization options and no need for programming knowledge.

Even novice users can install Herald by following the informative setup and installation videos. Furthermore, the creators built this theme for speed and lightning-fast loading times.

Of course, many monetization settings exist to place ads on the homepage, articles, or posts.

Selling your merchandise has never been easier because you can create your professional online store using the popular WooCommerce plugin.

You can assign every category in a different layout color, making it easier for readers to navigate your page.

More info / Download Demo

11. ZoxPress

zoxpress adsense wordpress theme

With ZoxPress, you can grow your news sites to the extremes. Not only that, but once you want to monetize it, you can do it effortlessly with AdSense integration.

You do not need to have coding skills – ZoxPress is beginner-friendly. With 15 predefined demos, you can start working on your online project.

Parallax inline ads, night mode, sticky elements, rich snippets, auto-loading posts, and mega menu are just some of the ZoxPress treats.

Of course, you can also introduce your creative touch to it and unlock complete creative freedom.

More info / Download Demo

12. TinySalt

tinysalt adsense wordpress theme

TinySalt is an AdSense optimized WordPress theme exclusive for food bloggers. It comes with many jaw-dropping home page samples and 300+ theme options.

However, you can easily exceed that once you introduce your creative twist. If you want to share your delicious recipes with the world, TinySalt is the right tool to make it happen.

With a full-blown recipe management system, tons of inner pages, video support, WooCommerce compatible, instant search and views counter, TinySalt delivers many features you can play with.

But first, experience it first-hand by visiting its live demo preview.

More info / Download Demo

13. Newsblock

newsblock adsense wordpress theme

Newsblock – hence the name – is a modern and impactful WordPress theme for online magazines and news websites. Being AdSense compatible, you can insert ads and monetize your page anytime.

However, start with selecting any available demos that are fully adjustable to your needs.

Other cool features of Newsblock are night toggle, custom widgets, AMP support, lazy loading and video background, amongst many more.

You do not need to be tech- and design-savvy to be able to work with Newsblock. Use it to create jaw-dropping sites for your compelling news successfully.

More info / Download Demo

14. Malina

malina adsense optimized wordpress theme

If you want to make a blog and you also want to make money with it, it should be a long-term plan. Of course, money should not be your main objective for building a blog. Have fun and create the best content!

With an AdSense optimized WordPress theme, like Malina, you can get things going on the web like a pro.

Malina comes with a bunch of home designs for you to put into play right away. You can expect a speedy site realization if the demo suits your style.

Moreover, Malina sports various custom-made widgets, grid layout, one-click demo data installation, 5 headers, Instagram feed, and support for Contact Form 7.

Every Malina user also gets free support, in-depth documentation and regular updates.

More info / Download Demo

15. The Issue

the issue adsense optimized wordpress theme

One of the best ways to monetize an online magazine is through AdSense. If you are starting a new project, you can now make it happen with The Issue and its 19 samples.

The Issue supports all your project ideas, whether you want to create a niche or a general online magazine. Along with home demos, you also get all the necessary inner page layouts to mix and match.

Socal integration, 10 header styles, 10+ custom widgets, lightbox galleries, typography control and nifty reactions are some of the distinct features of The Issue.

The Issue has strategically placed banner locations across the design to get the most out of it when it comes to AdSense.

More info / Download Demo

16. Sahifa


Sahifa is the WordPress equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife. The developers packed this theme with amazing features, each implemented to improve your website.

Tablet and smartphone users will be able to easily access your content. In addition, the layout will work with any browser and operating system. There is no limit to this theme’s adaptability.

Also, your website layout will have 3 variations: Boxed, Wide, and Framed. You can swiftly change these settings at any time.

Moreover, Sahifa incorporates the WooCommerce plugin, allowing for the creation of online stores.

Massive pages can only grow if they can accommodate many users. With WPML capabilities, you can now target people from non-English speaking audiences to increase your view count.

More info / Download Demo

17. Gorgo

gorgo adsense optimized wordpress theme

If you fancy a minimalistic web design, you will surely dig Gorgo. This WordPress blog and online magazine theme is a perfect starting point to kick off your project in style.

And once you grow it to a desirable volume, you can easily monetize your website with Google AdSense.

Gorgo has many styles to choose from, light and dark look and even comes with the addition of an online shop. Yes, with Gorgo, you can also sell digital and physical products.

Plus, you can even introduce paid or free membership programs. So many options and possibilities!

What’s more? Gorgo also has many integrations, like MailChimp, Contact Form 7, Instagram Feed, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, and WPML.

Kick-off your own thing with Gorgo and boost your potential through the roof.

More info / Download Demo

18. VidoRev

vidorev adsense optimized wordpress theme

Designing a website is truly an art, and it is only natural to have it your way to characterize your brand even better. You can be in total control with VidoRev.

You can now create a quick online magazine or blog with VidoRev material available.

This AdSense optimized WordPress theme is the coolest platform concept for everyone who wishes to build a video review website, but you can use it for various other ideas.

More info / Download Demo

19. Kolyoum

kolyoum adsense optimized wordpress theme

Kolyoum ensures the easiest website building without inputting any coding.

Spontaneous and flexible characteristics make Kolyoum the definitive AdSense optimized WordPress theme.

Choose from this theme’s wide variation of pre-defined demos, all looking contemporary and slick. Its collection caters to several niches like gaming, technology, news, etc.

Kolyoum promotes publishing pristine visual content that anyone will love, ensuring your users have an unforgettable experience.

Loads of ready-made demos, RTL support, SEO, and performance-optimized, you name it, Kolyoum makes sure you are fully sorted out. And you can effortlessly create a custom version with WPBakery.

More info / Download Demo
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Frontend web developer and web designer specializing in WordPress theme development. After graduating with BA he self-taught frontend web development. Currently has over 10 years of experience in mainly CSS, HTML (TailwindCSS, Bootstrap), JavaScript(React, Vue, Angular), and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience, and simplicity.

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  1. amit kumar says:

    great list of google adsense friendly theme.I recommend you to use CTR theme.

    1. Amit,

      CTR theme is meant for micro niche websites that are created to manipulate with Google search result pages and these sites are never very usable for visitors which matters the most. I would personally recommend to keep away from CTR Themes any any SEO manipulations because it will work only in short term until Google will come up with update to their algorithm.

      I have been involved in SEO for the past 5 years and I have seen thousands of micro niche website and their owners to go bust. This kind of approach never works in a short term and you need to concentrate your effort to something meaningful such as SaaS (Software as a service), blog with meaningful content and social traffic or some real business. Micro niche sites doesn’t fall in any of those categories.

      1. Hi, Aigars thank you very much for your detailed explanation about CTR theme, micro niche website and advice based on your experience. That helps me a lot.

        1. You’re welcome!
          I want to show others what I have gone through, so other won’t make the same mistakes because I wasted several years or micro niche sites and at the end I had to start from ground zero. Of course, I was making money along the way but it wasn’t anything substantial and I could have invested my time in something that could generate income for years to come. I was looking for quick profit and shortcuts but turns out that there aren’t any shortcuts and it is much better to work on a single but rather large website than on 100 small website that could become worthless any minute. It as hard to say goodbye to all my micro niche websites and it took me a lot of time to recover and change my mindset.

          1. Wich one should I use?,I want to maximize my adsense earnings but I don’t know wich one is the best for me. Have a good one. And tha ks for you article

            1. Franklin,

              You should spend more time to get more traffic instead of switching to a new theme just to increase AdSense revenue. Your website is in niche in which AdSense is absolutely no the best way for monetization because in this niche there is nothing much for visitors to buy therefore you are missing the most valuable ads – eCommerce and other product sales. It doesn’t mean that you now should switch to another niche but you might consider using some other ad network (specific to your niche if there is any) or even sell banner places directly. It will take much more time but it will also reflect in revenue. AdSense is the simplest method and it pays the best if we compare it with other similar networks, but niche specific networks will perform and convert much better if there is any.

              If you still believe that AdSense is the best monetization option for your website then I can suggest you Truemag which would look nice for your niche and advertising spaces are well optimized for high CTR rates.

              1. Thanks, now i’m thinking of the facebook ads. I also have a fan page with 158,000 + Likes .. so i’m looking for a new way to deliver traffic to my site through facebook ads.. did you wrote something about the facebook ads?? any help that I can get would be appreciate… thanks

  2. Adsense is by far the simples method to monetize your website but once your website grows it is important to research other methods. Even contacting Google directly to get access to their premium services in an option but only if you grow big enough. The best option, of course, is to sell banner space directly but it is easier say that done but that way you can make several times more than from any other ads network such as Adsense or BuySellAds.

    Other people on this thread have mentioned that you should use themes that are built to get the highest possible CTR but I strongly disagree with them. Adsense calculates how much money you will get based on quality of those clicks and in most of the cases a high CTR means that there are going to be many disappointed visitors who clicked on ads by accident. This will result in lower CPC as Google will find out what’s up and eventually might terminate your account. Also small websites are not meant to last for long in Google because in most cases webmasters are trying to manipulate Google’s algorithms.

    Above listed themes are the best option if you are serious about making money from Adsense while creating legitimate business around it. Even if this is your hobby, you should think about user experience and your content first and then think about how to monetize it. Not the way around.

    1. Thank you for feedback!

      I completely agree with you! You should always put your users and content first and then look for ways to monetize it.

      1. Hi, I am currently looking to buy the voux theme. I agree that user and content should be the first and foremost priority, but still as someone who would like to start monetization with Adsense as the beginning step, do you think the voux supports Adsense? Sorry if I sound basic. It’s just that the details you gave about the voux doesn’t mention Adsense explicitly.

        1. Mehreen,

          The Voux does support AdSense and other contextual and banner ads. That’s the main reason why you can see this theme listed here.

  3. harish gupta says:

    fresh list of adsense compatible themes….its important to carry out work in a genuine way…if we are expecting a long term goal… tricking google cannot last for long time…

  4. Dutchleads says:

    Come one people i already got a list of adsense websites i use Newpaper 4. the only think that you need to do not make it look like a micro niche website.. Give them quelity content and place couple new articles every single month and google will love you site and your adsense account will be life for ever…

    1. Dutchleads,

      Thank you for your comment!

      These days it is even harder and harder to succeed with micro niche websites after all these Google Panda, Penguin and other updates. If you don’t provide any value to your visitors such as well researched content, unique insights or other information that keeps your visitors engaged then you are unlikely to succeed with your project. The main thing is to keep your website bounce rate low and make sure that users visit at least 2 pages on a single visit and then Google will definitely love you. if your visitors comes to your website, spends 10 seconds then clicks on your ads and leaves your website or even worse hits back button and goes to look for another website then you will quickly be penalized by Google.

      These are very important aspects these days and while micro niche websites are still worth to develop and maintain you should spend much more time to keep your visitors engaged for as long as possible and then Google will love you too.

      1. What a bullshit! If you enter the particular subpage to find some info, there is no reason to check whole website isn’t it ? So what you can do is close the tab, right? Your thinking is like 3year old baby.

        1. Thank you for your feedback! If you think that micro niche websites is a way to go you can feel free to build them and make big money. I moved away from this business a long ago and I have no plans to get back. Since you have no idea about SEO and how Google can determine if your website is not just a gateway and micro niche websites filled with Adsense ads definitely fall in this category. I am not here to judge but please don’t come back saying that Google killed your entire business because it will happen sooner rather later.

      2. Parkash chand Joshi says:

        Thanks for all to give your helpful comments on important topics and I have started my blog due to my passion to teach to others in different topics as health, history, story and also engg line which related to me. But at starting, I have used twenty sixteen themes for my word press site and after watching many review and opinion and finally decided to purchase newspaper 8 premium theme due to secure my site. One plus point is that I have many helpful topics for needed people. Is this right for me or not. I have only 1000 views and approx 10 posts till now.
        Pls suggest me what is the better choice for me.

        1. Newspaper 8 is an amazing magazine style theme. However, it won’t bring more traffic to your website. Your content is still the key and should be your main concern. You will always be able to switch to a new theme when you feel that you are ready. If you are convinced that you want to change your theme then Newspaper 8 is a way to go because you can’t go wrong by choosing it.

  5. Hi.
    Nice Article. I have two fairly simple questions for you:
    1. I would like to know best google adsense approval wordpress theme for my domain i am talking about layout and background theme.
    2. I would like to buy best adsense approval coupons site (affiliate WordPress theme). I would like to partner with top affiliates now on market.
    Please suggest me.
    Thank you.

    1. 1. There are no AdSense approved or certified WordPress themes. As long as you can add your banner code any theme will work just fine. You can use plugins to make this process even easier if you don’t like dealing with code yourself. All above listed themes will definitely help to monetize website using AdSense or some other banner ads.
      2. Any theme can be used to sell affiliate products and there are absolutely no limits. You can even combine AdSense with affiliate products or some other form of advertising such as paid reviews, sponsored posts, giveaways or whatever you can come up with. The main thing you should consider when choosing WordPress theme is is in what niche is your website. For example, finance related blog will be different from corporate website, education website or webmaster forum.

      These are the main things you should consider. Above listed themes are general purpose and they can be used for news, corporate, magazine, review, finance or any other website.

      Let me know if you have any other questions regarding Adsense or above listed themes.

  6. Christina Shumanov says:

    Hello Thank you for the clear examination of the different options for AdSense optimized themes – have gone with Newspaper theme so will let you know how it goes!

  7. Which theme do you think would be best to monetize adsense for a Fitness site that will be 95% video content?

    1. Jesse,

      Any theme will work fine but personally I would go for some magazine style theme such as Newspaper or Magazine theme from this collection.

      Keep in mind that Videos are the worst for Adsense as people are not going to click on your ads and CPC is very, very low because people are there to watch. This is also the reason why Youtube videos needs to many views to make at least some money.

  8. Jessica Bright Verge says:

    Presently I am using Juno WP theme, but i don’t know which one will be good for my website, my site Bright Verge is a news site, if you have some better choice for, please tell me. I need a beautiful and customized theme for SEO and clear and good font for readers.

    Thanks Regards,

    1. Jessica,

      Your website looks nice and I don’t think that you need to change your theme. It does get the job done, however, you might want to start using those banner ad places that you have enabled all over your website but haven’t really started using them. These blank spaces doesn’t look professional at all.

      SEO is not a big concern if you are using WordPress since there is not many ways how to make it SEO unfriendly. It is well optimized for search engines by default and you can always use plugins such as SEO by Yoast or other plugins to push it even forward. On-site optimization is no longer effective anyway, so don’t spend too much time on it and start writing a good content and promote it on social networks and elsewhere.

  9. What a great little review–I especially appreciate bone-dry assessments. Can you recommend a few sparse, minimalist, portfolio-ish themes that are also tweaked for AdSense? Is this an unholy combination? Feel free to trumpet your own themes, if you have something that would fit the bill.

    1. Michael,

      Those times are long gone when you should choose themes that are specially designed for AdSense websites. You can choose any portfolio, masonry grid or minimalistic theme and use plugin Google Publisher to add AdSense anywhere on your website and make adse responsive and optimized for all mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This plugin does an incredible job for AdSense website but it is not yet widely used by webmasters but it should be.

      if you don’t like plugin solution you can still choose any theme from this collection of from ones I mentioned above and still manage to get the same code by adding AdSense code directly in your WordPress theme files. There is no knowledge required and you just need to use copy/paste which is not really that difficult.

      1. This is a very encouraging response. Thank you.

  10. on mobile my website shows adsense in last of page suggest me a theme for wordpress that shows side bar on side on a mobile

    1. That’s how “responsive” works. Your website adopts to any device screen size so your content can always be readable without zooming it. Since there is not enough space on your mobile device to make your content readable and still have banner ad and sidebar side by side, sidebar gets moved down below content.

      To make Adsense ad unit always visible on top you can add it right above your post content, so it won’t be pushed down on mobile devices. Also you can try to disable responsiveness by tweaking your theme but this would be 1990’s approach for web design and I wouldn’t go that route. Responsive design is here to stay and you should adopt to this trend.

  11. Hi Michael, your article very good, but it’s a good idea to not talk about what you do not know well:

    I am 48, I live in Colombia (a country of the third world) and 4 years, I am dedicated to internet SPANISH (excuse my English) and LIVE Adsense Revenue on 5 sites for my property. (650-900 dollars a month and in Spanish)

    As there are thousands of people in third world paices life to earn their Internet businesses including Adsense is very important.

    Repect to microniches you have reason, however inthe theme adds there Truemac not see the 336 x 280, which is undoubtedly the highest performance.

    Now, whether the site is microniche or not, 336x 280 ads within the text are best, what else is a waste of time if you really know what adsense you should know …

    1. Jaime,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      While you can’t add 336 x 280 banner add in sidebar for Truema theme you can add it inside content are and that’s where it matters the most. Our best performing ad block is one inside content, however, in our case 336 x 280 does not perform as good as other banner ads. It entirely depends on your niche which Adsense block converts the best and you should test it separately on each and every website.

  12. Romantik Adam says:

    Thank’s I like proStore theme, 😉

  13. nikojulius07 says:

    This is really interesting themes… i really like Meganews themes… its really nice and responsive for sharing information.
    I new for internet marketing mr. Aigars, and i’d like to create adsense minisite… is this theme good for adsense?


    1. Niko,

      Meganews is a great theme and it is well optimized for Adsense and other banner ads but it might not be the right theme for ministers since it would require too much content for this theme to make it look good. It is made for content driven websites such as magazine and news websites. For minisites I would recommend to look at themes such as ProStore, TruePixel that will look good with few dozen articles but can also be scaled if you want to. These themes are going to be better to start with and if/when you grow you can look at Meganews or other magazine style theme that will look better with thousands of articles.

  14. krzysztof says:

    The WordPress Theme I bought is impossible to install, there are no settings options Adsos Theme

    1. You don’t need any theme settings to install this theme. You install any theme via Appearance – Themes – Add New. This theme will look exactly like in demo by default if you have selected featured images for your posts.

      Advertisements are enabled via Widgets that you can find under Appearance – Widgets.

      This is a very simple theme and it doesn’t have many customization options but it does get the job done and is very fast to load because there aren’t loads of JavaScript libraries and other unnecessary bloat included.

    2. krzysztof says:

      I installed via FTP but it is not so fast this template.

  15. krzysztof says:

    I want to install something like this pops up, you can not utwożyć directory uploads / 2014/12 and wordpress has permission to write to the parent directory. And what to do with this conundrum for all my hostingach that happens, I have installed templates Socrates, The Ultimate Adsense and there was no problem with the installation

    1. This popup you see on colorlib is powered by OptinMonster and none of themes does have this plugin included in the package but all themes will work well with this plugin, so no problems with that.

      If you are having problems with server permissions you can’t change then via WordPress dashboard and you either use FTP/SSH or contact your hosting provider because these are hosting related problems.

  16. I have a question In Choosing the Best adsense themes wordpress Professional

    Adsense Pro Ultimate

    CTR Theme


    Max Sense

    1. Osama,

      I would use neither of these themes. Yes, these themes are optimized (over optimized) for Adsense to get the highest possible page CTR but that way you are going to annoy your users because ads will take up more space than the actual content and Google doesn’t love this kind of setup and you will see your rankings drop eventually. Adsense does recommend to put ads above the fold but overdoing things is never a good idea.

      Personally, I would recommend to spend more time, money and effort in quality content, so you would get more visitors and more returning visitors and not try to get the highest possible CTR because people hate ads and Google doesn’t like spam and with these themes you are going to annoy both.

      I started with Adsense ads myself and I made sites with CTR as high as 10-15% but none of these sites got any returning visitors, there were no organic social shares and my sites dropped in ranking within 3-6 months and never recovered. I am now long gone from this kind of business and I strongly recommend you now to waste your time on this as well.

  17. Newsapaper theme is the best wordpress right now also using by technorati haha. in this list i really like adsos and Flick theme, very minimalis and good for adsense too. Thanks for sharing with us, very nice site wordpress collections. keep up the great works Team 🙂 thumbs up 🙂

  18. My Current theme is not Fit for Adsense. Please suggest me for a them.

    1. Rajendra,

      Your website is hosted on which means that no ads are allowed for free version. If you are running premium version only then you can use ads on your website. Another problem with is that you are limited to few themes that are only available on that platform and you can’t install any 3rd party theme such as ones availabe on our website, ThemeForest, MojoMarketplace and elsehwere. In short, you have no control over your design, website monetization or anything else if you are on and we always recommend to use self-hosted WordPress version just like we do with colorlib.

  19. Linda Murdock says:

    Where to begin? I looked at WordPress a couple years ago and decided to design my own site via Dreamweaver instead. It was a good learning experience, but what started as a way to promote my books as an author site, has expanded. And as you no doubt can guess, when I recommend valuable content, there is no way for people to find it. I want to use my blog to help promote creative people, especially in Colorado and perhaps build that idea into something that I can them turn into another book or something that will bring in a little money for me. I’m not greedy, but I want the opportunity to include ads when I get more traffic. I’d love to find a theme that parallels what I have already done on my website and plan on moving most of the content to a WordPress theme. I’ve been looking at theme and articles by others to avoid problems, but I think I’m even more confused then when I started. Any recommendations?

    1. Linda,

      From what I understand you are looking for a very basic WordPress that doesn’t require any advanced functionality. Any blog theme would work just fine. For monetization you can use official Google AdSense plugin that you can download from here. This plugin will allow you to embed ads anywhere in your websites.
      For some great blog themes you can check this theme collection or any of themes that are listed above.

      For transfer from Dreamweaver or other custom system there might be a lot of work involved. WordPress does support import from many popular blog platforms but if you are using Dreamweaver then it means you are running a pure HTML website that can’t be imported anywhere unless there is some converter available. Once you will get through this transfer your life will become much easier because WordPress website is so much easier to manage and maintain and you will be able to convert your WordPress website to other platforms in case some cooler platform will come along but don’t expect it to happen in the next 5 years or so.

      Let me know if you have any questions about WordPress or themes listed above.

  20. Hello Aigars,

    I happen to come across your site when i was searching for a theme to use for a blog. I have gone through the lists provided here and I must say thanks for the great article/collection. Wondering which theme you will recommend for a technology blog? Try to build a blog similar to Mashable, TC etc. I really like the theme you have on here too. It must be responsive and ready for Adsense – I have this theme in mind, but still having double mind due to the brightness of the theme. I really like bright pure white background like your blog. What would be the best for my next project.

    Thanks for your input

  21. altın fiyatları says:

    thanks perfect template. rely perfect 😉

    1. Thank you for your feedback! Did you find the right theme for your website?

  22. Jyoti khatri says:

    Kindly suggest me right wordpress template for my website from seo and adsense point of view.

    1. Jyoti,

      Any theme listed above are SEO and AdSense friendly, so you can pick the one you like the most. If you can’t find the right theme for you on this collection you can head to this sections instead.

      Let me know if you have any other questions about these or any other theme listed on colorlib

  23. Awesome list! I have used adsense pro ultimate for some of my adsense niche sites with great results. I used to own a copy of clickbump but that delivered poor clicks, but after using this theme my CTR improved by over 200%. Great to see the theme being listed here.

  24. Hi Aigars,

    I really liked your replies. I hope to get a good reply too 🙂

    From the last three months my revenue has dropped to 1/3.
    Although the hits are same.
    I have not changed anything at all.

    I am not sure what has gone wrong.
    Can you suggest me ways to get the revenue back?

    Appreciate your inputs.

    1. Faisal,

      Here are some things that I can see right away:
      1. Your ads are way too big for your sidebar and half of them are not even visible. Probably your site is already blacklisted by AdSense for doing this kind of think which violates their TOS. Make sure to use correct image size.
      2. Theme you are using now is not responsive, so your website most likely is already punished by Google after its mobile-friendly push that took place last week. Also responsive ads would perform much better but since your theme is not responsive it is not possible to use them.
      3. You are blogging in niche which is not the best for AdSense because technical user never clicks on ads.
      4. Your website is way too slow for a simple blog with no images. Make sure to implement caching and do other optimizations.

      Let me know if you have any other question.

      1. can you please let me know which commercial WordPress Theme will suit my technical blog?
        I was thinking about truepixel.. please let me know your thoughts..

        1. Faisal,

          Truepixel is a nice theme and I can highly recommend it for any niche blog. It is also AdSense friendly and will help you to bring your AdSense revenu back on track.

          1. Faisal Khan says:

            Thanks Aigars for the suggestion.
            Is it mobile friendly?

            I am sorry I am bombarding you with questions but really appreciate your replies.

            1. Faisal,

              Yes, this theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It will pass Google mobile-friendly test with no errors not like your current theme which is outdated and compatible only with desktop computers.

              1. Faisal Khan says:

                thanks for your reply Aigars, much appreciated!

  25. Hi Aigars,

    Thanks for the great list.
    I’m wondering if the ‘Nominal Theme’ would work well for my Nutrition Authority blog from the visual as well as Adsense point.
    Your suggestions would be much appreciated.

    1. Pearl,

      Nominal theme’s default color scheme will work really well for nutrition blog and is outstanding for AdSense as well. It is going to be a great fit for your website.

      Let me know if you have any other question about above listed or any other WordPress theme.

      1. Thanks Aigars,

        I was also looking up Studiopress (Magazine Pro theme), but as you suggested, the Nominal WordPress theme seems to be the right fit.
        Thanks again.

  26. Hi Aigars,

    I have to say i’m extremely impressed with your insight and attitude towards making the internet a better place by encouraging people to focus on creating quality meaningful content. Well done! So, basically, I work in website revenue optimization and we are currently working with a client who runs a successful niece website which provides content and information on cats and cat health.

    400k users, 600k page views, $6,000 Adsense revenue – Monthly

    She has came to us due to suffering a consistent revenue drop but has good content and is always creating new content. I feel the drop is because her website is extremely dated with a bad user experience that isn’t mobile friendly. With her niche she can get involved in wonderful native advertising soon but first we must find her a WordPress theme that.

    A. Doesn’t cause a big sudden drop in AdSense Revenue when we change over. As this is her main income.
    B. We can optimize AdSense slightly and introduce other networks down the line
    C. Gives an excellent user experience and become a website that grows in the right way.

    I’m looking for a WordPress theme to help take her to the next level. That takes all this into account. Obviously its asking for a lot.

    Really looking forward to your insight and suggestions into the whole scenario.


    1. Kieran,

      Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

      A. Drop might be caused only when you change website structure, content and permalinks (URLs). Switching to from one WordPress theme to another won’t cause any issues at all because it is still WordPress. if you are looking to change permalink structure to include or exclude category pages or something like that, that’s where things could go wrong. Theme itself is not going to be one to blame for sudden traffic drop.
      B. All WordPress themes out there can be used with AdSense without any exceptions. Some themes comes with widget areas where you can place banners. That’s nice and all but it’s nothing special because there a AdSense plugin for WordPress which is developed by Google that you can use to get the same results with any theme ever created for WordPress.
      C. That’s about your personal preference. The main thing you should look for is responsive and mobile friendly layout. All above listed themes are mobile friendly, so no problems with that either but there are still plenty of other magazine styles themes that are no mobile friendly and you should keep away from those.

      If you couldn’t find the right theme for your client on this theme collection you might want to check this one as well.

      Let me know if you have any other question.

  27. manish kumar says:

    Hello sir…. I want to buy a theme for my wallpaper niche blog. So please provide me some premium theme.

    1. Manish,

      Any theme listed above will get the job done for you and everything comes down to your personal preference. If you have some specific requirements in mind, please let me know and I will try to come up with some suggestions.

  28. Few themes are really good. Some newbies find it difficult to insert Google Adsense code in other templates and these templates specified on ur article will be highly useful for them. 🙂

    1. Geekyard,

      Not just themes listed above are helpful for AdSense newbies but I have also mentioned several plugins on comments that I believe are going to be very useful as well.

  29. Khalid Rashid says:

    Last month I purchased adsense pro ultimate theme as one of my online friend recommended me to it. I was skeptical at first but after applying I was impressed by the increase in CTR that this theme delivered. Before that I was averaging $90 a day from adsense, but after updating my old theme with this one, my earnings doubled!! Now I’m earning around $200 per day.

    I just can’t believe how important CTR is when it comes to adsense and this layout nailed it! Woot! =)

    PS: In my opinion this theme should be at the top of the list. Nonetheless, great list. Keep it up.

    1. Khalid,

      I see what you did there. Nice try 😉

      This theme has the worst user experience because it is means for tricking users to click your ads. Of course it does works for you but there is no way users will love your website unless they are using AdBlock or something of that sort. You should be using theme that combines the best possible user experience and then think how you can monetize it any not other way around. Think from users perspective, would you rather check random AdSense banners or read content that you were initially looking for?

  30. Hello Aigars, great job you are doing here. Kudos.

    1. Can you enlighten me on particular niches that are Adsense friendly.

    I saw where you mentioned that some niches aren’t.
    I am looking at setting up a blog that is based on lists. That is, 10 ways to…, 5 top……., 7 methods ……., 6 best….., etc.
    With this type of style, I know the content will cut across several niches like health, technology, finance, entertainment, sports, travel/tourism etc. Readers will be encouraged to provide their own lists in comments.

    2. Am I on the right track here?

    3. What theme can serve this purpose effective?

    1. Kachi,

      1. Most niches are AdSense friendly but small micro niche sites are not AdSense friendly in general. So if you are looking to build a blog and add at least few articles every weeks you are safe. If you are looking to create a tiny website with 10-30 posts and never update it with new content and then proceed with building massive amount of links then you are going to face a massive penalty by Google. You need to grow your blog and make sure that your link profile grows organically by users sharing your links elsewhere and not doing it manually yourself. Also write your content for your readers and not search engines. If your users will love your content then Google will love it too and not other way around. You found Colorlib not because I am good with SEO but because I share my own opinion about themes and WordPress in general that you can’t find anywhere else.

      So niches are not to blame but how you proceed with building and promoting your niche website.

      AdSense is not allowed to be used on gambling, adult, pharmacy and other shady websites but I don’t see any problems with your niches.

      2. Yes, you are on the right track 🙂

      3. Personally I like Newspaper theme but it all comes down to your personal preferrence.

      Let me know if you have any other question.

  31. Hi, when i surf this page, the right sidebar did not appear side by side with main content. It shows after the content. Like your article, good work!

  32. Rishabh Pant says:

    Hello Aigars..
    First of all thank you for such informative post. My blog as mentioned above is tech based blog and currently I am using NewsZone theme. Main issues are getting very low CTR around 2-3% and sometimes ads doesn’t appear properly. I am planning to switch to genesis framework. Is is a good step for SEO as well adsense optimization.
    Or suggest me some other good themes.

    1. Hi Rishabh,

      2-3% CTR is already really high and it is around 5-8 times higher than our click-through rate because we put our visitors and readers first and then comes revenue. We don’t care about revenue as long as users are happy with information they get, so they are willing to share it. Users are not going to share your content on social networks unless they are using AdBlock of some sort, so they didn’t notice your ads that are placed so that it is hard to not to click them. Think more about bringing more regular visitors who loves your content and wants to share it and think about your business in general and about its future and not short term revenue.

      AdSense is the easiest way to make money but you will be surprised how much more you can make by selling banner space to advertisers. But if you will stick with spammy AdSense model like you have now you will never get to that point. I never use banner ads when I start a new website and only when it reaches 1 million page views I implement AdSense as placeholder while I am busy selling banner space directly to relevant advertisers.

      I am establishing, building, monetizing and selling websites for the last 6 years and I have been where you are now trying to get rich quick without any business model in mind. You think that you have it but in reality you just care about how much you make today and want to get steady increase but have no idea how to achieve it in a long run because you have no plan in place. I did learn my lesson the hard way by wasting 4 years of my life working 80-100 hours a week and fooling myself that I have a business plan strategy but all I had was one though – how to get rich quick.

      Sorry for some off topic and rather harsh answer but I really love to help people when I see that someone is trying to follow the same journey I did.

  33. Jutta Saalbach says:

    Hello , I use the Theme Travelify . If the adapted to Goggle Adsense ?

    1. Jutta,

      Travelify theme works perfectly fine with AdSense. If you have any support related question about this theme you can ask it on our support forum.

  34. Hi there,

    I am starting a blog with the hopes of making money off it. I am really starting from scratch and have absolutely no idea what I am doing- I am so grateful for this article it has cleared up much of my confusion regarding Adsense etc. A million thanks, seriously. I am very keen on making use of infographics on my blog which will cover various niches- entertainment, lifestyle, sport, news, politics. I wanted to know if you could suggest a good theme for infographics. I also plan to use listicles with images and just normal text/image pieces. I am looking at the Momentus theme by Themezee and Modergrid by RichWP (what is your opinion on grid themes?) Also like the True Pixel theme by MyThemeShop and Eupine by Famethemes. Have hit a total brick wall and cannot decide was hoping you could offer your opinion bearing in mind what I want to do on the blog. I have checked out that all these themes are responsive. And I see you have said that all WP themes are SEO friendly. Just one more question will I be able to ad adverts in the content (as you have mentioned this is the best spot for them) using these themes? Will Adsense “take care” of all of that? Thanks so much in advance, your article has already helped me in untold ways.

    1. Alice,

      Thanks for your comment and feedback! Comments likes these are what keeps me going! Thank you!

      I would go with TruePixel theme because is layout which is going to be much easier to be monetized using AdSense. You can get much higher Click-through rate (CTR) when your ads are closer to content and everything is closer in general. The less scrolling and eye moving is involved the better results you will get from AdSense. However, this kind of layout doesn’t look spammy when used with AdSense. A clear win-win situation.

      AdSense is good in certain niches and sports, news and politics are clearly not those niches because there aren’t any products to be sold. By that I mean that there aren’t any politician or professional basketball player running AdWords campaigns. And your readers who are going to look for NBA playoff scores are not interested in buying a new basketball shoes. Google knows that and they are not going to pay you you as they would in other niches. For example if you would review basketball shoes on your blog then your revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) would be several times higher. Also CTR would be higher because users would be actually interest in buying those shoes.

      The same would apply for infographics. If you are going to showcase climate change infographics then you aren’t making a single cent from AdSense. If infographics are going to be about difference between different insurance companies or credit interest rates then it is a whole other story.

      With AdSense you can make much more from 1,000 visitors/month in specific insurance niche than you would from 30,000 visitors/month covering news. That’s how big is the difference. If you have read about success stories someone making $3,000 a month from AdSense with few thousand visitors you most certainly not going to achieve this in news niche. The good news are that much more people are reading news online than they are looking for insurance which means that you can get much more visitors to your news site than you ever will to your insurance blog. AdSense is the simplest possible way to generate revenue from your blog but there is a huge algorithm and knowledge behind it.

      Website monetization is a tiny part of your website and you should concentrate much more on content and traffic as you can always switch between themes and different banner placement but you can’t get a lot of visitors overnight that are all going to become loyal blog readers.

  35. Thanks so much for your advice. The idea I have is less news, more ‘buzzfeedy’ if that makes sense. I had my sights set on TruePixel after your suggestion then I read your article on the ’20 Best SEO Friendly WP Themes…’ and found Newsmag and now I am conflicted between the 2. In terms of SEO is TruePixel far behind Newsmag? I understand True Pixel is superior in terms of Adsense and Newsmag superior for SEO, where should my focus be, both of course- but just searching for a decider between the two. Thanks again for such comprehensive and thoughtful advice.

    1. Alice,

      Buzzfeedy means even lower CPC/RPM than for news sites but it’s easy to get millions of visitors from social networks, so it shouldn’t be a problem at all as long as you can deliver a good content. Newsmag and True Pixel themes are very similar when it comes to SEO. No major difference. Make sure to use WordPress SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO plugin and you are good to go. Newsmag is has more customization options which is nice but more features means slower load speed. So it’s either faster load speed or more flexibility. Depend which one you prefer. Both themes are going to get the job done and there is not one “best” theme but the only you like better.

  36. Even if “Insert Adsense” plugin hasn’t been updated in more than 2 years, it works perfectly for me.
    In the last few days I wanted to change my main add on each page from a small one to a big one, and by only changing the HTML at Insert Adsense, all my pages changed at once. The other adds, stayed the same.
    It does exactly what it proposes…and works perfectly on my bilingual site.

    Simple and great plugin.

    1. Rodrigo,

      Never use plugins that haven’t been updated for years! They might work but did you check what is going on in background? Are you sure that it doesn’t throw any warnings and errors in your website log files? Are you sure that 100% of your WordPress functionality still works? Are you sure that AdSense TOS haven’t changed over the time and this plugin doesn’t violate them?

      Maybe it’s a false alarm in this case but if you are using outdated plugins make sure you have a good reason to do so and you are certain that this plugins is not going to break anything.

  37. hi.. great info here, thanks!

    what exactly would you consider as a micro-niche type site vs a more general site?

    lets say i wanted to blog about ice cream. yum.. everyone loves ice cream.

    lets say i bought the following domains:


    wouldn’t it be better to blog about all of these individually?

    or just

    that seems to talk about general ice cream stuff.

    i mean really there can be like 10,000 brands of chocolate ice cream out there!

    1. Aj,

      If you can write 50 unique, well researched and long articles for each of these ice cream types and then commit writing at least one good article each week for several years to come then it’s fine. Or if you can create multiple separate websites on which users submit their own unique content (directory) then that’s fine too. There is not a one sentence definition for micro niche websites. When I speak about this kind of website I think mean websites that are built to manipulate with Google’s algorithms in any way (link building, exact match domain names, content written for Google and not a real people)

      One large website is much easier to manage than several small websites even when they are in the same niche. If you distribute a press release you are not allowed to include that many URLs in the same press release and you have to write a separate one for each and usually a good press release and distribution costs around $300-600. For one website it’s not much but what if you have 4-5 websites? The same with any other marketing efforts.

      If you think that having an exact match domain name is going to help to boost organic traffic, then I have to disappoint you, it won’t. This strategy no longer works in English, Spanish and some other major languages. However, if you are trying to compete in some tiny markets such as Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and others then you can use exact match domain names and it will help to boost your SEO ranking. Google doesn’t have enough knowledgeable engineers from these small countries to tweak their artificial intelligence powered search spiders therefore all old SEO tactics still works there. In US you have to create a brand name and establish it because exact match domain names (EMDs) are history. It’s not like you can’t use them to create a brand, but there is no advantage of using these domain names over others.

      NewTLDs are are great for brand, however, so far I haven’t seen a single NewTLD domain ranking well on Google because of their exact match. It’s usually about brand value they hold, marketing efforts and content quality.

      Personally I would go with short, brandable and easy to spell .com domain name and built a large website instead of multiple smaller ones. Back in the days when I was doing some shady SEO tactics I registered multiple domain names and proceeded with different marketing techniques for each to see which ones performs the best and then stick with it. It was working great for a while but Google caught up on all of my SEO tactics eventually and none of them survived. It wouldn’t have been even worse if I would have killed one large website with my marketing but I learned my lesson and moved on. I have dropped SEO entirely and now concentrate all my efforts on content and users. As you can see I wrote a 500 words long comment to answer a simple question and only because I care about my readers. That’s something you are not going to see on a small niche websites where webmaster is busy managing dozens of small website at the same time.

      Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer all of them.

  38. Hi. Which theme has ctr of at least 3-4 % and suitable for a news website?

    1. John,

      It is close to impossible to generate 3-4% CTR in news niche. Users are there to read news and most of users won’t read more than headlines. For news niche very little traffic comes from Google unless you are listed on Google News and generally non-organic traffic doesn’t click on ads.

      Themes that I can recommend for a news websites are Newspapper. But like I said, these themes aren’t guarantee high CTR in news niche because there is very little money to be made from AdSense unless you have millions of visitors.

  39. Hi Aigars, this post so awesome.
    Would you like to answer my question : what should I do to increase more ctr?
    I’d never get more than 1% ctr. My blog ( ayomaju dot info, county : Indonesia ) has more than 1k visitor per day, 90% organic, but my revenue never touch $1 in a day.
    At this time, i using Shapely theme because it have good microformat. I don’t have any idea.

    1. Matt,

      The best way to increase CTR is by adding your AdSense banners where users look and click the most. You can use your Google Analytics report to check activity on your website and determine where you should place your ads.
      Another thing would be to make your ads as natural as possible. Which means that text links on your website should use the same color as your AdSense ads. That way users wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between content and your ads as they would blend in naturally.

      However, none of my above mentioned tips will work if your visitors are tech savvy. They know the difference between ads and post content and they will never click on ads by mistake. Also AdSense works well for traffic that comes from US, UK, Germany and other rich and highly competitive countries. In Indonesia there is absolutely no competition for best ad placement on AdWords which results in low payouts. I would recommend to research other website monetization methods because AdSense is not the right one for Indonesia because or reasons mentioned above.

      Also 1k visitors a day is nothing for AdSense unless you get some highly targeted visitors that are looking to spend money. If your website would review managed WordPress hosting options you would make hundreds times more than you can in news niche because no one is reading news while thinking to spend money. While AdSense is the simples way to monetize your website, it is far the most complex artificial intelligence ad network out there and there is no way you can fool it.

  40. Hi Aigars,

    I would to start a website with the promotional products, which will involve a lot of paid ad services. As i am new to this wordpress, can i request you to suggest with what should i go for??

    1. Anita,

      All above listed themes are well suited for banner ads such as AdSense, BuySellAds and other services. These themes are flexible enough to combine banner ads with affiliate product sales or any other website monetization techniques. If you are unsure how you can monetize your website you can follow this guide that will explain how Colorlib makes money and how you can do it too.

      If you have some specific requirements what your theme should be capable of other than serving ads please let me know and I will come up with some more accurate suggestions.

  41. Hey Aigars. I really like you answers and hints. Can you give some advice to improve my website. Thank you.

    1. Stef,

      Unfortunately, I don’t have much good to say about our website. Don’t steal content from other websites because it is illegal and also it won’t rank anywhere on Google. Since you have duplicate content all over the place I don’t see your point of having AdSense on your website. AdSense is good only if users comes from Google but in your case you won’t get any traffic from Google because of poor content.

      Everyone makes mistakes. Just abandon this project and start over with unique content that is helpful to your readers and Google will follow.

      Sorry for my negative review but duplicate content farms are not a way to go these days.

  42. Hi Aigras,

    I am currently writing articles for my travel guide website/blog which is now live yet. After seeing it featured here I bought the Newsdesk theme but now after a few days I am having second thoughts about it. The reason I saw it appealing was mainly because of its header and sidebar ad space which really attracts attention. But now after doing my research on whats popular theses days I am thinking of a more 2015 way of getting in the ”business”.
    I really like the ones featured in your article ‘/best-full-screen-wordpress-themes/‘, and I am on the lookout for getting one of those. But as I don’t see anything mentioned about advertising on that post I’m wondering if it could work at all for me or these are more aimed at a different market.
    So my question is:
    As I will be looking at getting revenue from ads and affiliate booking websites would you recommend these types of full screen themes/Does Adsense ”like” these themes or would I be better off with the traditional sidebar setups?

    1. Zoltan,

      Thank you for your question!

      Dedicated AdSense widgets are specially created for beginners and those who have no idea about coding or where and how to find AdSense plugins for WordPress. Any WordPress theme ever released can be used with AdSense without any exceptions. You can either use plugin, copy/paste AdSense code in the right place or use widgets included with the theme. In most cases theme developers doesn’t include dedicated AdSense widgets because there are so many other ways how you can integrate ads and none of those options are difficult.

      One plugin that I can recommend is “Google AdSense” which is created by Google itself. You can find more information about this plugin and download it from here.

      Fullscreen themes are great and they are trending these days because they look awesome. The problem is that content for these themes takes up the entire screen area but AdSense ad units aren’t that big. Therefore you will get much lower CTR and income in general. They just won’t convert as well because ads are going to be harder to notice. From user perspective it is a good thing because no one likes ads. No one, I mean no one.

      If you are planning to get the most out of AdSense then fullscreen theme is not a way to go. If you are looking for the best possible user experience, modern design and monetization via affiliate or your own products then fullscreen theme is your right choice.

  43. I like your blogs and your helpful manner to share knowledge.

    I’m launching a digital media-rich magazine with e-commerce, and am looking for 3 essential features:
    1. Adsense capable
    2. Ecommerce capable
    3. Multimedia capable – photos and video

    What would you suggest? I see you have mentioned in your comments that adsense can be added to any theme regardless of whether the theme comes with adsense pre-built. So I’ll be interested to hear from you which themes you would recommend where I could achieve all 3 of my goals EASILY, whether the theme comes preconfigured with 1 and 2 or not.


    1. Andy,

      The Voux, Newspaper and Sahifa combines AdSense, eCommerce (Woocommerce) and rich media such as videos, images and others. Any of these themes will get the job done for you and all comes down to your personal preference.

  44. My page views on google adsense are very low compared to what I get on analytics. i have noticed that google ads on my site don’t show on certain browsers and platforms (mostly on mobile devices). I’m considering to purchase News Online theme or Flick. Which theme is advisable to purchase that would increase my adsense earnings and page views?

    1. David,

      In news niche you aren’t going to earn much unless you receive several thousand of visitors a day. You might want to read this comment to understand why it’s so.

      Theme alone is not going to increase number of pageviews and you either have to acquire more readers or improve internal linking so users would visit more pages.

  45. gobinthiran says:

    I need a wallpaper theme collection 🙂

  46. Hi Aigars, I will be publishing my first women’s lifestyle magazine on November 1st and I need a WordPress theme that will allow me to have a link for subscribers to receive the magazine directly to their inbox, comments, social media buttons, banner and block ads and also be able to add good content-articles, photos etc. The content for the readers and access to the digital magazine is top priority. I am not in any way technologically savvy. Which theme would you suggest? I don’t even have any idea about the best hosting site-there are so many options out there. Would you be kind enough to offer some suggestions for theme and hosting please? Thanks in advance.

    1. Angela,

      WordPress core and themes won’t send magazine to your subscribers and also won’t have any subscriptions forms for that. That’s where 3rd party services such as Mailchimp comes into a play. There are several plugins that helps to create subscription base using Mailchimp and then send emails via their service. WordPress while is capable of doing similar things by default I strongly advice not to do is because all your emails will end up in junk/spam folders.

      Other features such as banner ads, social media buttons, comments, rich media posts are default for all themes. Therefore you can choose the one you like the most. Also you might want to check these WordPress themes that are specially built for magazine style websites.

      For small websites we recommend SiteGround and for larger and more trafficked websites or multiple websites side by side we recommend WPEngine. Both hostings are specially built for WordPress with its own specific caching therefore your site will load much faster than using other shared hostings.

  47. Hi there Aigars,

    First off I appreciate your time very much good sir:)

    I understand your advise and would like to ask, is there a specific theme you would recommend that integrates amazing eCommerce with great looking monetized articles using affiliates products/services?

    I have been Looking and of course there are a million to choose from. But I’d like the advise of a professional if you have the time.

    I need something that will stand the course of time like you are saying in some of the comments to other readers.

    Thank you very mush,

    Michael Andrew

    1. Michael,

      Any WooCommerce theme listed here can serve this purpose.
      Personally I think that it is going to bee too much to combine eCommerce with affiliate links. It would help a lot more with SEO if you would have eCommerce store and related blog with tutorials and other niche specific information but not ones that are filled with affiliate links. Google doesn’t like affiliate links but it loves content and blog would be a great place for that. Trying to sell services or goods on all blog posts won’t help with returning visitors because no one likes that. Provide users with a valuable content and they will buy your products from ecommerce store and not drive them away to other website to purchase something. It won’t work in a long run.

  48. Awesome article and best choosing of themes you are really awesome sir… Thanks again

  49. rabbikhan says:

    these themes looks very stylish and good but one problem is these kinds of themes does takes a lot of time to load which is a problem nowadays because page load speed is also a ranking factor….

    1. The truth is that WordPress is slow by default. WordPress themes doesn’t slow down your website much, at least not the ones that are listed above. However, you can optimize WordPress to make it fly. You can see what we have done with Colorlib. We have loads of scripts, huge database, several millions users a month, 50 images on each post and still website flies. We invest good amount of our revenue in hosting and that’s what we recommend to all website owners.
      While many hosting providers claim that their hosting is optimized to work with WordPress, the truth is that they are not. There are only few hosting that are built specifically for WordPress and those are SiteGround, WP Engine, Kinsta, Pagely and some others. SiteGround pricing is well suited for small websites but you will still get the best tools such as PHP 7, Redis, HHVM and much more. These technologies are available for very expensive hosting providers but SiteGround brings these technologies for masses.

      Like I said, themes are not to blame that your website is slow but your hosting is.

  50. Kisisel Blog says:

    Hi. Can you share free AdSense optimized themes for WordPress too?

  51. Benjamin Gbolaru says:

    Hi Aigars,

    please, i need your recommendation for the best wordpress theme to be use for my “insurance blog”.

    i was contemplating on using Newspaper theme, however i need your best recommendation for the perfect theme for an Insurance blog.


    1. For a simple blog Newspaper could be an overkill. It is more for content heavy news/magazine style theme and I don’t think that insurance niche is that content heavy. Personally I would choose something much simpler such as these or these themes.

  52. shaheryarsam says:

    great admin 🙂 i choose interactive theme its really impressive thank you for your amazing themes list 🙂
    i appreciate your work 🙂

  53. Pramod Kumar says:

    Thank you sir, but i just want to ask that why you haven’t added any genesis theme, is there any problem in genesis framework based theme with adsense.

    1. Pramod,

      Genesis is good for AdSense but we tried to list themes that are newly released and has a huge future potential. Genesis on the other hand is very popular now but over the last few years it is on steady decline as there are many new and much better themes are released each day. Genesis uses to be by far the best multipurpose WordPress theme but these days it is just yet another theme and doesn’t stand out that much.

      Genesis will be around for many years to come thanks to its legacy but there are many alternatives these days and many of theme are even better and more flexible than Genesis and also cheaper.

  54. Imran Ali Rathore says:

    Very informative and helpful article! Thanks!

    1. Imran,

      Comments are even better than the article itself. I highly recommend to read all my responses and it will help you to reshape your business. I promise 🙂

  55. rabbi khan says:

    nice collection of themes….all the themes looks very stunning but i am worried about the page loading factor….will the themes affect the page load time…as it has more fancy looks

    1. Fancier looks in most cases won’t affect website load speed. 90% of page load speed is affected by your hosting. When it comes to hosting generally you get what you pay for. If you pay peanuts you get a monkeys and you really need to remember that. People usually complains about slow themes, plugins and other things but in most cases they though that $0.99 hosting is the exact same thing as $9.99 hosting. It’s not the same thing.

  56. Thanks for the lovely list, Sahifa theme is also a better choice is you are looking for a Magazine theme

  57. Aigars, I have a website specifically geared towards writers and am currently using a free theme from WordPress. I want to improve the look of my site and bring in revenue. Is there a specific theme from your list that I would work for me?
    Thank you in advance, for any suggestions you might have.

    1. Tia,

      I have already selected the best AdSense optimized themes that I like but if you want even shorter list I can recommend Newspaper, Divi and The Voux.

  58. Hi Aigars,
    Please suggest an effective theme for my technology niche – Apple, Samsung, etc… to monetize using Google Adsense?

    1. Zaff,

      In your case the right theme is going to be Newspaper which is well suited for tech news websites and it also well optimized for AdSense and other ads.

  59. Luann Rouff says:

    First of all, thank you for all the time you have taken to provide thoughtful answers to the many comments here. I have read every one! I feel very fortunate to have found so many helpful ideas in a sea of online information.
    I now have a general question that I hope you can address in any way you see fit. My husband recently started a travel story/advice website in his first language, Spanish. He hopes to eventually attract advertising to it, but he understands that it will take time. I have just registered my own English site with SiteGround to offer the same content in English, but I don’t yet have an actual framework/theme for it. I’m not too concerned about that, as I can see that many themes would be suitable. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the details and mechanics of getting this going, however. I don’t want to stumble now if I can do it right, even if it takes a bit longer. My husband’s brother-in-law started his own site a few years ago in Italy and began to make a very lot of money. He then increased his efforts to several more sites, which made him even more money, but then the profits started to fall. My husband and I suspect that he actually decreased his own traffic with the new sites. We would like to have one quality site in two languages, which hopefully make some money later; but we aren’t greedy and I in particular feel strongly about creating decent content. (If you look at his current site, you will notice that the articles are very long. We realize they have to be shorter going forward!) If you have any words of wisdom for us, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

    1. Luann,

      Articles should be as long as possible if you want to make them rank well on Google. Content is the kind when it comes to SEO and the more quality content you have it the better will be results. I would strongly recommend concentrating on one big site instead of multiple small ones because it will take a lot of time to maintain all of them while you could be working on content. Also Google loves large authority sites and you won’t be able to create multiple authority sites alone.

      Don’t think too much about which theme you should choose as you can always change it. Make sure to spend 99.9% time on your content and not trying to decide what tools, themes and plugins you should use because users doesn’t care about those and they care about good content.

  60. Hello Aigars,
    Very nice article. I read it more than three times 🙂
    i want to build a website about legal aid (in french) but ican’t find the right theme. Can you recommand me one or two nice adsense themes from the above list.
    I already have 45 good articles, so it remain just the right theme:)

    Thanks again.

  61. hi
    plz suggest best theme for directry based site, which includes every things…
    just give me only Two names, the ever best….
    waiting for reply 24marketer

    1. Adnan,

      None of above listed themes are for directories. However, we have got you covered as we have a dedicated directory theme list which you can find here.

  62. Hi,
    I am using Adsense from past 1year. I have a website having 300 views per day. But my revenue from the site is very low.
    So I am thinking of moving to another ad network. Please suggest me some nice ad network suitable for my website.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sivaram,

      You are blogging about Bollywood movies which means that at least 90% of traffic comes from India and there is absolutely no money to make from 300 visitors a day in India. India has population of over 1.2 billion meaning that you get almost no traffic of the potential that there is. Unless you can get like 300,000 visitors a day you aren’t going to make any money from ads in India. You can change to any ad network you want but you will always get nothing as AdSense is the best paying ads network. Of course things such as affiliates and product sales will perform better but in your case the only option are banner ads.

      Sorry for rather harsh opinion but someone had to say that you are wasting time on researching ad networks while you have to work on your content and traffic much, much more.

  63. Madhukar Singh says:

    Hello Aigars,

    I am new to this ad sense and all..i have created a video site and i am putting links in that. after reading your may 6 comment that indian views are not much effective in tems of monetization. So can you suggest what should we go for. earlier i have tried some themes but from last day there a drastic drop in rpm 0.17. It was $7.05 on 1st day. Is it bcause of theme changes? Please guide me as i depending on this a lot. thank youvery much

    1. Hi Madhukar,

      Recent comment of mine perfectly describes your situation.
      Having RPM of $7.05 means you were just lucky and it is more than unlikely that you will see this number again. Even Colorlib to which 80% traffic comes from USA, RPM isn’t that high.

  64. Hello Aigars,

    I think u miss one theme to ad in ur list called Schema by mythemeshop..

    One Q does Genesis Framework & all its child themes is really Google adsense friendly theme i don’t think so…

    Thanks for ur great collection…

  65. Hi, i have just been approved on adsense. Can i use free templates before purchasing one. Testing the templates. Will it earn on free templates or perform. Kindly advise

    1. Steve,

      You can make money from AdSense regardless theme. It can be free, premium or custom build. The main thing is to get as many targeted readers as possible. Making money from AdSense is easy but making a lot of money is very difficult. For example only 5% of revenue for Colorlib comes from AdSense and the other 95% comes from other sources such as our own products, affiliates and direct ad sales. You can expect to make between $0.5 (50 cents) – $10 for each 1,000 page views you generate. Which means that if you get 1 million pageviews a month you can expect to make between $500 and $10,000 a month. It all depends on niche and country your traffic comes from. For example joke or news niche in India will generate little to now revenue but hosting niche in US will generate a lot.

      So there real question is if you can generate targeted traffic because theme has very little to do about AdSense revenue.

      1. Aigars,
        Thanks a lot. I believe now am learning the ropes slowly by slowly.

  66. Steven Culla says:

    Nice list! It is not just an Adsense optimized themes but also a key for new bloggers to increase chances of approval on Adsense.

  67. A good article, but as a WP beginner, I’m still confused. I need a theme that is simple yet elegant for blogging and product reviews . Great SEO and fast response time. Able to hopefully… Take display ads from manufacturers. I’ve looked at optimizer and 2016 as there are tutorials online for these themes from start to finish. Any informative opinions??

  68. Hey,

    TruePixel is really a great theme for Adsense. I have read a lot of great reviews about and even used that personally. MyThemeShop really delivers great WordPress themes as I have been using its products.

    Recently, I came to know about two more Adsense themes which have really delivered a great CTR to users, ClickRight and Pixeldom by ThemeBounce. I have personally contacted their users too and got some good reviews about its elegant design and high CTR.

    What do you say about them?

    1. Rachit,

      Your mentioned theme was released in 2010 and haven’t had a single design refresh since. It is completely outdated and I can’t see how you could use it in 2017 and beyond.

  69. Hi Aigars,

    You have done a wonderful job in gathering some best WordPress themes for Adsense, I enjoyed reading your post.

    BTW, I’m a WordPress theme designer and I have recently launched my Adsense ready theme for WordPress, Admania with 4 impressive layouts and ad spots at logical locations.

  70. Hi Aigars
    Many thanks for all what you are doing, really great job.
    I’m a little bit straggled with my website and I want to change my theme to better one. What you recommend for Start-up company working with Space Technologies and Smart City (I like the Supernova – by TheGravity Theme but I’m not sure about it) . As I’m not developer I’m straggled to know which theme can fit with me and has the following:
    – Smart page builder so I can do it my self.
    – SEO friendly
    – Right-to-Left Language Support (Optional)

    Will be great help to have if I could find something close to the Supernova
    Thanks a lot

    1. Marjo,

      Above listed are AdSense themes and those are not built for landing page style websites. To build a landing page you should check this and this list. All those themes comes with drag & drop page builders and SEO friendly structure and code. Most of theme also comes with RTL support. But for that I need to check individual themes separately, so let me know themes that you like and U will check RTL support for you.


    Hi Aigars,
    Really awesome article.. I am a regular follower of your blog. I think WordX theme is the best-designed theme I ever seen.. I am using it in one of my blog.. thank you for sharing it..

  72. Rony Caio says:

    My site has the theme point and has a ctr of 2 to 3.5% and of cooking recipes. Are you aware that any such theme can improve my ctr?

    1. Rony,

      You have already way overdid with your ads. What you should be doing is to try working on usability of your website because right now it is terrible. Too many ads, too title content. To improve AdSense earnings you should concentrate more on user engagement (keep users on the site for a longer time), increase pageviews and increase traffic in general. Forcing users to click your ads is not a sustainable strategy and either Google will just punish your website for too many and too aggressive advertisement placement or user will just abandoned your website as not user friendly spam website.

  73. Donnie Philip says:

    Hi Aigars,

    I’m about to publish a news, article magazine and I’m considering to go for the Gillion theme which is more simple and a very modern concept. Would appreciate your thoughts regarding generating ad revenues with this theme.

    1. Gillion is great for monetizing your website. However, keep in mind that there many variables when it comes to AdSense revenue. In general news niche you won’t make any money from AdSense unless you have millions of pageviews a month. AdSense works way better in niches where there are actual products/services to be sold such as finance, insurance, hosting, different kind of hardware and so on. Make sure to read many of my comments above to get understand what I mean. But regardless of that Gillion os a great choice since it comes with Visual Composer drag & drop page builder.

  74. Hey Aigras, My website is on WordPress and make money blogging. My current theme is not so much good for AdSense. Can you please suggest me which theme will be best for me?

    1. Mostafiz,

      Theme is not a problem for your website. The main problem is that there is almost no traffic, therefore there is no revenue. With AdSense, the more traffic you get the more revenue you can generate, and also the more popular is your website, AdSense will display more targeted ads and therefore you will get higher CTR and revenue. Another thing is that you are in completely wrong niche for AdSense since there is not many advertisers. In your case you would get far better results selling your own ebooks, online courses or similar products. Make sure to post more quality content and bring more traffic to your website and the revenue will follow. While it would make sense to sell you a theme as my revenue depends on it, there is no reason for you to buy one. Keep working, keep building and good things will happen.

  75. techfamies says:

    After seeing Newspaper 8 theme. I have migrated my blog to wordpress and now using newspaper theme.
    Thank you so much for sharing these lovely themes.

  76. Hi Algars. Thank you for very helpful article. Your comments are worth their weight in gold to a newbie like me.

    I’m gearing up to publish a website on a topic that is globally very popular with corporate Learning & Development people. The website will basically be a searchable database of links to relevant online blog articles, journal articles, videos, reports, academic theses, podcasts, webinar recordings, etc. An explanation of the topic and a few resources will be published on the website itself. New items will be continuously added to the database and announced every month (e.g using Twitter, which is popular with the target group).

    The website will be used to enhance my personal brand/visibility (and link to my normal business), but I would ideally like it to become a stand-alone revenue generator.

    My question is can you recommend any ‘Adsense optimised’ WordPress themes that are most suitable for a website that is basically a large, curated database. Any advice will be much appreciated.

  77. I am going to start a blog related to technology, IT problems and solutions.
    Please suggest best wordpress theme for me which is SEO freindly and have adsense options.
    Advance thanks

  78. Hi Algars,

    Insightful content here. Thank you. I’m in the process of creating a blog with a series of videos about caregiving. As a former caregiver for my mother I think I have some good information I might be able to share with families that may just be starting down that path. I certainly wouldn’t object to trying to generate some passive income from it, but this is a little new territory for me and I’m trying to find a template that isn’t too flashy, not too in your face, but substantive…just a place where I could share good quality videos from my perspective, as well as some written content and a possible ebook. Do you think AdSense is a good vehicle? Any templates come to mind? Thank you.

    1. AdSense works best where there are actual products or services to sell. In your case you won’t make much if anything from AdSense. Therefore, I wouldn’t spend too much time looking for a theme with a best optimization for AdSense since all WordPress themes can have AdSense ads on them. I would choose some simple, beautiful, yet very flexible theme such as Gillion. From there you can use AdSense ads, sell your own ebook but mainly share a good content.

  79. ardi purnama sidik says:

    i used interactive theme in my website. but i want newspaper theme from tagdiv. Which is better?

    1. Ardi,

      Newspaper by TagDiv is going to be a better options. you might also consider Gillion.

  80. I just started a positive quotes blog on August 22, 2017 and looking for a clean ad ready theme to show positive blogs on with a smooth blending advertisement from either a text ad affiliate program or a commission-based sale affiliate program. I’m going to browse your themes and see which one I feel is compatible. I already tried installing one, but the server said the file size is too big in php.ini. I’ll try again and hopefully it’ll work. 🙂

  81. Hello Aigars,

    I currently have a blog site designed to support the arts in all forms in our region. After two years of building a community primarily through social media, this past Summer I took a leap and printed a 24 page guide. It was well received by the community and supported by revenue generated by paid sponsors – essentially a mini magazine. But now moving into the Autumn/Winter, paid advertiser response is waiting so we need to move the project to a digital format. I want to improve the existing site (hosting, etc.) and find a quality template for generating original content and relevant advertiser space to pay for the project. Additionally, I would appreciate any direction you can give me on the appropriate rates now charged for digital advertising through Adsense. Thank you!

    1. Hello Sandra,

      When it comes to themes I would recommend Gillion or Jevelin.

      For advertising and website monetization I would recommend to keep away from AdSense when possible especially in niche like yours. Direct ad sales, branded content and collaborations would generate much more than AdSense. AdSense is the best used in very competitive niches such as hosting, insurance, finance and similar. In arts you need to find unique ways for monetization because market is small.

  82. Your article is pretty good and informative. I want to ask a question. I’ve a website which is 6 years old. We share design inspiration sources, web design, WordPress themes collection etc. I’ve to face a huge breakdown as users and page impression is getting down and decrease day by day from past 2 years. This effect Adsense. I applied every kind of theme along with TrueMag and then impression was pretty well (300K). Then, I changed the theme again so website can attract the visitors and did my best to make a level again but failed. Situation was very disappointing, I lessened my work there just because of this.This time I am using Native Theme of Themeforest.

    Can you guide me how to increase page impression and users please? Should I go for TrueMag again? or continue this theme?

    i’ve to ask detailed question just because of your kind concern as you satisfy by giving proper and detailed answer. Hope to get the same. Thanks in advance.

    1. Zara,

      Theme has very little to do with traffic and user engagement. 99% of that is in your content. Instead of wasting time on themes and design tweaks you should spend all that effort on your content and great things about to happen. We haven’t changed our website design since day one and we have no plans to change it because we are too busy making content that users love and that reflects in revenue.

      1. Thanks for your kind response Aigars.

        Actually this isn’t the website linked with this ID. This is newly made site. I am talking about my another designing and developing based website. Quality work is being shared their but still don’t have much traffic and user engagement since last 2 years.

        1. Zara,

          My suggestion still stands. Keep your existing theme and work on content and both your users and your wallet will appreciate it.

          1. Thank you so much for kind concern and response Aigars. Really appreciate the way you dealt with. Stay happy 🙂

  83. Thanks alot colorlib for awesome wp themes 🙂

  84. Thanks four the great list. one of the three important things is the 1. AMP-AD support and 2.responsive ( nowadays people use the smartphone to read and purchase more than desktop ).
    3. Theme Schema – SEO optimation ( Structured Data ) it makes site understandable for a search engine, and we can use the plugin like Yoast for that.
    but I prefer a theme with Schema ready by the theme developers.
    I’m using the Jevelin and Gillion themes for the three reasons I have explained above.

    1. Lara Sein says:

      Hey Adti,
      I was looking for Gillion theme but couldn’t see if it has AMP support. Have you used it with AMP?



      1. Hello Lara,

        Yes, Gillion does support AMP by default.

  85. Ramin Faizy says:

    great collection of the themes i like Jevelin it is the best theme.

  86. Thank you so much for kind concern and response Aigars. Really appreciate the way you dealt with. Stay happy 🙂

    1. Rahul,

      Thank you for your support! Sometimes it is very difficult to provide unpopular answers as AdSense is associated with get rich schemas as well as simplicity but it is rarely a case. I’m here still fighting to explain it but sometimes it’s not easy at all 🙂

  87. Hi Aigars,


    The WP themes are really very good. Kindly help me select a theme which will be suitable for my site blog. Mine is a city based website where the categories will be Food, Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle and few more to come in near future.

    1. Gillion is going to be the right choice because it is the most versatile blog theme.

  88. As a owner of news website we are using Sahifa WordPress theme and we are very pleased about this theme. Thank you Colorlib.

    1. We are glad we were able to help you to choose the best theme for you.

  89. Thank you for the great list of Adsense optimized wordpress themes.

    I used to earn $1.5K+ in Adsense with Genesis framework + child theme,

    that provides me better CTR, high Ads view-ability, good ad impressions and better earning.

    Past I used Newspaper theme for a about 1 year, but after switching to Genesis framework, my Adsense earning grown up a bit and now better

    I suggest to Genesis themes for better results, in Search traffic and money.

    hope this helps to you guys

  90. Abhishek De says:

    Hello, I am very much confused regarding one thing. The thing is can I play ads on a free colorlib theme without any copyright notices?

    1. Above listed themes are sold separately. For other templates that you can see here you can purchase a license here.

  91. Ferhat TOKUL says:

    hi İ want to develo my web site but i couldn’t decide it whic tema i must buy and whic thema i must use
    my web site will be e commerce web site but i this web site thema must be compattible with adsense
    i want to earn adsense money
    i will explain some graphic program (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, etc )on my you tube channel and it must be published on my web site
    what is your advise to me about this thema which thema is great for my procejt?
    thank you very much for your interesting

    1. Any of these will do the trick. AdSense can be used with any of those ecommerce themes but I wouldn’t recommend to mix ecommerce with AdSense because you will be losing a lot of prospective customers because of it.

  92. Biplab Mahanta says:

    On the Google AdSense advertisements is the only thing. That’s why ad placements are very important to increase your AdSense revenue. It should be done in such a way so that Google’s ad placement policy didn’t get violated. Thanks for sharing the post. Keep up the good work.

  93. Chanssat Satya says:

    Hello, I was only received by Adsense 2 days ago. I registered with various templates, but I have used templates for two times, but always accepted. So the template here is very influential. Choose a good template.
    I want to ask whether article rewrite is safe for blogs? Rewrite article but given a link but not active at the end of the post. Please answer yes

  94. Hi, I am trying to grow my personal website, but I cannot decide which topic I must purchase and which topic I must apply
    My site will become an e-commerce site, but the content of this site must be compatible with AdSense
    I’m trying to make money on adsense. I also want to say that I found an excellent site, it is called

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