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19 Best Affiliate Websites (Examples) 2023

Are you ready to dive into the affiliate marketing space but would first like to check the best affiliate websites?

You came to the right place?

Here we have plenty of excellent examples that will show you that your page doesn’t have to be complicated.

However, we also have a few more advanced affiliate sites to take things to the next level.

While some websites offer classic reviews and listicle articles, others have plenty of additional elements, informational content, questionnaires, etc.

Tip: One of the fastest ways to create your website is with an affiliate WordPress theme. In addition, use these WordPress affiliate plugins and crush it in your industry.

Best Affiliate Websites For Inspiration

1. Colorlib

Built with: WordPress Theme

colorlib affiliate website

Okay, we’ll start with our website because part of Colorlib’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing.

It’s a minimalist two-column blog with a top bar, a sticky header and a search bar. We also use a back-to-top button to improve UX and a three-column footer with additional links.

Note: Use post grid/column layout to showcase more posts and save space.

2. Your Dream Coffee

Built with: Contentberg

your dream coffee affiliate website

Your Dream Coffee has a bold hero section with a title, text and a call-to-action(CTA) button. And the cool graphic is ready to capture the visitors’ attention.

Moreover, the minimalist navigation bar has a multi-level drop-down menu with a search icon that opens an overlayed full-screen bar.

While the home page is catchy with handy content, we also like the floating social widget in the bottom right corner.

Note: Integrate social sharing functionality to let visitors spread the name out there and help you with promotion.

3. NerdWallet

Built with: Gatsby

nerdwallet affiliate website

NerdWallet has a simple header with a large drop-down menu but a pretty extensive footer area with heaps of links and CTA buttons for app downloads.

The hero area contains a tabbed section that allows picking the right topic a lot easier. Moreover, NerdWallet also has a section for user testimonials, which builds trust.

Note: Do you want to add social proof to your affiliate website? Integrate reviews and testimonials.

4. Dog Food Advisor

Built with: Genesis

dog food advisor affiliate website

Dog Food Advisor is an affiliate marketing website example with a visible search bar in the header above the basic navbar.

The home page has multiple sections to find the must-read content much easier. Dog Food Advisor also uses a floating bottom bar navigation that opens a newsletter subscription form on a new page.

Note: Do you want to grow your email list? Don’t forget to add a subscription form!


Built with: Genesis

ruled me affiliate website uses a bold top bar notification with a CTA so no visitor misses it (but you can also close it by pressing “x”).

Furthermore, the header features a menu with icons, while the hero area has a newsletter subscription form. also has a section showcasing various authorities that mention them, instantly building trust.

There’s also a carousel with all the necessary links to essential articles with a CTA that takes you to the blog.

Note: Use a top bar notification to grab more visitors’ eyeballs.

6. Investor Junkie

Built with: Jannah Theme

investor junkie affiliate website

Investor Junkie has a paginated post grid layout with a sticky sidebar newsletter widget. The navigation bar has a multi-level drop-down menu, social media icons and a search icon that opens a full-screen search bar.

And the header disappears when you scroll and only reappears when you start scrolling back to the top. They also use carousels to showcase more available articles without taking too much real estate.

Note: Use a floating header/menu so users can always access the menu and search bar.

7. Business News Daily

Built with: Next.js

business news daily affiliate website

Business News Daily is an affiliate website with a minimalist responsive web design with a two-part header and a sidebar with “Our best picks.”

A newsletter subscription form notification opens at the bottom of the screen and sticks to it.

Besides the advanced menu in the header, there’s a second one above the footer. Speaking of the footer, it offers additional links, business details and social icons.

Note: Use a sidebar to promote your “most-read” articles.

8. Minimalist Baker

Built with: Genesis

minimalist baker affiliate website

Minimalist Baker has a bold yet minimalist design with gorgeous imagery decorating the layout, allowing you to immerse in the content a lot easier.

This affiliate website has a top bar with search and social icons, followed by a header with menu links and, next, links to the latest recipes.

What’s unique about Minimalist Baker is the floating search icon in the bottom right corner that opens a large window with the search bar and multiple recommendations.

Note: It’s essential to use large and beautiful images if you plan to build a food blog.

We also have a full tutorial on how to start a food blog with WordPress.

9. Safe Wise

Built with: Elementor

safe wise affiliate website

Safe Wise is a niche affiliate website with great categorization to find the right content much quicker. While they use a navbar with a mega menu where you can find everything (or use the search bar), they also feature the most popular review listicles in the hero area.

Safe Wise also features a handy wizard that helps users pick the ideal security system with a recommendation that links to a 3rd-party with an affiliate ID.

Note: Use a mega menu if you want to display a lot of categories and links.

You should also check our Elementor review if you plan to build your affiliate page with WordPress.

10. Home Ground

Built with: Generatepress

home ground affiliate website

Home Ground uses two CTA buttons in the hero section, one promoting their newsletter subscription form and the other YouTube page.

Above the fold is also a special section dedicated to various authorities who mention Home Ground.

But they try to grab your attention with a simple question and recommended answers (with icons) to pick easier.

Note: Use a question on the home page and suggest answers so your readers can choose what they’re interested in with a click.

11. Abby Organizes

Built with: Restored 316 Theme

abby organizes affiliate website

Abby Organizes is a catchy blog-style affiliate website with a feminine design that features the most popular categories immediately after the header. The header consists of two parts, which allows Abby to provide more useful links to the reader.

The home page is stuffed with content but thanks to the light design and white space, skimming through it is entirely distraction-free.

Note: Use the hero section to promote the main categories/content. And if you create a very long page and don’t use a sticky menu, add a back-to-top button to improve user experience.

12. Ryan Robinson

Built with: Generatepress

ryan robinson affiliate website

Ryan Robinson wants to grab your email above the fold with a simple one-step opt-in form, accompanied by compelling text.

The header disappears and reappears depending on the scrolling movement, while the footer sticks to simplicity with a few additional links and social media icons.

Ryan Robinson also dedicates a pretty large chunk of real estate to showcasing logos of various authorities who featured him. And if that’s not enough, he also added student testimonials for additional proof.

Ryan mixes selling courses and affiliate marketing very strategically.

Note: Feel free to start with an affiliate website, which you can later expand with your product(s) and offer custom services.

13. Globo Surfer

Built with: Newspaper Theme

globo surfer affiliate website

While Globo Surfer has a search bar in the navigation section, they also have another one in the hero section. On the other hand, the drop-down menu equips you with the main categories.

Moreover, this affiliate website’s home page features popular guides and reviews to ensure instant access.

Note: Promote your most-read articles on the home page and drive even more traffic to them.

Here are some more fantastic Newsletter theme examples that touch different industries.

14. SaaSList

Built with: Express

saaslist affiliate website

SaaSList is a professionally oriented affiliate website with text and a CTA button above the fold, immediately followed by popular categories.

The header is very minimalist, with two links, of which one opens a three-column drop-down with multiple links.

SaaSList also has a tabbed section explaining terminology and answering FAQs.

Note: Use tabs or accordions to add additional content/information without taking up too much website space.

15. Photofocus

Built with: Elementor

photofocus affiliate website

Photofocus is an affiliate marketing website with a floating header with a search bar and a hamburger menu. The menu opens a full-screen overlay with links, a search bar and social media icons.

Photofocus promotes a newsletter subscription with a sticky sidebar widget using a bright background, so it stands out more.

Furthermore, different sections promote different categories for a quick overview.

Note: Keep your home page more organized by breaking content into sections with titles.

Are you also in the photo industry? Then check out other terrific photography websites.

16. Skill Scouter

Built with: Kadence Theme

skill scouter affiliate website

Skill Scouter is an affiliate blog website with a right sidebar with a sticky element to keep ads always visible.

Instead of a sticky header, Skill Scouter uses a floating notification bar (it doesn’t appear immediately) that promotes an affiliate link.

The header has a multi-level drop-down menu, while the footer consists of three columns with about, contact, social and navigation widgets.

Note: Use a floating top bar notification to get more eyeballs on your affiliate links.

17. The Adult Man

Built with: Divi Theme

the adult man affiliate website

The Adult Man is an affiliate website with a simple header and a large hero image with text and a CTA button.

Moreover, the home page has a special section that promotes guides and resources, another for reviews and the third for outfit inspirations.

The footer is pretty basic, with links, affiliate disclosure and social media buttons. Lastly, the exit-intent full-screen popup promotes a listicle, which grabs many readers’ attention.

Note: Don’t let the user leave your website just like that; use an exit-intent popup instead.

18. Alajode

Built with: Uncode Theme

alajode affiliate website

Alajode uses a full-screen parallax image background above the fold with a transparent header/menu to keep the appearance neater. You can use the scroll-down button or simply start scrolling it to begin the journey.

What’s interesting about Alajode is that this affiliate website uses a sticky element to promote various articles instead of a floating header.

Moreover, individual blog posts have a right sidebar with multiple widgets, including about, recommended posts and a banner ad (that floats).

Note: Replace a floating header with the latest or most-read articles, like Alajode.

We also have other Uncode theme examples to check more alternatives.

19. Gift Idea Geek

Built with: Astra Theme

gift idea geek affiliate website

Gift Idea Geek has a clean header (that floats) followed by a hero section with a large search bar to find the desired content more accessible.

The rest of this affiliate website is a massive, three-column grid of listicles and a basic footer.

Note: Use a grid layout to display all your articles on the home page (unless you have 100s of them).

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