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best gym websites
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18 Best Gym Websites Design Inspiration 2023

Are you looking to build a gym website? Here you will find the best fitness website design examples and how to create one yourself.

Being physically and mentally fit is necessary to live a happy, long life. Exercise is one of the best ways to keep a person healthy. Hence, it is always best to find a workout routine no matter how busy you are. With the numerous diseases that spread today, many individuals realized the essence of workout. Specifically, having a workout routine will give an individual the greatest physical, mental, and social benefits. Accordingly, exercise will help you increase energy levels, reduce chronic disease risk, lose weight, and help improve brain health and memory. With such benefits, you probably will love to do workout routines soon. Luckily, you don’t need to do it yourself as various personal trainers, or professional fitness coaches provide the help you need. And joining fitness classes is just at your fingertips. Today, we will provide you with ample gym websites designed to help fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers craft unique gym websites with innovation.

gym WordPress themes

How to make a gym website?

It has never been easier to build a website yourself. These amazing gym WordPress themes have everything you need to start your website today. Hundreds of read-made layouts, drag and drop page builders and so much more.

As people now use the internet to access different services and products, crafting a business website becomes a must! With such a marketing strategy, you can reach more people and generate more leads. That is why you shouldn’t leave your brand out as a business. Craft a great website to boost your reputation and to help you succeed. In this amazing list of gym websites design, you can find different ways of presenting your brand. Don’t miss out on these stunning gym websites and see which elements you’ll apply for your website soon.

Best Gym Websites For Your Inspiration

1. Enson

enson ecommerce website example

Enson is a beautiful gym website design that works well for an online store. If you’d like to sell supplements, apparel or equipment, this template will do you well.

Great navigation, about page, blog section, contact form, builder, Google Maps and hosting – it’s all part of the bundle. You need 0 experience to work on your gym site with Enson, a perfect candidate for beginners (but experts, too!).

This website is built using Hostinger, a popular fitness website builder.

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2. Bronx

bronx gym website design

Building a gym website becomes a piece of cake once you work with Bronx. This neat template has everything to present your gym of fitness facility online in the best possible light.

Why complicate and do things from scratch if you don’t have to? Bronx also doesn’t require coding and design knowledge; it even sorts you out with hosting and domain.

This all-in-one pack is for everyone, so take action and you can have a website live VERY quickly.

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3. Jevelin (WordPress Theme)

gym website design

This is one of the most popular WordPress themes for gyms. That’s why we decided to include it in this list. It is one of the simplest ways to create a beautiful and fully functional website for your gym or fitness center.

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4. Windy City Crossfit

Windy City Crossfit gym

Do you offer fitness classes for your gym business? Perhaps you should consider building your online visibility to showcase how you train and inspire people. Windy City CrossFit is a cool example of a simple yet elegant gym website design. The header displays a simple menu like getting started, member sign in and an off-canvas menu. Of course, the stunning logo projects a professional image as it sticks to the header at the center.

Moreover, the magnificent random display of imagery in a masonry type makes a striking effect and adds a touch of creativity to the website. What’s more? It also looks interesting to the visitors as it uses the awesome parallax effect.

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5. Hussle


Are you looking for the perfect and innovative design for the gym portal? Here’s Hussle a wonderful website design that provides access to gyms across the UK. This website enables individuals to search for the nearest gyms to their location, elementary to use. You can easily sign up and advertise your gym information to new clients/customers if you’re a gym owner. Hussle enables customers to log in or register via Facebook or Google account. Promos and discounts quickly draw people’s attention, and Hussle makes a great marketing tool that sticks to the header for their promos and campaigns.

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6. Phive

Out-of-the-box designs are noticeable and powerful. Here’s Phive that has a breathtaking design for gym businesses. The website displays a full-screen image on the hero header and makes a cool transition to the next sections of the website. Specifically, as the visitor scrolls the website, it triggers a cool and unique transition effect that makes it look outstanding. Moreover, the big and clear menu and supporting images never fail to add awesomeness to the website’s overall design. Check out how amazing Phive website is today! So, as you build a web presence, ensure you have ample options to pick in completing it.

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7. F45Training

F45Training gym website

No matter the products or services you promote, your website must be the best tool to manifest its essence. As you can reach more people with this strategy, always opt for the best design. Here’s another clean and minimalist website design for gym websites. F45Training utilizes a more innovative and interesting marketing tool to present a clearer and more comprehensive message. It adds a video background on the hero header and embeds a video to reveal its brand. This website also utilizes testimonials to improve credibility using a nice carousel. F45Training has descriptive CTAs, aesthetically crafted icons, huge and clear imagery, a sticky menu, sliders, and more!

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8. Primal 7 Movement

Primal 7 Movement

Find the best gym website design that will help you deliver your message. Here’s Primal 7 Movement that has a simple yet wonderful design for gym establishments. The website welcomes visitors with a video background on the hero header. It also provides a brief video of how Primal 7 can help you transform your body into a healthier one. What’s more? If you wish to purchase fitness products or workout tools, this website gives you an effortless and cool shopping experience. The website allows you to choose the home use and professional use. Check them out!

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9. Australian Fitness Academy

Australian Fitness Academy

Don’t miss out on this list of gym website designs ready to impress and inspire health enthusiasts, personal trainers, fitness professionals, and gym owners. Here’s Australian Fitness Academy has a professional-looking design and great functionality. The site displays header content using a slider containing a striking headline and attractive CTA. AFA also presents its industry partnership using another cool carousel to boost credibility. This website stunningly introduces fitness courses. Other notable features include newsletter subscription, blog page with informative articles, consistent color, and shape of buttons and more!

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10. Equinox


Trying to build an online presence of fitness clubs, luxury gyms or workout clubs? You’ve just come to the right place! In these gym websites design, you can find various styles that you can reference with. Equinox is another great website with a remarkable design. The homepage has a charming image with clear CTAs – the option to visit the club or check out member benefits. The website also uses ample white space to let visitors focus on its most important elements. Equinox utilizes the sticky menu as well thus improves visitor retention on the website.

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11. Fitness Factory Maine

Fitness Factory Maine

Upon building your gym website, you need to consider various aspects so it would be successful. These considerations include design, photography, good copy, responsive design and more! Fitness Factory Maine comes with a captivating design. Firstly, the logo helps create the first impression. With Fitness Factory Maine, the logo is undeniably creative, impressive, and meaningful. Secondly, this website utilizes a consistent color scheme of red and white, which helps with branding. Fitness Factory Maine also emphasized the importance of design hierarchy. This way, it’s a lot easier for visitors to understand content from sections to sections. Moreover, the grayscale images also enhance the look and feel of the website.

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12. Sault Fitness

Sault Fitness

Looking for the best style to build an outstanding fitness or gym website? If you plan to create it soon, you need to ensure that it fits the personality of your business. Sault Fitness has a great design, impressive functionality and remarkable features. This website has an attractive hero header – clear headline, a descriptive CTA, and awesome image. Of course, the subtle animation upon hovering an element makes the website even more visually appealing. Furthermore, testimonials help show expertise and credibility, so Sault Fitness wonderfully displays a clean and gorgeous testimonials section.

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13. Live Fit Gym

Live Fit Gym

Do you have the best trainers and a great gym or fitness center? If you do, you probably need to create a website to spread awareness. Live Fit Gym is ready to promote its services online with its well-structured website. Having center-structured content, this website introduces its capabilities to train and provide services and gym facilities to every individual seeking health. This website presents its services with style – menu options expand once hovered. Since the business comes with various branches, it is also displayed simply and comprehensively. You’ll also love features with this site: the carousel, parallax effect, sticky menu, and more!

Preview Create Your Own

14. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness

Sometimes, staying fit physically can be boring, tiring, and difficult. Especially, if you do not have a group or coach to support you although the activity. That’s why entrepreneurs and health enthusiasts build gym and fitness centers to provide coaching tips and awesome training experiences. Anytime Fitness is another portal to find a gym or own one. It has a simple design yet contains compelling content that can boost the website’s online presence. The website provides ample options for health enthusiasts worldwide. Specifically, the website features events for training experiences, presenting membership benefits and coaching tips to help one achieve physical and mental health.

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15. 9Round


Getting in shape while improving brain function is fun and exciting. That’s why vast health enthusiasts these days establish their gym or fitness center to encourage individuals to acquire ultimate body transformation. Here’s a fantastic gym website design that will inspire you to create a unique website. 9Round empowers its website with a video background as it welcomes visitors to the homepage. It can efficiently engage visitors while delivering the message. Notably, the site lets visitors check out its impressive statistics to prove its authenticity. These magazines featured the website, online shop, finding a career as a fitness trainer, and more! On top of that, the site also offers a valuable free workout to visitors.

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16. Advanced Wellness

Advanced Wellness

Crafted with boldness and vibrant design, Advanced Wellness is ready to promote its business worldwide. Specifically, the website uses a bold style of typography and vibrant colored images to attract customers. Using orange as the primary color, it looks even more dynamic and striking. Moreover, the website looks well as it implements the parallax effects on some sections. Advanced Wellness ensures the blog page is accessible to share amazing stories, tips, and guidelines. In addition, testimonials are also added on the website, Instagram feed, and social media integration.

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17. Crunch

Crunch - fitness center

Crunch is another vibrant and minimalist style of gym website design. It simply displays the hero header – fitness imagery with a descriptive call-to-action. The site displays a stylish design of what this business can do and offer health-seeking individuals. Moreover, with Crunch’s services’ big and clear links, visitors will surely miss checking each of them. Of course, including a video showing how the business can transform an individual’s life would be best. So, Crunch embeds the video presentation just before the visitor reaches the end of the page.

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18. Mirror

Mirror - gym website

Some websites have vibrant color designs, while others look cool on a dark-tone color scheme. But Mirror has a clean, modern, and minimalist gym website design, making it look exceptional. It makes use of more white spaces with excellent typography. This way, visitors focus on the most important elements on the website. The presentation of the services, especially the workouts and classes, is genuinely trendy and practical. If you’d like to shop Mirror’s useful and innovative accessories for fitness activities, that’s also possible with Mirror. What’s more? Reviews or testimonials are also included in the design for both parties’ benefits.

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