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CATS Young Person Led Projects

What are CATS Young Person Led Projects?

CATS Young Person Led Projects are projects designed and led by young people.

CATS know that Young People have loads of ideas and really know what they want and what their communities need, but often they lack the support to get their ideas realised. CATS  will support young people to make their ideas or projects a reality.

Different types of CATS Young Person Led Projects

There are many different types of CATS Young Person Led Projects:-

  • One off Events – Fundraising Events such as Bake Sales or a Community Disco.
  • Short term projects such as summer holiday activity program or improving a community area for example a skate park or recreation ground.
  • Ongoing projects such as establishing a new weekly activity or renovating and re-using old facilities. See Friday Night Splash Case study for more details of a CATS ongoing Young Person Led Project.


Benefits of a CATS Young Person Led Projects

There are many benefits associated with CATS Young Person Led Projects, benefits to both the Young People leading the projects and the community as a whole:-

  • Young People develop valuable life, leadership and governance skills – which look great on any CV.
  • Young People would be eligible to be Recognised and Rewarded at the next annual CATS Awards evening.
  • Depending on the project being run the local community may benefit from any funds raised, the regeneration of a community area or facilities or the provision of activities for local people.
  • CATS Young Person Led Projects, in association with CATS annual awards evenings can help improve community cohesion and intergenerational respect.

Click on our Young Person Led Flow Chart for a step by step guide!

Beach 1


If you have an idea for a CATS Young Person Led Project then click on this link for our CATS  Young Person Led Project idea submission form!


For more information on CATS Young Person Led Projects please contact CATS Head Office on 01288 488086 or via


Breaking News

CATS Charity to CLOSE as a result of a lack of funding, please click on our NEWS & EVENTS tab and then select CATS NEWSLETTER to read the full story.

CATS builds on Big Lottery success and enters an exciting new phase thanks to support from The Tudor Trust and Garfield Weston Foundation

CATS comes to the end of its 3 year Big Lottery Funded project




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