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CATS Surf Reward Weekends



CATS Surf Reward weekends are a unique opportunity for young people from inner cities to be recognised for their POSITIVE community action with a surfing experience in Devon or Cornwall!

CATS works with youth agencies in UK cities such as Newcastle, London, Birmingham, and Bristol to create a diverse sporting, cultural and rural-urban mix for the positive young people from UK inner cities.

CATS Surf Reward Weekends are superb, they are full of fun, new challenges, rural beauty and a chance to not only thank the youngsters from inner cities for the positive difference that they have made to their communities but to also to enhance their confidence and offer them a brand new life experience.


Objectives of a CATS Surf Reward Weekend: –

  • Recognising and rewarding youngsters from inner cities for their positive community action!
  • Giving positive youngsters from inner cities access to and the opportunity to try a new coastal sport like surfing!
  • Giving local youngsters the opportunity to act as Hosts/Mentors during the CATS Surf Reward Weekend – creating respect and understanding in a multi cultural society!
  • Mixing inner city and rural communities in a joint weekend of celebrating young people for volunteering!

Just one of the inspirational CATS Surf Reward Weekends was the 2012 London Youth Weekend, where 60 youngsters came from London to Bude to be rewarded for amazing community projects such as; Anti-gun’n’knife education, running youth workshops and  getting communities taking part in sports.



CATS runs several Surf Reward Weekends each year. In 2013 we will be running SIX Surf Reward Weekends and ONE Surf Reward Day, working in conjunction with agencies such as; London Youth, 2nd Chance Project, Plymouth Youth, Positive Youth Foundation, Westminster House Youth, Greenhouse Charity, Knights Youth Centre and Streatham Youth & Community Trust!




As mentioned above, in our objectives section, where possible, CATS offers local youngsters the opportunity to act as volunteer Hosts/Mentors during the CATS Surf Reward Weekends. This ensures that youngsters local to the Devon/Cornwall area are able to represent their region and get to meet and interact with the positive inner city young people.

This helps all the young people involved in the CATS Surf Reward Weekend to see for themselves the different types of positive community action taking places across the UK and share best practice.

Take a look at some of the footage from the 2013 CATS Surf Reward Weekends – this footage was shot by our 2013 Volunteer Peer Mentors


CATS Surf Reward Weekends were awarded the following status and we are very proud of it!

For more information about CATS Surf Reward Weekends please contact CATS Head Office on 01288 488086 or via




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