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free vector image websites
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20 Best Free Vector Image Websites 2023

A comprehensive list of the best free vector websites for designers that you can start using today.

Whether building an application or a website, the visual aspect is the quintessential driving life form to bring your idea into bloom. Visuals themselves can convey an idea so much more clearly than just plaintext. Today, it’s hard to spot websites that don’t take advantage of visuals in some form or the other. As we move forward from traditional image file formats like JPG and PNG, we integrate more scalable graphics formats, known as Vector Graphics, and Scalable Vector Graphics; known as SVG.

Vector graphics enable us to present our websites through pristine image formats that enable our visuals to look smooth in any resolution. The W3C standard recognizes vector graphics as SVG, enabling our images to look the same on all devices and browsers without compromising file properties. You can serve this single file in many ways and simultaneously.

Currently, the biggest earners of vector graphics are graphic designers who use the latest vector graphics development tools, like Inkscape, and PhotoShop amongst many others. And while it takes a considerable amount of time to craft a beautiful vector image, the number of websites and platforms providing free vector images and graphics has risen. We, as developers, couldn’t be happier about this.

We will do a countdown of the best websites on the net for vector images right now, giving a detailed description of the kind of content to expect from these vector image websites. At the end of the post, we will look at some premium-type websites that can be used to purchase professional and beautiful vector images at a fraction of the cost of hiring a graphic designer to do all the work for you.

20 Websites To Get Free Vector Images

Without further ado, let’s look at the best free vector website you can use today.


free vector websites

Vecteezy and its sister sites are a well-established brand name for free vector graphics and arts. Vecteezy’s main community module is to enable graphic designers and others interested in vector art to share their work freely, where other community users can like your graphics and leave comments on them — either in the form of feedback, or suggestions.

It’s a self-sustained community that’s driven by the process of sharing content for free, and enabling others to access this content whenever. It can sometimes be difficult to share your own stuff for free, and don’t feel like you’re getting anything back — whereas Vecteezy enables everyone to become a part of a huge pool of free vector graphics where the more you share, the more others will be inclined to share as well. Vecteezy attracts millions of visitors to its website each month, giving your work the appropriate exposure it needs.



free vector image website

Freepik reaches tens of millions of monthly visitors, who come to Freepik to find the necessary vector design elements for their next big project. The startup was launched by two brothers and other intellectuals who created a platform that carefully curates solid, modern and appealing vector graphics for anyone to use freely. The categories over at Freepik stretch out wide, and you can find artwork in categories such as Travel, Business, Cartoons, Music, Objects and many more. Each vector page features a Download element, license specifications, and a comment box where registered community members can leave feedback, gratitude, or other input forms. Google and Adobe are just a few of the big names that use Freepik daily to find great vector artwork at no cost whatsoever.


All Free Downloads

all free downloads free vector images website

All Free Downloads also uses a unique approach to providing the World Wide Web community with more than 190,000+ free vector graphics. The range of content that can be found on All Free Downloads is pretty much unlimited, and all you need to do is use the search button to find the kind of artwork that will work best with your ideas and projects. All vectors can be downloaded in AI and EPS formats. If you’re a graphic designer looking to expose your work — All Free Downloads offers a reward program where each of your uploaded pieces of work can also feature a ‘Donate’ button, or even a ‘Buy a Commercial License’ to help you get rewarded for the stuff that you create and share with others. Other than vectors, you can find PSD’s, icons, web templates and other web related items for free and instant download.


Vector Magic

free vector image maker

We are going to sidetrack here for a little bit. Still, we feel it’s important that the community and designers themselves learn more about Vector Magic — a reliable software tool that can help to convert Bitmap Images (JPG, PNG, and GIF) into pristine clean, and scalable vector graphics into the format of SVG, ESP and PDF. You can use Vector Magic both as an online tool and as a Desktop tool that will enable you to convert your Bitmap Images into EPS, SVG, PDF, AI, DXF, and EMF formats.


Free Vector

free vector

Free Vector is a large resource of free vector images you can use for your project. You can browse by featured and new vectors on the home page, or use either the search bar or hit on any available categories. As for the latter, Free Vector covers anything from 3D, abstract, and food to flags, maps, party, and lifestyle. Each category brings you multiple options (as well as heaps of premium alternatives). You do not need to create an account when downloading any free vector images. Also, do not forget to read Free Vector’s standard license to learn about rules and regulations.



vectorstock free vector images website

You do not need to pay for vector images in this day and age. After all, look at all these amazing free resources that get you going with tons of amazing graphics and art that will do you well. VectorStock is another website full of good stuff. Find what’s trending at the moment, the latest vectors, enter your keyword in the search bar, well, the options are numerous. Also, if on desktop, you can pick between a five- and a seven-grid layout for thumbnail display. On VectorStock, there is a lot of available material. For instance, entering “food” and hitting enter gives you over 27,000 hits.



undraw free vector images website

If you are searching for something trendier and creative, you better not miss unDraw. It is a cool solution with tons of vector illustrations to take advantage of. There is no number of how many images are available on unDraw, but once you start scrolling, the infinite scroll keeps going forever. I did not even bother scrolling “to the bottom.” One cool feature of unDraw is the color scheme generator that enriches all the illustrations with the main color of your branding. There are six color presets, but you can pick between unlimited shades if you want to.



openclipart free vector images website

Openclipart is a free vector images website with over one hundred thousand clipart. It even informs you how many new inclusions were added in the last 24 hours. You do not need to create an account to use any of Openclipart’s images. Moreover, you can also choose between SVG and PNG versions. As for the latter, you can even pick among three different sizes. You can also create an account and take things to the next level, which is unnecessary. Still, get familiar with their license first, heck, even email them if you have any questions and never run into inconvenience.



Vexels is the design stock where everyone can find whatever they need – whether you’re a Graphic Designer, a Merch-Seller or an Agency, they’ve got something for everybody. On Vexels you can explore and discover the best ready-made graphics for personal or commercial projects – from versatile backgrounds, trendy icons, fantastic logo templates to print-ready designs and everything in between. Browse around their site for any graphic you need, and if you can’t find it simply request a custom design made by their team of designers. They have more than 71.000 awesome design resources to save you lots of time and money on all your projects.


Vector Portal

vector portal free vector images website

Vector Portal is home to several tens of thousands of vector graphic packages and individual vector elements that will surely spice up the User Experience of any project or idea that you plan to use it on. The most popular work on Vector Portal has been downloaded up to 50,000+ times, indicating its reliability and success within the market. All vector graphics found on Vector Portal are for commercial use, meaning that you have unlimited uses for the graphics within your projects, however attribution is a nice way of expressing gratitude for the work that others have put into making the artwork available in the first place.



vector4free free vector images website

Vector4Free is a blog run by design enthusiasts who share standalone vector graphics and lists of cool and beautiful vector graphic themes, like sports, holidays, and others. All vector graphics are free, and each download also specifies a License, so check them out before you start using them on creative and commercial projects. You can also easily browse the site by selecting any attached tags for each image, making finding the right image much easier.



pixabay free vector images website

Pixabay is the largest known free photography site on the web, these days even large media websites rely on Pixabay for great and stunning imagery content. On top of having hundreds of thousands of photographs available under the Creative Commons license, Pixabay also archives more than 50,000+ free vector graphic arts and interesting visuals. Pixabay is another community driven platform where visitors are encouraged to create their own account and share their photos, this platform is also good when it comes to promoting yourself as a graphic designer, or a photographer, as your own profile information accompanies each photo on the side. Members can leave comments if desired.


vector me free vector images and illustrations website has been a member of the vector graphics community for over five years now, accumulating more than 220,000+ unique vector graphics that can be looked up through a very systematic and logical tag index. All download pages are complimented with a comments widget, and also proper licensing information. Although some graphics don’t carry a license, it’s best to assume that they aren’t meant for commercial use.


Free Design File

free design file free vector images website

Free Design File is a truly minimal vector file platform that focuses on the actual vector appearance than anything else, the site is built upon the foundation of tags, so if there’s something in particular you are looking for, the best way to find it would be to find the right tags for it and begin your search that way. Vector downloads feature a download button and author and licensing information to keep you in check about using all the available vectors on this site. We managed to find some inspiring works through these guys!


Free Vectors

free vectors art and graphics website

With more than 450+ pages of content, Free Vectors stands out as one of the most unique and perhaps one of the oldest vector graphics resources on the web! Each download is accompanied by a description of the items that you are downloading, there’s a specification of the author of the vector (usually a website), and also full outline of the license for the download; either personal use, or commercial use. The website’s design uses a dark theme, making it a nice experience to dig deeper into during late night evenings when you’re just looking for some good old inspiration.


Free Vector Maps

free vector maps

We have looked at some real gems of the vector world already, and it’s time we expand the list with more unique additions, which will be Free Vector Maps this time! This beautiful and neat resource is all about Maps in Vector format! Whether it’s individual countries, continents, globes — Free Vector Maps provides a GPS accurate report of each country and region within the best digital format available. The project was started by someone who enjoys traveling, and much thought has gone into making these maps possible. You can pick blank maps, or you can select between maps that show countries and cities within the regions as well. This resource has been so popular that most leading design websites have already used these resources in one way or another.



flaticon free vector icons website

Vector graphics aren’t just files for website logos or your next infographic. Other visual elements fall under the vector category, and one of them is Icons! Here we have FlatIcon, a reliable resource for finding vector flat icons that will stretch in categories far and wide. You can become an autho, or enjoy the work that others have already shared. The nice thing about sites that offer you to upload your own content is that it gives you so much more exposure for your work, or business that you are working from. FlatIcon offers for you to download icons individually. You can also choose between ‘packs’ curated for specific themes and situations.


Dry Icons

dry icons free vector icons website

Although the name Dry Icons suggests that we will be looking at more icons, this platform provides a few thousand vector graphics items that range in various categories and subjects. The developers maintained this site so well, and made all downloads free. You have the option to purchase a regular and extended license for use in different kinds of projects.


Premium Websites for Vector Images and Vector Graphics

We have explored some truly outstanding vector graphic websites so far. Accessing such a vast pool of free vector items is truly a blessing. And, it’s not just for the people who create them, but especially those who consume them daily! We now know all of the best free vector graphics resources. Now, we look at the best premium resources for finding the right vector images for you! Please suggest more premium sites if you feel we left some out, don’t worry — not purposefully.


pixeden vector images website

Pixeden is a membership site that is hosts many graphics in the form print, web, icons and vector. The free membership enables anyone to download free content; some free vector art is available too! But the big player is the premium membership, which grants you access to premium content. This includes vector that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Designers and the team at Pixeden themselves are working hard each day. They provide its members with unique artwork and unique vector art experiences that you will cherish forever.



shutterstock vector images website

Shutterstock is perhaps the most widely established name in the stock photography market. It has been a high-quality photography and design elements provider for years now. It dominates the market as many webmasters choose to advertise and promote directly with Shutterstock. All vectors available at Shutterstock have been uniquely created and crafted with different intentions behind each unique project. You can rest assured that you won’t find another copy on the web no matter which file you choose.



depositphotos hq vector images website

Depositphotos is another well-known brand name that focuses on premium stock photos. But there came a huge increase in demand for vector graphics. With this, Depositphotos has taken the initiative to open up a library of over 8,000,000+ unique vector images. Browsing all of them will never bore you. It also has a reasonable price given that all images are royalty-free.


I hope this article helped you find a vector image website for your needs. If you have any suggestions for websites you like, please let us know in the comments below.

Best sites for free vector images – conclusion

With so many options you might struggle to find the best site for you. The one site to rule them all is Vecteezy, which has millions of vector images for any use case. You can download them free of charge and use them for any design project.

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