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website building for beginners
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21 Best Website Building Software for Beginners 2023

Thanks to all the available website building software for beginners, venturing into the online space is not that hard.

Many options are available for you to take to your full advantage. In brief, there is something for everyone, no matter how picky and meticulous they may be.

What is also super cool about all the website builders you can use is 100% newbie-friendly. Even if you are in this game for the first time and have not yet created a page, you will still see excellent results. It also does not matter whether you are interested in building a blog, online store, business, portfolio, personal, or resume website. You name it. We have a tool ready for you.

One thing that will surely grab your attention is that no coding knowledge is needed.

That’s right, you do not need to be a programmer or have design talent; with the website building software for beginners, anyone can establish the exact website they want for their business or project. And no, you will not need to hire a professional to help you out.

Nowadays, regardless of your experience and niche, you can effortlessly realize your idea with a neat website. With a broad selection of tools, you can comfortably approach crafting the site of your choice. A combination of ready-made templates, drag-and-drop technology, and loads of features, along with your creative touch, will greatly elevate your online presence.

Best Website Building Software for Beginners

1. Wix

wix beginner website builder

Wix is a striking software for beginners who want to taste the world wide web. Well, even if you are an experienced user and only need a quick page fix, Wix will surely do the trick. There is loads of goodness when it comes to this builder. When working with Wix, you can take three routes. You can either go with the editor option, artificial design intelligence, or you enter the world of code. Whichever path you choose, Wix makes sure that your final product will be a masterpiece. Remember that not all options will give you the same amount of freedom for customization.

Additionally, you can employ Wix for all types of websites, from blogs and portfolios to full-blown eCommerce pages. All layouts of Wix are mobile-ready, optimized for search engines, Retina-friendly, and compatible with most web browsers. Wix ensures a flawless experience at all times.

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2. Hostinger

Hostinger - simple website builder for beginners

Hostinger is an excellent website builder for beginners, even those who have never experienced website creation. It is a tool of many practical features and functions that will help your dream website. With Hostinger, you can create eCommerce, gaming, portfolio, wedding, personal, and music websites, to name a few. There are many templates at your disposal, all available to customize them further.

What’s more, it offers you to choose from many different pricing plans available to find the perfect fit for your needs. Of course, Hostinger also hosts your website and lets you register a domain name. SEO optimization, mobile-friendliness, Google Analytics integration, Facebook Pixel, and SSL certificate. Keep in mind, this is just a small portion of all the amazing specialties that Hostinger has ready for you.

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3. Squarespace

squarespace beginner website builder

If you are hitting London Underground, you should see Squarespace everywhere. I am unsure how it is in other cities, but Londoners are fans. Squarespace is a great example of website building software for beginners that gets you online in a snap of a finger. Without any skill and talent in web development, you can now have a functional page ready to attract new visitors sooner rather than later. You can also select from a horde of ready-to-use templates, which you can use or improve according to your preference.

No doubt, you will appear as a pro from the get-go with Squarespace. The final product matters, not the process of getting there. If you take a clever shortcut, well, lucky you! On top of that, with Squarespace, managing and maintaining your online space will be a small breeze, ensuring you get the most out of the world wide web.

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4. Shopify

shopify beginner website builder

Indeed, many website building software for beginners offers an eCommerce option, but Shopify dedicates its heart and soul. Regardless of the online store you want to start, you can get it going with Shopify. Whether you wish to establish a general or a niche store, Shopify is ready for any challenge, ensuring you successfully realize it. It even rocks tons of templates and countless apps, making your eCommerce page convenient for the end shopper.

With Shopify and any other website builder, you can start your online business quickly. Shopify allows you to push products with ease. Shopify also ensures smooth payments, statistics, and marketing along with the page building tools. Of course, professional support is always at your service, ready to answer all your concerns.

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5. Weebly

weebly beginner website builder

First, you should approach any website builder software for beginners with an open mind. They all offer so much material that you can easily hammer out the exact page you visualized. And Weebly is no different. It is a powerful, versatile and practical tool that unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for you. While Weebly focuses more on eCommerce, it seamlessly works with other business-related pages.

Weebly offers a cool step-by-step guide that covers all sections of making and launching a page for everyone who has never built a page yet. Once you get the gist, all the rest instantly becomes kids’ stuff. By the way, with Weebly, you can also start for free and only go premium when the upgrade is necessary. As simple as that.

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6. Webflow

webflow beginner website builder

Webflow lets you code your website visually. That’s right; you will not need to go behind the scenes, editing code, to make adjustments and build the page you want. Also, Webflow gives you the right to hammer out any page you fancy, whether a simple blog or an advanced online shop. The whole process goes as follows; you design, build, and launch.

How creative and artistic you would want to go with your page is entirely up to you. You can keep things as simple and as minimal as possible, or you can go the extra mile and stuff your page with enticing animations and effects – Webflow supports it all.

Moreover, you can utilize Webflow for prototyping, as well as for establishing final products. It is a convenient page builder for users of all levels.

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7. uKit

ukit beginner website builder

With a whopping collection of over 350 templates in 38 different categories, you know uKit has something for everyone. Regardless of how picky you are, you will surely find the right web design to cater to your project. Besides, you can always improve and adjust default settings, making uKit’s template your own. There are no creative limits when it comes to uKit. Stick to the rules or go entirely against the norm; with uKit, all is possible. In other words, if you want to stand out from the masses, go as creative and innovative as you want and take everyone’s breaths away.

Making changes and enhancements is a piece of cake. uKit is equipped with drag-and-drop technology, which simplifies building websites. Other features include, but are not limited to, online chat, newsletters, social media integrations and analytics.

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8. 8b

8b beginner website builder

Not only is 8b perfect for beginners, but it is also a free website builder. How awesome is that? If you are looking for a solution that will help you bring your idea to fruition, go with 8b and make all the rest become history. You can now have a functional website live and ready for business in three quick, straightforward steps. 8b is perfect for those who have zero programming knowledge. Besides, even if you are not a designer, you will still see fantastic results with 8b.

Another cracking feature of 8b is that you can build your page using your mobile device. It has a fully working mobile website builder who always keeps you present. Whether you sit behind your desk or are on the go, building and managing a sophisticated page with 8b will be effortless.

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9. Tilda

tilda beginner website builder

Do you lack coding skills? Is the deadline just around the corner? Or are you tight with the budget? Whatever the case, let Tilda take care of it. This website building software for beginners is perfect for utter newbies, as well as for experts. It rocks many predefined layouts, over 450 content blocks, and an intuitive page editor. On top of that, you cannot mess things up when you decide to go all in with Tilda. However, the help center is available just in case.

Other goodies of Tilda are 100% mobile readiness, search engine friendliness, custom fonts, Google Analytics integration, and lightning-fast loading speed. It is also compatible with numerous 3rd-party plugins, like MailChimp, Slack, Disqus, and Zapier, to name a few. You are ready to rock and roll out of the box with Tilda.

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10. Pagecloud

pagecloud beginner website builder

You can be a one-man-brand, a freelancer who needs to sort out the online presence, or an artist who would like to share their work with the world, get things moving forward with PageCloud. Yes, you and only you can now establish an interest-sparking website to boost your project to new heights. There is no need to be a tech wizard to start making a name for yourself online. With PageCloud, you can have a top-notch, responsive, high-performing website live swiftly.

You can approach the process thanks to Pagecloud’s user-friendliness with full comfort. You have a complete solution in your palms, ready and set for you to put into play. Make the most out of PageCloud and see the magic happen. From pre-built website templates to various features and apps, PageCloud has it all at your disposal.

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11. uCraft

ucraft beginner website builder

Crafting a page with uCraft is fun and exciting. You can start your journey for free and upgrade to a premium plan later. Yes, you can use the free website building solution for as long as possible. On the other hand, once you bring your page to a decent volume, you will want to upgrade as uCraft unlocks even more features and functions to scale your page to the extreme. Speaking of the free plan, you get SSL security, SEO tool, Google Analytics, and an option to modify the look slightly.

uCraft comes with templates for blogs, eCommerce, events, personal, health, and restaurant websites, to name a few. All follow the current web and tech regulations to make sure your online presence runs all the time smoothly. You can also translate your page and globalize or localize the experience.

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12. Jimdo

jimdo beginner website builder

Do you have three minutes to spare? Everyone does. If you are in a hurry, go ahead and create an account with Jimdo this very instant and let its artificial intelligence take you on an epic journey. Well, not epic, it will be so quick you will barely notice something happened. Oh wait, you will be left with a personalized website to launch immediately. And you can test the waters free of charge and move forward from there. Insanely fast, no-coding, yet beautiful and contemporary, that’s what’s up when it comes to Jimdo.

After Jimdo gets to know you and your project better, it will search its archive and deliver a nifty web design. You can then stuff it with your custom information and content and that is pretty much it. You do not need to worry about hosting, security, and stuff like statistics and search engine optimization. Get the word out with Jimdo.

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13. Mozello

mozello beginner website builder

Are you in need of a quick free website? Then you came to the right place! While we already have many website building software for beginners here for you that offer a no-fee page creation process, Mozello is another killer alternative. It is a multipurpose website builder that covers anything in classic and online store websites. With little work and energy, Mozello allows you to make the page you need.

Along with starting a blog or selling goods online, Mozello also equips you with practical SEO and marketing tools. You can also boost your online space to different countries by translating your content into different languages. Yes, Mozello is a powerful yet convenient tool for everyone. Starting a page is truly easier than ever.

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14. Webnode

webnode beginner website builder

With tens of millions of users, Webnode is surely one website building software for beginners tool that you can fully rely on. Besides, Webnode also costs you nothing to begin with. However, that does not mean your final product will be half-baked. A complete opposite. With Webnode, it guarantees that the page you will establish will scream with professionalism and sophistication. Let it be a personal or a business website, even an eCommerce platform, with Webnode, it will be a small breeze putting them together. Test it out first and only then decide to dive in full-tilt.

Webnode also includes countless ready-to-use templates, saving you time and energy. While each one is unique and original, chances are, you will find one that perfectly resonates with you out of the box. Still, you can modify it in seconds and make it your own easily.

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15. Weblium

weblium website building for beginners

Once you start with Weblium, you can experience your page live shortly after. This website builder for beginners does not overwhelm you with these difficulties and advanced tasks. Even if using the software for the first time, it will feel natural, as anyone can effortlessly get the most out of Weblium. And to top it all up, you can also use Weblium free of charge. Still, two additional premium plans are available and an option to order a custom page. Weblium has something for everyone.

With the convenient artificial intelligence, you only focus on the finishing touches while Weblium takes care of everything. Moreover, your website will also be mobile-ready, in tune with popular web browsers, and optimized for search engines. One account is necessary to start online with a dope page.

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16. Site123

site123 beginner website builder

Site123 makes it easy to bring your project idea online — perfect for a beginner. It offers only two plans: free and premium. Of course, the former is way more limited, but it still allows you to start making moves. The free plan offers 500 MB storage, 1 GB bandwidth, and a Site123 subdomain. If you are a newbie, feel free to kick it off without spending a dime; you can upgrade later.

Regarding the website establishing process, it takes – hence the name – only three steps to see your page on the online space. Site123 also sports search engine optimization tools and provides full 24/7 support. Doing the work with Site123 truly is uncomplicated, meaning, there is little chance that you will ever need to talk to the experts.

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17. Strikingly

strikingly beginner website builder

Strike with a banging page thanks to the practical website building for beginners software, Strikingly. In mere minutes, you can now have a functional page ready to enter the streets of the online world. Of course, Strikingly will never ask you for any coding or design knowledge. At the time of writing this, Strikingly already powers millions of websites from users all around the globe. In the kit, you will discover templates for portfolio, business, store, blog, organization, and product showcase website. Pick accordingly, edit the layout, and that is it.

With Strikingly, you can register or connect a new custom domain name to your existing one. Furthermore, it also comes with analytics, an SSL certificate, search engine optimization, social feeds, and sign up and contact forms. In conclusion, Strikingly has all the necessities and more to fit your taste no matter how picky you might be.

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18. Zoho

zoho beginner website builder

Zoho is a contemporary software for users of all levels, from newbies to experts. You now have a chance to awaken your creative spirit and try to establish a mobile-ready website. No matter how intimidating this might sound, let me warn you that it is 100% guaranteed that you will succeed at it. Relax and go with the Zoho flow. From here on, you will never again need to hire a coder or seek help from a pro designer. Zoho makes sure you become an expert, even if it is your first time getting yourself in creating a webspace.

With the advantageous visual editor and preset blocks, throwing together the web design you desire will be a piece of cake. You can also freely upload and embed custom content, attach logos and favicons, password-protect particular areas and boost visibility with social integration.

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19. Novi

novi beginner website builder

More and more folks rely on website builders for their online presence needs, hence why you are here. Especially for someone who does not have much experience in web development and design, with website building software for beginners, you can also appear like a pro. Tools like Novi and rest on this list are perfect examples of spectacular app that provides all the needed features. These are all included in the Novi bundle, from free layouts and drag-and-drop customization to loads of additional plugins.

There are three main plaYou can selectn select; Startup: Startup. The latt,er requires a one-time fee and you can then use Novi’s perks forever. However, all three are powerful enough to provide the perfect solution to realize your dream page without a hassle. In short, whether you are tech-savvy, you will make a page happen with Novi.

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20. Bookmark

bookmark beginner website builder

Bookmark is an innovative website building platform for beginners and pros. With its innovative approach, it only really takes you two minutes to complete your online presence. And it is AiDA, the artificial intelligence design assistant, does the major part of the work. Have you ever thought that AI would be involved in building pages? Bookmark takes things to a new degree, ensuring you get your online presence sorted out within minutes.

There are other features that Bookmark prides itself on, like SSL security, Amazon cloud hosting, drag and drop editing, video backgrounds, and Facebook reviews, to name a few. Also, while the majority of software only focus on providing top-notch services, Bookmark takes the extra step with giving back to its community in the form of online business courses.

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21. GoDaddy

godaddy beginner website builder

GoDaddy is a web hosting and domain registration behemoth. While GoDaddy will keep you online forever, it will also help you build your desired website. With its website builder, you can have your page up in under an hour. With the speedy process, beginners get to build a page for their project, online store or business without a hitch. GoDaddy guarantees that your page will be flexible, responsive, in tune with web browsers, and fast-loading.

After you create an account, the first step would be to choose a template that suits your purpose best. From then on, you can use it exactly as-is, or edit it to your taste. You can do that with GoDaddy if you want to sell on the web. There are no limits and boundaries when it comes to GoDaddy.

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