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Best Classifieds WordPress themes
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13 Best Classified Ad WordPress Themes 2023

A comprehensive collection of the best WordPress classifieds themes for a general classified ad, job board, automotive, and other directories.

Do you want to build a website like Craigslist, just prettier? Of course, you do, and you can make it quickly (effort-free) with any of the themes below.

Create an online hub that follows your rules and regulations without wasting time using 3rd-party platforms.

We quickly eliminated 20+ themes, which performed poorly, bringing you 13 with everything you need.

Now is the right time to create your classified ads directory and take things to the next level.

Best WordPress Classified Ads Themes

1. Classima

WordPress classifieds theme

If you’re looking for all-around, versatile WordPress classified ads and directory theme, Classima is your best bet.

No need to kick things off from scratch when you can enjoy the different layouts, elements, and components that Classima brings to the table.

Little work for killer results.

You need not know how to code and still succeed at building a page with Classima, thanks to Elementor drag-and-drop page builder.

Other goodies of Classima include advanced search, multiple ad types, reviews, ratings, unlimited custom fields, and several payment options.

Whether you want to create a niche or a general directory platform, you can do them using Classima.

More info / Download Demo

2. Classify

classifieds WordPress theme

Classify is a modern WordPress theme custom-built for classified ads websites. It uses the famous Redux Framework that makes customization child’s play.

Furthermore, its comprehensible theme options panel gives you absolute control over customization.

Classify has an easy-to-use front-end listing submission and allows you to create membership plans on your classified ads website.

Classify also includes Google Maps and Geolocation support to help your users instantly locate the address of a listed business.

This theme supports functional plugins such as WooCommerce, bbPress, WPML, etc. It is also compatible with all major web browsers and optimized for SEO.

More info / Download Demo

3. ClassiAds

ClassiAds - most popular WordPress Classified ads theme

ClassiAds is a full-blown classified ads WordPress theme that requires no experience. You can start working on your project like a champ with 20+ demos and tons of practical internal layouts.

In addition to that, you can also customize ClassiAds with the drag and drop technique (thanks, Elementor!).

Other features include monetization options, payment gateways, social logins, Slider Revolution, and complete RTL support.

With Google Maps integration, you can offer a street view, radius, and other types of on-map results/searches.

Create your classifieds platform with ClassiAds today.

More info / Download Demo

4. ListingPro

classifieds WordPress themes

ListingPro is a directory and searching WordPress theme with a robust yet stylish design.

It offers unlimited colors, custom pricing, and grid-style layouts.

Locate physical places using the Google Maps Integration feature easily. ListingPro lets you use special trades like testimonial entries and 1-on-1 user test in real-time.

Even FAQ pages are available for clients! ListingPro is Bootstrap-based and has a clean code that makes things run smoothly.

It has the most advanced search system you can think of, with filters and smart searchers. It even comes with review and rating sections for clients to give feedback.

ListingPro is an online modern searching website substituting the yellow pages.

More info / Download Demo

5. Adifier

Adifier is a WordPress classifieds directory theme with 14 banging demos that you can utilize.

Performing any customization tweak is simple with Adifier, thanks to its ease of use. It allows you to create a niche or generic platform for classified ads quickly and reliably with all the necessary elements and extensions.

With Adifier, you can charge users to post ads or make it free. Moreover, you can create different packages and create custom fields per category.

You can also utilize Google locations, chat messaging, reviews and advanced search. The options are close to unlimited with Adifier, so make sure you get the most out of it.

More info / Download Demo

6. UrbanGo

Starting your classified directory platform is easier than ever in this day and age.

For example, get your hands on the UrbanGo WordPress directory and listing theme; you already have most of the work done. There’s no need to start from scratch when you can save time with a theme.

You go with UrbanGo, add your personal touch, and you can be live and ready to spread the word out quickly.

Customizable lists, user dashboard, handy advanced search, Google Maps, login and registration forms, and a lot more are what you will gain access to once you enter the world of UrbanGo.

Keep things clean, modern and professional with UrbanGo and scale above and beyond.

More info / Download Demo

7. DWT Listing

DWT Listing is a powerful WordPress classified theme with 20+ spectacular demos. You can build a generic directory or go niche, like beauty salon, gadgets, pets, education and events.

Besides, if you have something entirely different in mind, you can do that, too! DWT Listing is easy to use, versatile, and customizable to build the exact platform.

DWT Listing is an all-in-one solution for creating any business directory. It offers intelligent search, promotions, ads filtering by location, and reviews and ratings.

Follow your flow, improve the layout and deliver something new to the masses that will benefit them greatly.

More info / Download Demo

8. Lisfinity

Lisfinity is a classifieds WordPress theme perfect for beginners but also great for professionals. It is a flexible and extendable tool for niche and general classified ads platforms.

Kick-start the process with the ready-made material, but don’t forget to alter Lisfinity to your wishes. You can make it happen without the coding work.

WooCommerce compatibility, premium profiles, micro earnings, promotions, multi-concept demos, and Lisfinity delivers it.

You can experience Lisfinity in action first-hand by visiting its live demo preview. You can even include Google Ads and add another income stream.

More info / Download Demo

9. Motodeal

Motodeal is an exclusive WordPress theme for the car industry, ideal for building dealer and classified websites. With a collection of 10+ home demos, 30+ internal pages and 200+ blocks, you have it all set and ready to go out of the box.

What’s more, with Elementor, Motodeal unlocks complete creative freedom.

Reviews, compare, finance calculator, menu styles, testimonials, headers, and footers, Motodeal misses nothing.

You will find everything necessary to start working on your project without building anything from scratch. Save time and energy with a powerful tool that creates an immediate difference.

More info / Download Demo

10. Brikk

Brikk is a WordPress theme for directories and listings. It does not matter what industry you would like to dive into, with Brikk, you can make it happen like a champ.

Even if you have no experience building websites, Brikk is here to help you realize it. You also get documentation and support, in case of additional assistance.

Brikk is also congruent with all popular devices and platforms like other tools on this list.

Your website will offer a top-notch experience to every user. Some specialties are notifications, chat, nearby listings, pricing plans, and customizable listing actions.

More info / Download Demo

11. Listeo

Building a directory website with Listeo is a piece of cake. Even if you are a first-timer and all this is new to you, with Listeo, you will witness the magic happen.

Listeo offers a codeless, drag and drop experience that will get you going. But first, go through all the pre-defined demos and pick the one that resonates with your project best.

You can use Listeo for renting, services and events and offer a smooth online booking experience. The built-in system ensures quick realization without doing any work yourself.

Listeo is compatible with different map providers, fully monetizable, and packed with superb treats. It rocks it all, so you do not need to seek another extension or whatnot.

More info / Download Demo

12. Cityo

With a collection of 5 stunning homepage designs, Cityo is a striking listing and directory WordPress theme for niche and generic online platforms. (You unlock creative freedom to fine-tune Cityo with Elementor.)

Cities, real estate, car rentals, events, yes, you can utilize Cityo for different projects. For the most part, you can employ Cityo immediately, only lightly edit it and stuff it with your custom content and details.

It also features advanced search, smooth animations, header and footer builder, Slider Revolution and RTL support. The design is optimized for speed and SEO, too.

More info / Download Demo

13. Jobify

jobify - simple job board listing site

Create a community of employers and prospective employees. Creating a job listing website has never been easier with Jobify — the easiest-to-use job board theme available today.

This theme features a fully functional front-end submission for employers to post vacancies. Also, this theme integrated secure payment gateways with different payment options for credit cards, PayPal, etc.

Additionally, this theme makes automating the entire payment and verification process easy.

Furthermore, you can maintain the quality of your website by placing submissions in moderation. This is especially welcome for free job boards.

Lastly, Jobify features advanced filtering options based on job location, skills, salary, etc.

You can find other awesome job board WordPress themes.

More info / Download Demo

I hope this article helped you to find the best-classified ad WordPress themes for your next project.

You have a theme. What’s next?

Not that you have a theme you should start building your website. You will need website hosting and free WordPress plugins that will go nicely with your theme.

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Frontend web developer and web designer specializing in WordPress theme development. After graduating with BA he self-taught frontend web development. Currently has over 10 years of experience in mainly CSS, HTML (TailwindCSS, Bootstrap), JavaScript(React, Vue, Angular), and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience, and simplicity.

This Post Has 121 Comments

  1. Still waiting for the “perfect” classifieds theme.

    1. Please, describe your perfect theme because there are many developers visiting this website and someone might be looking for new ideas for their themes. Feedback from users are always welcome and the more details you can provide the greater is your chance to finally get this theme.

      1. Peter Roberts says:

        The one’s listed are crap. Waste of time and money. Agreed with first post.

        1. Peter,

          Unfortunately, that’s all there is available. If you find some good classified themes that are not yet listed here, please let me know. I constantly update this theme collections once new themes becomes available but selection for classified themes are very limited.

  2. In my opinion the best classified ads theme would be if we would compile two themes which are Classifier theme design and functionality of Classiads theme.

    Those both themes are good but they lack something and putting them together would make the perfect classified ads theme for wordpress engine.

    p.s if its out there let me know

    1. Aivars,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Unfortunately, right now there is no such theme available or at least I am not aware of any. However, it wouldn’t be too difficult to take two themes and combine theme if you know some basic HTML and CSS. The main idea here would be to take theme with the best functionality and copy design from this other theme. If you are not developer yourself, you can always find someone from oDesk or that will do this for you. It shouldn’t cost you a fortune either, because it is a very simple task and could be done in a few days tops.

  3. Abdul Azad says:

    This is best classified website I have ever saw.

  4. Abdul,

    Unfortunately, I had to remove your website URL because your website was really that bad. I don’t know what platform you used and if you hired developer or designer to created it but you should definitely get rid of them and hire someone from oDesk, Freelancer or other websites. If you are serious about your classified website then you should consider to start over. Also, our website is not to promote your websites but we are here to showcase themes, so others can create their own websites with ease. If you ever release a theme, please let us know about it and we will add them on our website but blind promotions on our comment section is now allowed.

  5. The theme or plugin I would love to have is a business directory, that is clean looking on the front page with no huge ugly map sitting there. Just a search box, with the categories under it. people could push on the category and then the state pops up for them to choose then city with the businesses in their city area. Or just search their city and or zip in the search box above.
    If they see the business in their area they want to explore more, then when they push the business their information pops up with a small map to the side of their exact location.

    On the front page on top the join button and log in next to it. So tired of just seeing a log in button with no join button. Huge map on the front page is just so ugly looking and would love to throw a rotten banana in the persons face that started that crap on websites. The map should be an option button that leads to another page displaying the map function search.

    1. Len,

      My personal suggestions for you are Classify and DirectoryEngine. Yes, the second one does have Map in the front page but there is one thing you haven’t realized is that all features are completely optional and you can enable them or disable via Theme Options. Don’t like map? That’s fine. Just disable it or don’t enable it in the first place. Theme demos are created to showcase all functionality, so users see the maximum what you can get out of these themes. Want to use like 1% of it’s potential? That’s fine too.
      Login, join, signup or whatever buttons on the top can be easily renamed or replaced and you don’t have to even code anything to achieve that. Open Theme Options and make necessary changes there.
      Like I already mentioned, everything is optional and you are not obligated to use some of the theme functions if you don’t need them. Text can be renamed, buttons can be changed etc. You are not buying the exact website but you are buying a layout that you can tweak to get the results you were looking for.

  6. Hi,
    I am new to web design and web creation and have been toying with the idea of building my own site using a wordpress theme. I have been struggling with an idea and a concept for a long time and have been putting it off because it seemed either impossible or outside of my own capabilities. I may even be overthinking this and it has been staring me in the face all along.

    Finding these themes may well have changed that but I am not sure which, if any, of these themes has the functionality that I envisage or may need.

    I think I need a listings or directory type theme. Not sure. It must be able to showcase individual business listings for free and paid advertising. Those businesses will advertise by showing a thumbnail image and a brief description of their business.

    Ideally I would want this automated so that they can visit my site and register and upload their own image and description themselves through some pre-determined forms. This would then be moderated and authorised before going live.

    I would also need it to work based on geographic location and be a global site that I can monetise through ads. So if a visitor is searching for something in their home town in Alaska, USA and local business listing would appear relevant for their needs and an ad would also appear advertising relevant products. I would get paid if that visitor clicked that ad. The same scenario for someone in Sydney, Australia. If that all makes sense. I know the big corporations do this but can a simple man achieve this? Very new and awash with ideas that I don’t even know are even possible.

    Can this be done and if so is there a theme available that can do the above or is there one available that can be customised to do the above? If I can’t manage to do it myself, how much would it cost to get it done if a theme was available?


  7. Thanks Aigars. both themes suggested would seem to do the job with a little tweaking here and there.
    I seem to remember that DirectoryEngine integrates with PayPal but is it compatible with ecommerce plugins such as WP estore (I will be purchasing various products from Tip & Tricks …. delete this is you need to) and can I integrate an autoresponder such as AWeber? Or are these types of functions already built in somehow? Excuse my ignorance.


    1. Steve,

      None of above listed themes does support WP EStore or some other eCommerce plugins as they are for completely different thing but it wouldn’t be too difficult to integrate it as this plugin is flexible enough to work with most WordPress themes. Maybe some slight tweaking might be required such as dedicated template file but it is matter of copy/pasting the right thing from online tutorials.

  8. Hi!

    I am in the process of buidling my classifieds site with Classify theme and I must tell you I am deeply disappointed.

    First of all, it has absolutely terrible documentation. There was a lot of issues that I couldn’t solve myself, but I had to contact the support. Then they sent me new theme files because the ones I got from download site were not functioning. I still have trubles translating the theme. It is supposed to be fully translatable, but my translations are not working propperly (I updated .mo and .po files which where translated using Poeditor).

    Sometimes, some settings reset and I have to manually set them back up again, which is very frustrating and unreliable.

    Actually, I am considering filing a request for refound and looking for another theme. If you have any suggestions for new theme, your oppinion is much appreciated.


    1. Iva,

      I am sorry to hear about your experience.
      Classify is not tested by as many users as other themes out there therefore it might include some disappointing surprises that you need to report as the first one. While developers are working hard to work on their themes they still can’t test all aspects of their theme and first users are ones that have to deal with bugs and limited documentation but there things usually gets better over the time. I would recommend to leave a bad review on their ThemeForest page, so they can understand that they have made a mistake and they should work harder. Also try to include as much details as possible, so they can learn from their mistakes and improve their product in the future.

      Other themes that I can suggest for you are Classiads and ClassifiedEngine. The second one is around for a while and is tested by thousands of users therefore there shouldn’t be any surprises.

      Sorry again about your bad experience.

  9. hello 🙂

    Still Looking for the best classifieds theme 🙂

    I recently bought Classiads and I am not happy at all. Why? Whoever done the theme.. they have done it so you will ask for customizing.. where they will get more money..

    I would like to have the free user (pricing plan) when you just join the site you can click on free plan.. and then transfer you to success page and carry on posting the ad.. but there you have to add manually every and each user every time..

    So what about if 50.000 people will join my site.. should I add every and each one manually? Rubbish..

    1. Dragos,

      Sorry for late response. Just returned from vacation.

      I am not sure what you mean by this. This theme does include paid membership plans and they are assigned manually after purchase. You can also assign premium plan manually for users via WordPress dashboard.
      Also users can post free ads on your website and they can go live with or without moderation depending on your configuration.

      Could you please explain it in greater details, so I can try to help you with this.

  10. Rajendra Reddy says:

    Classipress and Classicraft are most used and powerful classified ads wordpress themes

    1. Rajendra,

      Yes, those are by far the most popular classified themes out there because they are around for ages with many updates along the way to keep up with the latest WordPress requirements and design principles. Both are great themes and can still compete against most newly released themes.

  11. In my opinion all classifieds themes are basically the same – just the layout and the colors are different.
    Everybody is making the same!

    How come nobody is thinking a bit different when making these themes?

    Here are some suggestions:

    We should be able to add dealers as users. Fx. a car dealer! All ads should clearly be marked so users know this is a dealer, not a private person selling. But all products would in general be mixed on the same site. Dealers could then pay a yearly fee to be able to post on the site – end in the end we could earn more money with our site.

    If we take it a step further, I could image that a dealer could have some kind of sub-site, branded with their logo and the user would only see products from that dealer! So a dealer would have his own kind of private market site!

    I just think that all developers think the same way when it comes to classifieds themes. I am still waiting for that great classifieds theme where they have been thinking out of the box!

    People still think it is enough if they create another layout on top of the same functionality!

    1. Jasper,

      I am theme developer myself, so I know a thing or two about how the themes are created. I am developing themes that will be suited for as many users as possible. These classified themes are based on popular classified website out there, so end users are going to be familiar with layout, function and other things. Basically it is not a good idea to reinvent a wheel because most people are looking for things that feels familiar to them.
      You have described a very specific use case and your website would be one of its kind, so how developers could make money from themes like these? There would be few buyers for this theme and since themes costs around $60 then how they are going to make any money? Specific themes like classified or directory themes takes months to design and develop. If someone would decide to release theme like this then I would really feel sorry for him because of wasted time with no reward. How would you feel to receive $60 (also exclude fees and taxes) for 3 months worth of work?

      Your best bet is to hire developers from oDesk, or other freelancer job boards that could create a custom built website with all the functionallity you have in mind.
      Sorry for being harsh but theme development is a business and developers are working on products that they will be able to sell but unfortunately your described one is very niche targeted. However, you can use any of these themes as platform and start developing from there. That way you will save a lot of time and money on development.

  12. Aigars,

    This is where I think you are wrong and I guess I will put you in same category as many other theme developers. “The neighbor just put out a classifieds theme. Let make a “copy” of that with different colors” (owned by eBay)

    Very fast 3 classifieds site that all have the same idea or similar to what I am asking. I am sure I could find more if I spend 10 min.
    I don´t think my request is that way out and I am pretty sure you or your colleagues will have to develop something like this in the near future if you want to keep on selling classifieds themes.

    And who says you can only charge $60 for a theme? If the theme is very good and offers great functionality, then I would have no problem paying more.

    What I am just saying is, it all looks the same from a functionality point of view. Everybody is making the same but with different colors.

    The fact that we are having this conversation, is the only reason why I will remember you when I look for themes. Not because you had something great and extra cool.

    I see the same in the Joomla world by the way.

    Don´t get me wrong, I am not here to piss you or anybody else off. I saw the thread while I was looking for a classifieds theme and just wanted to hear how other users look at this.

    1. Jesper,

      There are only few users willing to pay premium for themes. That’s why there are only few subscription based themes stores (subscription theme stores are usually for developers that uses dozens if not hundreds of themes a year for their clients, so very limited target audience) and there are even fewer WordPress themes sold as SaaS (Software as a Service) because people haven’t got used to paying for themes and this kind of business model so far have been proven to be viable for portfolio and restaurant websites because of number of websites out there. Still both of these businesses are nowhere near to be able compete with ThemeForest, WooThemes, ElegantThemes or other large players.

      I have reviewed thousands of themes and used hundreds of different themes and have seen many developers to fail by targeting specific niches. For example, I have seen developer trying to sell themes for $299 and those themes were great but now those themes retail for $59 because he was unable to sell a single copy. There are some very specific themes that still retail for very high price but those themes are sold as clones for some popular and fast growing services such as Pinterest, Fiverr, Groupon where back in the days. Not sure what is booming right now but definitely not classifieds.

      If you truly believe that your described classified theme is the next big thing then hire someone that could create a website for you and then sell it as theme. Nice business model right there as you will still need a someone who can create this kind of platform and you will make extra money from theme sales.
      Once this theme is live you can contact me and I will add this theme on this collection to provide you with some extra exposure.

  13. Dear Aigars,
    I have read all your conversations carefully and now I am more confused than before ;=)
    well, the thing is: I look “the best in functionality & design” directory / listing premium theme. I have studied all of them, which you have suggested. In each a little but for me important item is missing, whereelse another theme has it, but another thing not… sorry for my bad english, I am Austrian.

    So my closer selection is:
    – AIT directory
    – Atlas
    -Ultimate directory and
    – Glocal

    Atlas and AIT directory have the most buyers.

    Therefore my question:
    I need make markers by myself, because of the specific category. How can I implement them into a theme? which kind of file should I take (.pgn, .jpg…)
    – For the listing of a company, I need following item:
    company description, product portfolio (with direct link to their webshop), sale offers (with link) and contact formular (short one), which theme provide this (I guess none ;=(
    – payment. I want to offer different premium memberships, which are not free. So when somebody choose his package and filles out his profile, how does it work, that he has to pay upfront, before all details go online?
    – payment: I need paypal and bank transfer, do all selected offer this?

    Waiting on your answer, thanks in advance, best regards from Austria, suher

  14. 1. Markers depending on theme are created either using fonts (Font Awesome or other vector based font icons) or as images (doesn’t matter what image format do you use).
    2. From your description I think that you are after directory theme instead of classified theme. Here you can find other directory themes. I think theme like Listify would get the job done for you.
    3. Payments are available for most themes listed above and you can choose different listing types and set different pricing. No problems with that.
    4. For payments all themes accepts PayPal which means that you can pay either using PayPal itself or any credit card accepted by PayPal (signup is not necessary unless you want to). Wire transfer is not possible at all because you need a manual clarification when you receive funds. For international payments it can take 3-5 working days before wire transfer is cleared and that’s why this payment options is rarely used. If you are looking to create some local directory with local payment then you will have to work together with your bank to create automated payments but this is something no theme or WordPress in general is capable of.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  15. This is a great list and I found some templates that may work for me. But just in case you can suggest anything specific, or have others in mind, here’s what i’m looking for… I’m planning to rebuild an existing classifieds website that sells watercraft. It will be very similar to an automotive classifieds site (e.g., so it will need to support a lot of searchable/filterable custom attributes. Also, I’m going to want different sub-templates (and ad pricing packages) for private sellers vs. dealers vs. manufacturers. One feature I’m really having a hard time finding is one that will allow me to bulk enter/edit records from a database rather than only being able to enter ads via the UI. Thanks for your help.

    1. I think Listify theme has everything you are looking for. Of course some tweaking will be required but theme is flexible enough to get the job done for you.
      Since themes are built based on WordPress it has its import tool but of course you need to have specific format for your content to be able to import it. The most flexible theme when it comes to content import is Directory theme it has a dedicated section of their website that deals specially with data import. Also they have CSV import option available inside Theme Options which is something not many themes can be proud of.

      Let me know if this helps.

  16. Hi Aigars,
    I can’t make up my mind regarding the theme to use for my website. Maybe you could help?
    It will be free for users to post ads (second hand baby clothes, toys etc.), needs a very simple search – What are you looking for? (No location needed) and categories underneath. Also opportunity to place banners (to monetise) in the future.
    No big slider on the home page as some
    of the themes have got (not sure if it can be disabled?)
    I’ve been looking to all of them and they are quite the same.
    Would I also need a developer pack if I’d like to change fonts and colours?
    Thank you!!

  17. Tatyana,

    I think that you should check Classiads and FlatAds themes. All these themes are very flexible and offers plenty of functionality to create completely unique classified website with ease. Things such as map, image sliders and other fancy things can be left out (they are disable by default once you install any of these themes and you can enable them any time you want). Theme demos are created to showcase everything these themes are capable of and if you use them for plain listings with no fancy effects and functions that’s fine too.

    It is possible to change color scheme and fonts for all of my above mentioned themes and you won’t need to hire a developer to do this job. All these changes can be done via Theme Options by just clicking buttons.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Aigars,
      thanks a lot for your suggestion, now my search has been narrowed just by two: Classiads and Classifiedengine. I am more interested in ClassifiedEngine however I do like more how categories are presented in Classiads.
      Do you know if it’s possible to add a little thumbnail next to a category name as classiads does?
      But thanks a lot for the recommendation

  18. Tatyana,

    Unfortunately, there is no option for that via Theme Options but for a developer it wouldn’t be too difficult to add those thumbnails. Since you already mentioned that you are not familiar with coding then this option is not going to be the best fit for you unless you are willing to hire someone to do it for you. You can always find freelance developers on oDesk or and that’s not going to cost you a fortune if you hire somone from Asia or Eastern Europe.

  19. Hi Aigars

    I have red most of comments regarding the classified themes. From my opinion i agree with Jesper and Gragos. Still looking for a classified theme that does what it should or the “perfect” one. Some themes have some features, some don’t, some bad coding, some look bad, some lack functionality, some don’t offer good support, some want you to spend more and the list goes on.

    I keep an eye on the latest classified themes but still haven’t found a decent one, or at least till now as one has caught my eye It seems to have what is needed, looks good, but functionality wise seems “limping”. From what i have red on the comment section it has lots of issues and looks like the theme was released premature, but then again i would like to know your opinion on that.

    Btw i will favorite/bookmark your site as it offers lots of info which i like to read here and there.


    1. Eddie,

      Yor mentioned theme looks nice and very flexible and can be used for many niche classifieds and directory style websites. The thing that I absolutely hate about this theme is that it is dead slow. It packs way too much features under one roof to make it work as job board, directory, real estate listing, classifieds, car sales that it is now bloated and takes way too long to load. To make things even worse developers behind this theme doesn’t care about performance either and uses crappy server and haven’t done any optimization from their side such as caching, implemented CDN, improved DNS lookup time and done some other basic things. Layout breaks on iPad and probably on most other tablets as well. From that I can see that they don’t care about quality and I am afraid to look what is going behind the scenes for this theme.

      I can recommend this theme if you are looking for a well designed theme but if you know how to optimize WordPress performance and if you don’t mind paying for some decent hostings such as WPEngine, Kinsta or Pagely. Otherwise your website will look nice but no one will use it because it will be painfully slow. For more information about WordPress hosting and which one you should choose for your website you might want to read this guide.

  20. I am looking for developing a business directory listing factories – suppliers – manufactories listed by product categories. The platform should be build with bloc browsing product categories in order to find suppliers. Each supplier will have one page disptaching company profile and more information
    The layout should be one page friendly used like airbnb or all those new community platforms

    Thank you for your good suggestions

  21. Thanks for all your comments. I notice various people asking you questions and I thought I’d jump in and ask you one too as I feel like i’m going mad trying to choose the right directory. I hope you don’t mind me asking. I’m in the process of setting up a hyper local directory site for businesses. They will pay to advertise on the site but they will only be allowed to advertise if they have been approved by us (it’s to ensure we only have recommended businesses on the site not just anyone). I want the site to allow users to rate/comment. I’m grateful for your clearing up the issue of the big maps as we won’t need location as they will all be hyper local but the key is easy search, and also allowing customer feedback as well as star rating. Also to ensure as the admin I get the final approval before their advert goes live. Does this exist – what do you think I should look at? I keep looking at one then getting in a muddle! I so appreciate any time you have thank you so much

    1. Belinda,

      Sorry for late response.

      I think that the right theme for you is Listify. You can find out more about this theme here. It has all necessary functionality and features a nice design that your visitors will love.

  22. I should have said I’ve been looking at premium themes business directory which seems to tick the boxes but before I spend on it I’d love your opinion!

  23. Has anyone tried Vantage themes?

  24. Hello, Thanks for this article, it takes 3 days to check all the themes that you are mentioned above. But I’m still confused.! what I need is that business directory which allow the subscriber to add event or offer in through his profile and that offer linked to the homepage or appear with search function. it’s kind of like directory with classified which is related to the same categories.
    I hope that you can help me to find theme that meet my need ..
    Thanks again

    1. Ahmad,

      Unfortunately, there is no theme that comes close and you will have to spend some time coding your own custom solution.

  25. Hi Aigars, Thanks for the reviews. Very interesting reading them as well as the comments. I own a couple, one from App Themes and the other from Premium Press. I am wanting to use a classified theme for a Lost & Found Dog website. One of the issues is I have worked with both of the above and they do a decent job, but they want to charge for a listing and I would like to make it a totally free website for users. With that being said, do you have a favorite you would want to tell me about?



    1. Bill,

      Payment options for all above listed themes are optional and you can make all listings completely free if that’s what you are after. Theme demos usually showcase all theme functionality, so users can understand what these themes are capable of but you can always decided what functionality you want to use.

      Let me know if you need any further assistance.

  26. Aigars
    I have browsed through the ad sites you have listed above. Some seem to meet the criteria I’m looking for like Classipress and Classicraft. But I also see benefits in using platforms like Directory. Maybe you can provide some of your expert knowledge. I’m looking to design an ad website that will allow users to browse not only by category but also by city, state, zipcode, and event date. I am looking to have subscription packages for advertisers that range from free to fee based on Ad preferences. Ease of use like Craigslist but more robust and stylish. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Classipress, Classicraft and Directory themes are very similar and you can’t go wrong by choosing any of them. The only reason why I like Directory theme better is because it is built as framework which offers more flexibility via add-ons. There are several add-ons for Directory theme available and more are added regularly that allows to implement additional functionality that you probably don’t need now but might be required down the road.

      Otherwise all your 3 themes will get the job done for you and it comes down to your personal preference.

  27. Hi

    I would like to ask your opinion on deciding what classifieds theme or maybe just plugin to use(as i can do styling myself).
    The idea is a motorcycle magazine type of site with posts, videos etc..many different pages like forum,DIY page + a page for adds , but exclusively motorcycle related adds,no other categories just motorcycles and parts.

    I don’t know which way to go, WP with classifieds plugin (like AWCP), and my own styling, or to buy a classifieds theme?

    Thank for your time, Levi

    1. Levi,

      In your case I would definitely go with some plugin based solution because classifieds are going to be a tiny part of your website other other things are going to be more important. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend any good classifieds plugins as I have never used one. You will have to do your own research.
      Sorry for inconvenience.

  28. This is a full paradise for wp classifieds theme.Thanks

    1. Boki,

      Thank you for your feedback! This list is regularly updated to include the latest Classifies theme, so you can be sure that you will always find the best themes here.

  29. Ioana Caropopula says:

    None of those Classifieds is not good. If you dont know what are you doing is better to do something else.

    1. Ioana,

      It all comes down to your personal preference. So far we have helped thousands of people to select the right theme for their classifieds website. Of course there aren’t themes for everyone because this niche is very specific and selection is very limited but themes are much cheaper than coding your own custom website from scratch.

  30. Hello Aigars

    I am wanting to build a site that allows manufacturers in a specific market to post ads on products relevant to that market, with their contact info, any product certifications/brochure downloads and a list of their authorised distributors (which needs to be searchable).

    The site needs to be:

    * Scaleable to cater for 1000+ manufacturers initially with the capacity to upscale to 10,000+ manufacturers if necessary.
    * Responsive to cater for mobile devices
    * Fast (I have heard that some faceted filters code types respond more quickly than others)
    * Fully searchable
    * Allow set up of custom filters to help users drill down to product options containing specific attributes

    I appreciate the advice you have already given in this post and hope you don’t mind me asking for your suggestions in regard to the particular project I have in mind.

    1. Dan,

      Thank you for your question!

      It doesn’t sound that a standard WordPress theme is going to be a right for for you. Listing manufacturers wouldn’t be a big deal and you can add millions of theme. The question here is how you plan to list products and make them searchable? You can create more custom fields and one product by another but if you will have 10,000 manufactures with 100 products each it makes 1,000,000 products. It is not like WordPress can handle it but how you plan to managed it. Will you use XML, CSV or some other file import? Will you have a team that follows all products changes. Will manufactures have to do this on their own.

      It sounds more like you are trying to build a platform and in that case you need to have some automation. It can be some feed pulling from manufacturers or anything of that sort but none of the themes are capable of handling these task for you. Any of themes listed above can be used as base but you will have to invest much more in platform development.

      Let me know if I am missing something or this is exactly what you are looking for.

  31. HI!
    Very helpful info.
    I need to build a professional directory for attorneys and am leaning towards Listify.

    I like the look and reputation but want to make sure I can set it up to show provider photo address phone and stars etc.

    Like a provider directory different from a restaurant directory.

    Do you think Listify?

  32. Hi Aigars,

    Thank you for all this amazing info.

    Which one do you think would be the best for our company? We would like to provide to our customers around North America, a trading place for them to exchange info and sell/trade items in their specialized field of work.

    But we do want:

    – To have our own business website where we can still sell our services and merchandise.

    – That the classified ads engine would be accessible trough the top tabs on our home page for example.

    – And a classified ads template that allow space to sell publicity.

    Is there one service out there that combine those two types of website?

    Thank you in advance Aigars,


  33. john ochieng says:

    how long does it take to a download a theme once u’ve purchased it? anyone who has bought a theme from this site???

    1. John,

      You can download it right after you make a purchase. There is no manual verification process and you get an instant access to themes. Download speed depends on your network connection but usually themes aren’t large in size therefore download won’t take long.

      1. john ochieng says:

        thanks. will be buying a theme from your store very soon

  34. Hi Aigars,

    I am looking for a classified/directory/listings WordPress theme which has particular functions which I haven’t found in any of the themes I have looked at so far. I will describe the type of theme/website I am looking for and hopefully you could let me know if you know of such a theme or how I could get/make such a theme.

    People advertising on this website will own a shop at a physical location (e.g. a clothes shop). They should be able create an account and write a description about their shop and add contact details and a map reference. They should be able to pay per amount of time for a particular amount of ads (e.g. $5 to advertise 20 products over a 3 month period or $10 to advertise 50 products over a 3 month period etc.). They should be able to login to easily view and modify ads/products. When adding new ads/products they shouldn’t have to add their address or contact information, as this was already added when they created their account.

    People who view the site should be able to search by location, keyword and/or category (e.g. within 50km of Melbourne, T-shirts). When they click on an ad which interests them they should get taken to a page with details about that product and should also be able to see the description and contact details of the shop which is advertising that product.

    This is what I haven’t been able to find or work out how to achieve:

    Underneath what I have just described (the product which has been clicked on and the shop information) there is a variety of other products/ads from the same shop. There is also an option to search through these results (just results from this shop) by category and keywords. In effect, each shop has their own website where their products can be searched (by category and keyword) which is within this website for many shops.

    If you know of a theme which will achieve this goal, or know of how I could achieve this, could you please let me know?

    Many thanks in advance.


    1. Jeremy,

      Unfortunately, there are no WordPress themes ever released to match your criteria. I would recommend to use some of the above-listed themes as a framework and then build additional functionality on top of it. The best places where you can find freelance WordPress developers are Upwork, and

  35. Hi Aigars,

    I am looking for a classified WordPress theme which will suitable to build farmer’s products ad website (ads like fruits, vegitables, meat, eggs, sheeps, cows and so on….), with responsive to look awesome on desktop computer, mobiles or tablets and, plain and anderstandible in use for all category people (also for plain village people, especially from mobile phone).
    Wich will open and work in slow internet speed conditions.

    If you know of a theme which will achieve this goal, could you please let me know?

  36. What do you think about SiteMile’s WordPress Classified Ads Theme? İs it normal from general programing quality and functionality? Is it suitible for my purposes? I don’t want to have any surprises.

    1. Alisher,

      SiteMile’s theme is a great theme for functionality perspective but for me it feels outdated when it comes to design. This is just my personal opinions as others will highly appreciate its classic timeless design.

  37. Hi Aigars,
    Thanks for all the information.
    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.
    What I need for my website is for people to be able to sign up and post what they want to sell (pictures etc.),
    and I would also like it to have a filter for the posts based on parameters that are user dependent (both dependent on the buyer and the seller). In particular the appropriate filter should be applied automatically based on the logged in user’s information. I don’t mind if I have to manually tweak or code some things to make it this way but I just want to make sure that the theme I choose can support what I eventually want to do!
    Do you have any suggestion as to which theme to use? Thank you! And I appreciate the help.

  38. Hello Aigars,

    Appreciate your time& knowledge, looking for right theme for a listing / classified wordpress website. My requirements are simple but little unique, Let me know that will be close to my requirements.
    I need category , location & open search filter, products/ shops listed along with photos brief description about their services & special schemes they must have introduced to be highlighted in search results, i also need User Ratings based on pre-set parameters.I need to put a call button without displaying vendor numbers that will dial all numbers of the vendors so they dont miss the lead.Let me know if any theme is close by , also let me know if there arr addon plugins that will solve my problems,Theme need to be SEO/SMO friendly.Many Thanks in advance,

  39. Amit Banerjee says:

    Hi Aigars

    Again a utility listing you have presented for us . Thanks for sharing .

    “Classiads” is the best if the functionality is concerned .


  40. I would like a site where people can post things they want to trade. I would like them to be able to post their items in categories and look for items by location, value, expiration, and categories (gift certificates,bikes), etc. I would like something that has them do a simple math problem or copy the word they see to make sure they are human. Me being able to remove postings is something I would like as well. Being able to customize the filters would be nice. Users would need login info too. I would also want them to pay for their membership access on the website. At first it will be free and then after it builds, I would charge an annual fee. I don’t want a slow website, I want it to look professional but interesting, and I want it to be through WordPress. I want something that can handle traffic as it grows. I would want a logo displayed and a form to ask questions that will send to my e-mail. I would also like a FAQ page. And when they create a login, I want to be able to choose what info I need for their account such as their name, phone number, etc. What would be my best option?

    1. Unfortunately, there is no exact match for theme that you just described. The easies solution here would be to choose the theme you like from design perspective and then hire some freelance WordPress developer from oDesk or to add this extra functionality for you.

  41. Hello,
    I am looking to create a niche real estate listing portal as well as a niche automotive listing portal in my area as a business… looking for feedback on the best theme that would be suitable for both of these portals. looking for nice clean design, easy to use, easily monetized and good selection of payment gateways. Pretty overwhelmed with all the themes out there.

    Any info or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  42. Hi Aigers,

    I’m curious what theme you would recommend for a private classified site? I’m looking to create a no-frills classified site where only registered users can view listings or upload their own listings. Any opinions or suggestions would be great.


    1. Lisa,

      You can use any of above listed themes but you can combine it with some free plugin for membership management. Themes doesn’t have this kind of functionality by default but plugins are compatible with any theme and it is going to be an easy task to build private classifieds site.

  43. Hi…I am looking for a directory them for a small town or small city…to list all the retailers etc….would like to charge people when they list there ad…what do you recommend…i heard Vantage is a great directory theme….i need your input…Mike

    1. Mike,

      It really depends on what features you are after. My personal favorite is Classiads but it really depends on your personal preference and features that you need.

  44. Hello Aigars,

    I need a theme that allows sub-location filters like Country=> City=> Suburb, also i need form filling by visitors before they can get complete information they were looking for on the website, Customized rating, A small micro page for each paid businesses, SEO & Blog link friendly. looking forward to your genuine advice.

    Many Thanks.

    1. Classifieds theme is the right one for you and you can read more about it here.

  45. Joseph Galea says:


    Do you by any chance know of a classifieds plugin (either from the above or others) which will allow the user to select the date when the classified ad will be listed? For example the user still selects the ad package/membership etc and writes the listing, pays the amount and then selects the day the listing will be published (say for example 3 days from today)…As I am looking for a plugin which allows that option for a local website.

  46. Nasir Aziz says:

    Hi, Aigars, I need your expert opinion for my upcoming website, actually i want to create a lost and find website, where user will search for their lost items, and those who found some stuff will add it to listings, or user who lost some thing will also add it to listings.

    I am a web designer by myself so I can customize any type of design via html and css. So I need a theme which is most powerful functionality wise. I need a theme with following:

    1. Strongest search
    2. Ability to add custom fields in custom categories
    3. Easy to customize
    4. Lesser bugs and issues
    5. Bigger community and support.

  47. ankara diş says:

    ı am looking for a wp ads theme. ı just curious which one is simple and easy use? what is your advice?
    thanks a lot

      1. Yes but without characters limit (title and description). Anyone can write a book as a title and an encyclopedia for description. There is only one theme with characters limit (from Dolce Pixel) but with a high risk. Without any information for the authors, without an address, no telephone, no support forum, no version of the theme, no updates, no online support for buyers, no registration for buyers, no rating, no reviews. There is nothing. Just a page with the theme, demo and pay. Payment with PayPal but without seller protection (final sale). Compatibility with the latest version of wordpress? compatibility with wordpress plugins? updates? There is nothing. High risk of losing your money.

        1. Character limit could be easily done with plugins or with few lines of code because it is no rocket science. That certainly shouldn’t be the main deciding factor when choosing a new theme.

  48. Hi,so I had a similar question like a previous one in regards for plugging in and having different regions,cities and whatnot. If I read right the classifieds theme would achieve this without me having to hire a WordPress developer ? And would the format be similar to say Craigslist ?I am trying to achieve a flashier type of Craigslist in the county I’m in.If we could communicate via email that would be great.
    Much thanks, Todd

  49. One more question,is classifieds also set up to handle the mobile field as well?

  50. Hi Aigars,

    Can you tell me if any of these themes have the capability which allows sellers to set a distance in which they are prepared to travel to meet a buyer? I’m thinking a seller could search for a items within a distance of their location but this could also include items which the seller is willing to travel into that radius.

    So a buyer lives at location A and a seller lives at location B
    Location A is 50km from Location B

    The buyer searches for items with in 40km and thus normally the item would not show up in the search. However the seller has set his preferences so that he/she is happy to travel 15km from their location. Now they overlap.
    I hope this makes sense.

  51. Hi Aigars!

    Thank you for the phenomenal review! I wish to offer advertisers performance tracking, so they can see how many impressions and clicks their ads received. Do any of these themes provide that information?

    One other quick question – do these themes require buying other plugins to make their features work? I just read that Listify requires something like $450 in plugins to make it work like the demo. Now, I wonder about the others.



  52. I am looking for a site to post my own things for sale that will look at least as good as craigslist. I don’t really need much more than that. CL is now charging for dealer adds, so I want my own. I want it to be as easy to create a new posting as it is on CL. Everything else is gravy. Everything I find is to make a complete classified site, I want a single user version of that.

    1. DRL,

      Any themes can be configured in a way you would be the only one who could post ads. All theme demos are configured to showcase multi-user post submission but that’s completely optional and you can be the only one with this option as well.

  53. Jerome Dierickx says:

    Hi Aigars,
    Still looking into your list. I am looking for putting in place a cross-border classified ad website in Luxembourg and surrounding areas across the borders (Germany, France & Belgium) … maximum 60-70 kms into the countries (actually correspond to the x-bordering commuters to Luxembourg): around 2m people. I’m looking for a homepage with a map oriented search and with pre-defined ZIP codes (I want it to be limited to this area only). Other functionality: since we are in a multilingual area, I want all results from your search to be pulled and translated into your selected language eg. you’re looking for a dishwasher. If my personal ad says “lave-vaisselle”, it would be included in your search and also translated in English.
    Any insight?

    1. Jérôme,

      I would recommend you Classiads, FlatAds and DirectoryEngine. However, none of themes exactly match what you need and you will still need a professional help from a developer. But at least these themes will help you to get a foundation in place.

  54. Freddie Kariuki says:

    Does any one know where i can get a nice classified WordPress theme for at least $42?

    1. Freddie,

      Classified themes are generally more expensive than regular ones because they offers advanced functionality and it requires a lot of work to develop and maintain.

      1. yes you are absolutely right.

  55. Edsel Theodore says:


    I am looking high and low for a theme that offers multi-option added features. For example, pay $10 to feature your ad for 1 day, $30 for 3, $100 for 10, etc. All I see is pay set price for one set duration, can’t change the duration.

    There are also the typical things I need which are the “post ad” button at the very top and very visible, simple design and easy to read and email notifications integrated.

    Any ideas?


    1. Edsel,

      Most of your mentioned things comes as standard for all themes or can be easily implemented using free WordPress plugins.

  56. Hello Aigars,
    I am so grateful for the extensive amount of work you have done. Your Well on the way to greater branding and exposure that’s for sure. What I don’t understand is why you don’t say more about Classipress. Im considering buying it but can’t say what for but want something similar to Craigslist but more geared toward allowing users to sell discount items. My question is If classipress has been around the longest can you not further expound on it not from a perspective that it can keep up With the newest innovative themes out there but shouldn’t it be the best With the most functionality by now? If not can you elaborate and or expound on where Classipress stands among the crowd in 2017? Especially since you started this comparative analysis in 2015. Thanks and incredible job.

    1. Bill,

      It is a outdated WordPress theme but so is Craigslist. If you want to achieve similar functionality with a clean timeless design Classipress might be the right theme for you. Personally, I hate Craigslist but there aren’t any better alternatives.

  57. Very thorough page, but I’m overwhelmed… here is what I really need… Can you suggest 1 or at most 2 themes that will do the following?

    I’m looking for a WP classified theme that will allow me to do 3 primary things:

    1) have a home page (or any page) that does NOT show any classified ads (especially pricing) unless the visitor is a paid member

    2) enable paid members to post classified ads

    3) create a custom form (with fields I want them to complete) to enter classified ads

    1. Alan,

      This can be achieved by using any of above listed themes. Landing page can be set to any page you like. Registration can be easily enabled and paid membership as well. No problems there whatsoever with any of the themes.

  58. Hi,

    I want to create a directory for moving companies. I am looking for a theme that allows me to have two types of login: service providers, and users looking for a moving service. And I want it to allow services to have “From” and “To” and every details that comes with that. For example: Search by destination or ed, Calculate price by length of path, or Calculate whether a path is inside the radius each company is willing to go. What do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Par,

      Unfortunately, there aren’t any that specific themes out there. You are looking to build a unique service and a basic themes won’t work for you. Of course, you can use one as a framework and then build a functionality on top of that but you won’t find a theme that does what you want without doing any coding.
      If you are not a developer yourself you can find skilled ones on Upwork.

  59. anjalianu says:

    Still i am looking for classified WordPress themes. I think I have finally found the one.

  60. Denial Ben says:

    I was reading this article and comments below. Mr. Aigars mentioned many times about Classiads but what i seen you haven’t listed in this article, I searched about this theme and what I found Classiads – Classified Ads WordPress Theme is the top selling item in classified category on themeforest. They launched their new huge update Classiads v4.3 along with several features like page builder and payment gateways. They have put some 35% off as special discount. Mr. Aigars please Can you let me know if still worth to create my classified website with Classiads?

    1. Daniel,

      Classiads was removed because there were no updates for years. Good that they have released a new version but I wouldn’t trust them with updates too much because the last one took years to make. Maybe it is a good one but it is still a risky bet.

  61. these are really fabulous themes.I like the simplicity of classicraft theme.Where to find classicraft theme free download.

  62. immanuvel says:

    Hi, your blog post is simply awesome man, i am also having both WordPress and Joomla templates & plugins, Extensions.

  63. Nice list but a lot of info ti sift through. Aigars, you seem to have a good handle on the classifieds theme features. Is there one that ticks all these boxes?

    1) Allows users to upload products for sale/prices/images etc.
    2) buyers can purchase these products
    3) sellers and buys can rate each other (optional)
    4) the site admin gets % of sale, and possible a listing fee for premium ads


  64. Very interesting article as I am looking to build a simple website where people can buy and sell unwanted used items.

    1. Users create an account
    2. Sellers pay to list per item via paypal (i.e £5), create their ad.
    3. Buyer contacts via message button on page
    4. Deal is agreed privately between seller and buyer.

    So fairly simple, but I have tried a Classiads and it was pretty awful to use. Their demos are full of display bugs, responsive versions are messy and even to set up the header was a struggle. It just seems very un-user friendly, I’m amazed it sells so well with generally positive reviews. I guess some people aren’t as fussy about aesthetics, but i’m professional designer so for me it’s a very important part of choosing a theme.

    Most of the other Classified themes look even worse, most of them haven’t sold that many copies and reviews aren’t great.

    My other option is to take a look at ListingsPro and have it customised as that does look very slick design wise.

    Appreciate any advice you may have? Thanks

    1. Darren,

      I think you should be looking for a developer instead of trying to buy every single WordPress theme out there. Of course my job is to sell themes but I don’t think in your case it will work. Themes are all about design and little about functionality and you are looking for things that no theme offers. Just use some theme that you have already purchased as a core and hire a developer to do the rest. The best place to look for freelancers is Upwork.

      1. Thanks for the advice, I think hiring a dev is the best option. Never worked with a developer before so unsure what’s involved in customisation. Can these guys generally do anything you need within in reason?

        1. Darren,

          It depends what features you are looking for but everything is possible when it comes to development. It just comes all down to time spend on it and what is your budget. Great thing about Upwork is that you can create a project and get quotes for time and price, so you know upfront what you are dealing with.

  65. Hey! Aigars you have a great collection of Themes.
    it can helps anyone to select and start building their own website. but i have a question why classified themes collections is too short?
    there are many other excellent and most demanding classified wp themes that i have seen over internet. another one top rated theme “Adforest” that one of my friend is used for classified business. i just explore theme with outstanding ad posting features, even they guys also offers their own classifieds android app. i’m pretty sure you will also b surprise to see their work. you can consider it in your collection for more better feedback.
    Good luck

  66. Moataz Radwan says:

    I’m looking for theme to be mix betwwen (Directory & Classified).
    my website need to be :
    1-Company profile ( address, location , and main business ect.)
    2- Job offer and opportunity
    3-Job resume.
    4- Buy and sell spare parts.
    which theme can includes this different categories?
    with membership and payment

  67. How about classiera and adforest? Please take a look at that theme and give me or us your thoughts on them. Thanks

    1. Using classiera and had several problems with their code, plus not mobile optimized.. i am really depressed. although the support team is good but every now and then i have issues

  68. I have a question:

    If a buy and instal (for example: ClassifiedEngine) on my wordpress website, do I need to install others complements or plugins to turn my website in a complete Classified website? Or this theme makes it for me?

    What else do I need to do to develope entirely my website?

    1. Carlos,

      It depends what you want to make our of it. Basic setup doesn’t require any plugins but there are several extensions that you might want to use that needs to be installed separately. Just research their website to see what extensions they have in offer and if you need any of them. But a functional site can be created without them and those are just extras for extended functionality.

      1. Dear Aigars,
        I have been looking for a WordPress Classified Ads theme for years. Your engagement with potential customers is a first for me. Gosh, everyone owes you a BIG thank you for this. But I have to say, once you buy a theme, there are so many things you find out, that stop you from using it. One of the most disturbing observations has been to see that theme companies sometimes don’t create the themes themselves. They have another company do it. And they just sell it. So when you interact with them, they can’t help really help you, apart from basic things. Second, most classified themes use Woocommerce, a really heavy plugin. People do not sell on Classified sites. They do that on a multi vendor marketplace site. On Classified sites, they place ads, and if you want to buy, you do so privately. So to add a WC plugin just to collect a small payment, shows how little thought they have put into the creation of the theme. I have to echo the sentiments of others who said earlier that all the themes out there are currently not up to standard. Very sad. I have been waiting years…

        1. Anita,

          Thank you for your feedback!

          I see no reason why you have waited years for a theme. Instead of waiting so much time hiring a developer would have made so much more sense. Waiting for the right product might meaning waiting for forever because the best product for you doesn’t mean that there is a demand for it.

          Theme marketplaces such as ThemeForest doesn’t built their own themes but anyone can submit their own products and you for each listing you will see who is the original author. ThemeForest/Envato is just a marketplace, just like Google is just a search engine and content comes from elsewhere.

          None of the theme developers will ever offer free customization. They are there to answer questions about theme setup and very light customization such as font/color change. Other customizations are never part of free support policy and rightfully so.

          Listings themselves are never powered by WooCommerce unless you choose marketplace style that involves direct checkout. Most themes however, does support WooCommerce in case you need it but it is purely optional and only in case you need it. Even if you need it you can make a WooCommerce site load fast. For example, you can Check Colorlib, we have bbPress, WooCommerce and countless posts, millions of visitors every month and it still loads fast. Hosting makes a major difference regardless if you do or don’t use WooCommerce.

  69. genhoffice says:

    Just be aware that AdForest theme, not listed here, is nothing more than money and time wasting theme. They don’t offer documentation, it is complicated to set up, and it does not have most of the featured a classifieds website needs to have.

  70. Hi Aigars,

    Thanks for all the information.

    Can you suggest WP themes with search/filter options similar to the following:

    1) In the VEHICLE section to have search option: mileage, type of car (SUV, sedan etc.). color, price, date of production, type of engine (diesel, petrol, electric etc.), gearbox etc.

    2) In the REAL ESTATE section to have search option: property type (house, apartment, land etc.), living area, number of rooms, price etc.

    3) In the COMPUTER SECTION to have search option: ram memory, hdd capacity, laptop/decktop etc.

    It will be also useful if similar search option could be applicable for other categories.

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. There are themes that do each of these tasks separately but no all of them together. There is very little demand for this kind of themes/plugins that’s why developers haven’t and likely will never cover it.
      Your best option would be to take some theme as a core and build from there.

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