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10 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins 2023

Our collection of the best WordPress advertising plugins will help you easily monetize your website.

Monetizing your website can be a struggle, but a tool can make your first banner live quickly.

You may already be selling links, blog posts, and paid reviews, but why not offer even more options to your potential advertisers?

A plugin also gives you control over count clicks and impressions, let banners be live for a certain period, or appear only on specific posts/pages. Also, view statistics and learn how well the ads perform.

Along with adding banners manually, you can use other services like AdSense.

You can quickly build a fantastic marketing strategy for your website with a plugin. Place optimized ads on your page where they will be the most lucrative.

That is when the real success of your WordPress blog might start. Begin working directly with businesses, avoiding 3rd-party ad platforms. Stop paying fees and earning cents for clicks.

You can do much better than that!

This post covers:

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

  • AdSanity: Create a custom ad server that supports self-hosted and network ads.
  • Ads Pro Plugin: An affordable, multipurpose advertising manager for every WP website.
  • AdRotate: Run custom or network ads for free (no learning curve necessary).
  • Ad Inserter: Adds more control over how you want to run your ads.
  • Advanced Ads: Anyone who needs the ability to publish as many custom-made ads as possible.
  • Wp-Insert: An exclusive Google AdSense solution (but also works with other platforms).
  • Ads by WPQuads: Keep AdSense or other ads running smoothly on small and large websites.
  • Meks Easy Ads Widget: The best option if you’re focusing on adding ads to widget areas.
  • Google Ad Manager: Ideal advertising platform for larger websites and publishers.

Why Use WordPress Advertising Plugins

You go with an advertising plugin if you want to save time and don’t have experience with coding and performing advanced work.

But the benefits are so much greater!

Easy integration

One of the best benefits of using an ad managing plugin is the ease of integration. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can make it happen.

It doesn’t matter.

A plugin unlocks doors to endless options and possibilities that were closed just seconds ago.

Place ads on your or your client’s site quickly and start with the monetization process like a champ.

Configurations and management

Imagine how long it’d take you to schedule ads and set automatic disabling through code. And the majority of users won’t even be able to do it.

The WordPress advertising plugin has endless configuration options that are available to everyone.

Setting the size, the style, and the timing are just a few of the goodies.

You can also track the performance that’ll allow you to perform customizations, so you get even more out of your ads.

The plugin’s interface gives you the complete overview necessary for successful website monetization.

This leads us to:


Everyone can use a WP ad management plugin. There’s little to no learning curve because the setup process is self-explanatory.

That’s why we also included plugins that are great for newbies and pros. You can start immediately and have your first ad running within seconds.

It is that quick!

Key Features Of WordPress Advertising Plugins

Compatibility with ad platforms

While you can add ads manually with a plugin, there are a lot of users who rely on advertising platforms.

That’s why a plugin needs to be compatible with at least the biggest ones (read AdSense and Amazon).

You usually connect your website with these plugins via a unique code/tag, but the connection is even more effortless if the platform has its plugin.

Statistics and reports

How do you know how well your ads perform? Through statistics and reports.

If you work with one, the stats will be in your ad platform/network profile. But even in this case, having access to reports in your WordPress admin is very handy.

On the other hand, when you run and add ads manually, click-through rates, impressions and other useful data will be extra handy.

Fortunately, all this info will appear in the plugin’s dashboard, where you can study your ad performance in great detail.

Note: Premium ones have much more data you can use for optimization and scaling.

Ad styles

Not everyone is a fan of the traditional 300 x 250px banner ad. And here’s when WordPress advertising plugins come into play.

They cover every website and every webmaster’s need with various ad styles and sizes.

You can even go with floating ads or add a corner ad that reveals itself as if you’d be pealing a sticker from your screen.


I think I should add this feature first because it’s one of the most important. Your banner ads (or any other ads) must be 100% mobile-friendly.

You’re in trouble if they aren’t.

But you won’t be because you’ll use a plugin, which takes care of responsiveness by default.

Ad scheduling and automatic disabling

It’s really handy that an advertising plugin offers the function of scheduling and auto-disabling (especially if you’re working with many advertisers).

This saves you a lot of time because you literally set it and forget it. Keep things organized and never stress with ad’s start and end times.

10 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins

1. AdSanity

adsanity wordpress advertising plugin

AdSanity doesn’t care what your monetization plans are, it will help you realize them. It’s an all-in-one advertising solution for WordPress that fits self-hosted and network ads.

AdSanity keeps your ads rotating, so you focus on creating more and better content for your audience.

It’s a lightweight plugin that won’t slow down your website. It’s also very easy to set it up according to your needs, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

But there are also multiple actions and filters for the developers who want to take things to the next level.

AdSanity is for everyone.

Some other goodies of this resourceful plugin are grouping ads by category, displaying ads in widget areas and using custom CSS to style your ads however you want.

Key features:

  • Custom ad sizes
  • Image cache booster for all ads
  • Ad reporting and Google Analytics tracking
  • As block detection
  • Disable an ad after a custom impressions count
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Place ads via shortcodes, tags, or widgets

Advantages of AdSanity:

  • Sell advertising space locally
  • Choose to work with an ad network
  • Combine self-hosted and network ads
  • Displaying ads takes less than a minute
  • Doesn’t bloat your website (and make it slower)

Disadvantages of AdSanity:

  • No free version.

Best WordPress advertising plugin for:

Creating custom ad server (self-hosted & network ads) for any WordPress website.


  • Basic ($59/year): Core plugin, updates, basic add-ons, license for one public domain
  • Pro ($179/year): Core plugin, pro add-ons, unlimited licensing, support
  • Lifetime ($499/life): Core plugin, pro add-ons, unlimited licensing, one payment for life
More info / Download

2. Ads Pro Plugin

ads pro plugin for wordpress

Ads Pro Plugin is another solution for running ads on your WordPress website. It has all the features you need to manage advertisements however you want.

And you’ll master ad management even if you’ve just decided to monetize your site (and you’ve never done it before).

Ads Pro Plugin has over twenty ways of displaying ads: single ads, slider ads, popup ads, video ads and background ads, to name a few.

It also includes 25+ ad templates, covering Facebook, link, flat, material, and other designs. Plus, you can adjust ads and placements to your needs.

What we also like is the included front-end order form for selling ads. Advertisers can place an order immediately without needing to contact you first.

And that’s just a small section of Ads Pro Plugin’s amazingness. More below.

Key features:

  • 9,000+ happy users
  • Geo-targeting
  • A/B testing
  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Front-end order form for advertisers
  • Complete ad statistics
  • Easy WooCommerce integration
  • Included AdBlock detector
  • Capping (custom ad display per user)
  • Optimized images for better performance
  • Works for RTL-speaking countries

Advantages of Ads Pro Plugin:

  • Matched and user-friendly ads
  • Regular updates (+ new features) so your ads will run smoothly for years to come
  • Manage ads easily from one location (back-end manager is epic!)
  • Option to display ads in 20+ ways
  • Save time with any of the available 25+ templates (or create your custom)

Disadvantages of Ads Pro Plugin:

  • No free version (but you can check the live demo)

Best WordPress advertising plugin for:

Everyone who needs an affordable WordPress ad manager (one-time payment) with 100s of features.


  • Regular License ($57): For one client, order form, single end product
  • Extended License ($199): For one client, order form, single end product that users can be charged for
More info / Download

3. Setupad WP Ads

setupad free wordpress advertising plugin

Looking to elevate your ad game? Setupad WP Ads is the magic wand you’ve been waiting for.

This WordPress plugin lets you effortlessly manage your ads with cool features like flexible ad placements and device targeting.

Insert ads or images in an instant – whether it’s before posts, between paragraphs, or even in the comments section – Setupad WP Ads support it all and then some.

You can even choose which devices see your ads, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile.

But wait, there’s more!

Enhance user experience with lazy-load ads that speed up your site, manage your approved ad sellers with a handy ads.txt management feature, and dig into those all-important metrics with easy tracking & analytics.

Plus, align and customize ad spots to make them look just the way you want. So why not take control of your ad management today? Boost your revenue and delight your visitors with Setupad WP Ads.

Key features:

  • Supports various types of ads
  • Add custom CSS
  • Add a related post section
  • Header and footer scripts
  • Ad alignment and customization
  • Ads.txt management

Advantages of Setupad:

  • Flexible advertisement placements
  • Easy device targeting
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • Less website bloat with lazy-load function
  • User-friendliness

Disadvantages of Setupad:

  • Potential for overuse due to too many ad placement options (don’t overdo it)

Best WordPress advertising plugin for:

Setupad WP Ads is for website owners and bloggers who want to manage and optimize their ad placements effortlessly, maximizing revenue and enhancing user experience.


  • Free to download and activate from the WordPress repository
More info / Download

4. AdRotate Banner Manager

adrotate banner manager for wordpress

AdRotate Banner Manager will place ads on your website anywhere you want. It is a very straightforward plugin, making it easy for the admin to manage numerous banners and groups.

It shows statistics, allows you to schedule banners, and set when they should stop showing.

While you can use your banners, AdRotate Banner Manager also supports ad servers, like AdSense, JuiceAds, and This also means you can have a mix of self-served and 3rd-party ads spread around different sections on your page.

Regarding statistics, AdRotate Banner Manager shows impressions and clicks for you to determine the winners and losers. You can scan groups and leave only the most successful ones running.

Even if you don’t have many technical skills, if you know how to use WordPress admin, you will surely know how to use AdRotate Banner Manager.

Look around, get the gist of it, and start running banners in no time.

AdRotate supports all ad sizes and is compatible with plugins, such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and Yoast SEO, to name a few.

Key features:

  • Regular plugin updates
  • Compatible with self-hosted and 3rd-party ads
  • Groups to manage ads easier
  • Disable ads automatically
  • Geo-targeting (it’s also easy to translate AdRotate)
  • It allows advertisers to add and configure their ads

Advantages of AdRotate:

  • The setup and use are effortless
  • While it’s basic, it takes care of running banners like a pro
  • It’s lightweight, ensuring your website continues to run smoothly
  • Extremely reliable (even after years of using it!)

Disadvantages of AdRotate:

  • Statistics could be better

Best WordPress advertising plugin for:

Small- to medium-sized websites that want to run their own and network-based ads. (Our favorite free WP plugin for running advertisements.)


  • Free to download and activate from the WordPress repository (limited features but enough to get you going strong!)
  • 1-site license (39€): Easy and quick advertising
  • 2-site license (49€): Monetize your WordPress website
  • 5-site license (99€): Added checkout for customers/advertisers
  • Professional developer license (199€): Endless setup and configuration options
More info / Download

5. Ad Inserter — WordPress Ads Management

ad inserter wordpress advertising plugin

You have a lot of freedom to monetize your website with Ad Inserter. You can include all kinds of ads from AdSense and Amazon Native Shopping Ads to rotate banners and more.

It can be JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, and any other advertising code, and Ad Inserter will realize it for you. Locate where you would like the banner to appear, and the plugin will display it at that exact spot.

You can insert ads before or after your site’s content, before or after comments, and even in between comments.

Adding one after the excerpt, before the post, or randomly inside the article is possible. However, you can do it manually with a shortcode or a widget.

Ad Inserter detects adblocking software and whether users browse on a desktop or a mobile.

Like other WordPress advertising plugins, read the installation and quick start documentation first for flawless integration. (But it’s so easy to use I doubt you’ll need it.)

Follow the steps, and before you know it, the first ads are already on your page.

Key features:

  • Disable ads on individual posts and pages
  • Google Analytics support
  • AdSense code generator
  • Custom code insertion for AMP
  • Custom ad labels
  • Black- and white-listing IP addresses
  • Sticky ad bar
  • Parallax ads

Advantages of Ad Inserter:

  • You can create multiple ad blocks
  • Practical A/B testing to find best performing ads
  • Create different-style ads effortlessly
  • Can use various ad placements (insert them anywhere you want!)

Disadvantages of Ad Inserter:

  • Configuration may not be the most user-friendly (but you’ll quickly get used to it)

Best WordPress advertising plugin for:

A webmaster who needs to manage and display ads but needs deeper control.


  • Free: Limited features (still very flexible)
  • Personal (20€): 2 sites, click detection
  • Freelancer (30€): 5 sites, impression and click limits, click fraud protection
  • Business (50€): 25 sites, use on client sites, parallax ads
  • Corporate (100€): 100 sites, geo-location, reCAPTCHA score check
More info / Download

6. Advanced Ads

advanced ads wordpress advertising plugin

If you wish to add adverts to your website, Advanced Ads is the WordPress advertising plugin that will do just that. It is both simple and powerful.

Advanced Ads lets you have as many banners on your website as possible. It is compatible with all ad sizes and networks, ensuring quick integration.

Advanced Ads will cover you even if your website is big and generates tons of traffic.

You can rotate ads, schedule and set when they expire, and display banners by content with Advanced Ads. And you do not have to do any coding; Advanced Ads does the magic for you.

You can also sell ads on your website, but the Selling Ads add-on is free. Additionally, you can display and hide ads by device, stick responsive banners to your website, and fight against adblockers.

Reminder: You may also be interested in checking our best adblocker-preventing plugins.

Key features:

  • Activate it for free on a test site (including Pro)
  • Great tracking and stats
  • Integrates with Google Ad Manager
  • 100% mobile-ready ads
  • Easy to sell advertisements
  • Adblock detection
  • Multiple ad injections and placements
  • Display and hide ads on different devices

Advantages of Advanced Ads:

  • Multiple ad placements
  • You can start for free (to get used to it – see disadvantages)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Disadvantages of Advanced Ads:

  • Not the easiest-to-use plugins (but you’ll get the gist of it fast)

Best WordPress advertising plugin for:

Small and large publishers that need unlimited ads (with many customization options).


  • Free: Ad management, different ad types, display conditions
  • Pro (49€/year): 1 site, small businesses and bloggers, 1-year support
  • All Access Single (89€/year): 1 site, professional publishers, tracking, geo-targeting, ad slider
  • All Access Multiple (129€/year): 2-5 sites, large publishers, Google Ad Manager integration, selling ads
More info / Download

7. Wp-Insert

wp insert wordpress advertising plugin

Looking deeper into the Wp-Insert plugin, it will feel like you downloaded and installed a premium tool.

It is free, but its features go above and beyond the expectations for a free plugin. Wp-Insert can do way more than insert different adverts into your website.

Wp-Insert is an AdSense-optimized plugin, but that is only the start of what it can do for you.

You can insert banners on your page or inside a blog post. Wp-Insert also allows you to effortlessly add banners in the middle of a page or post. As for the sidebar, drag and drop the widget, but for all other locations, use the shortcode.

You can hide adverts for logged-in users and mobile browsers, restrict their appearance and show them just on particular pages.

You can make Wp-Insert work with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, custom CSS, or other codes. What is also important to know is that Wp-Insert does not slow down your page load speed.

Start inserting banner ads into your page, and see the revenue go uphill.

Key features:

  • Unlimited ad blocks
  • Custom ad injection
  • Adding ads using shortcodes and widgets
  • AMP support
  • A/B ad testing
  • Country-specific ad targeting
  • Daily ad monitoring (ads.txt)

Advantages of Wp-Insert:

  • You can do more than add ads to your website (including tracking codes, legal notices, etc.)
  • Works with various ad networks for your convenience
  • Option to insert ad code into your WordPress theme

Disadvantages of Wp-Insert:

  • Can be a bit overwhelming.

Best WordPress advertising plugin for:

Running ads on your website with great optimization for Google AdSense and other ad networks.


Free to download from the WordPress repository.

More info / Download

8. Ads by WPQuads

ads by wpquads wordpress advertising plugin

If you are searching for a quick AdSense fix, you came to the right place.

Ads by WPQuads is a (free) WordPress advertising plugin that will save you time and energy. You can import AdSense ads to your website easily and quickly and start banking.

Remember that this plugin also supports any code and is not strictly limited to AdSense. In other words, yes, you can also add other advertisements to your blog or site.

There are also plenty of features that you can profit from.

For instance, you can limit the visibility per user role, post type, or even device. You can also exclusively specify where you would like ads to display or let Ads by WPQuads randomly add the advertisement anywhere within the post.

You have plenty of options to turn your page into a money machine (with no coding necessary!).

Key features:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support
  • Custom “Advertisement” notification above/below the ad
  • Supports caching plugins
  • 12 ad positions
  • Custom images and HTML codes
  • Lazy loading
  • Multilingual support (WPML compatible)

Advantages of WPQuads:

  • You can include as many advertisements as you want
  • Create custom conditions specific to your audience
  • WPQuads’ support is amazing

Disadvantages of WPQuads:

  • Pro plans are pretty expensive
  • Too many features and functions can be a downside for beginners (but stick to it, you’ll master it!)

Best WordPress advertising plugin for:

Quick Google AdSense integration into any blog or website, regardless of the size. (But also supports other ads).


  • Free: Unlimited ads, AMP support, 8+ ad vendors, custom targeting
  • Personal ($89/year): 1 site, multi-device ads, responsive ads
  • Business ($139/year): 5 sites, multi-device ads, caching
  • Pro ($199/year): Unlimited sites, multi-device ads, ad blocker detection
  • Ultimate ($449/year): Unlimited sites, multi-device ads, lifetime updates and support
More info / Download

9. Meks Easy Ads Widget

meks easy ads widget

If a plugin has the word “easy” in its name and the downloads are in tens of thousands, it must be simple and easy to use.

Not only that, it probably meets many webmasters’ needs and generates great results for them. That is exactly what Meks Easy Ads Widget is all about.

Fairly basic but still with enough features to have your banner ads sorted and organized on your website.

Aside from Meks Easy Ads Widget being a widget you can drag and drop to different locations on your website, it also performs other tricks.

To begin with, you can create an unlimited number of ads inside one widget. But (!), even if you can place numerous banners on your website with a plugin, that does not mean you should do it.

Place only a few or maybe even one, and see how it does. Only then, add the second and the third one.

Meks Easy Ads Widget comes with predefined ad sizes but feel free to use custom measurements. This free WordPress advertising plugin supports image- and script-based ads and randomized ad ordering.

Although it is very elementary, you still get many options.

Key features:

  • Predefined ad sizes (or use custom dimensions)
  • Random ads ordering
  • Image and script-based advertisements
  • Auto-rotate ads
  • Limit ad display per view/page load

Advantages of Meks Easy Ads Widget:

  • Making unlimited ads in the WordPress widget area

Disadvantages of Meks Easy Ads Widget:

  • Limited only to widget area (but that’s the whole point of Meks Easy Ads Widget by default)

Best WordPress advertising plugin for:

Injecting advertisements into your blog or website widget areas.


A free plugin that supports any WordPress theme.

More info / Download

10. Google Ad Manager

google ad manager for wordpress

Google Ad Manager is a complete advertising platform that simplifies how you run your website ads.

It’s user-experience-oriented, constantly thinking about which ads to display to your audience.

That’s what you get with Google AdSense, but Google Ad Manager combines a lot more to make publisher’s life easier.

Its reporting and statistics are also great, giving you an insight into how well your advertisements perform.

Google Ad Manager makes the ad(s) you pick fit your website smoothly, so they don’t feel distracted. GAM is also fully compatible with native ads.

Another thing that we like about Google Ad Manager is its amazing protection.

Advertisers must follow specific guidelines, ensuring their ads follow the requirements, so you won’t see poor advertisements on your website (which can drastically decrease user experience).

Plus, you have control over creatives with 30+ functions to choose the right type of ads you’d like to appear on your website or blog.

Lastly, the integration with WordPress happens via a tag, which you then add to your website’s source code.

Go with GAM if you have a BIG site.

Key features:

  • Fantastic user interface
  • Direct deals
  • Support for 3rd-party ad networks
  • Responsive ads
  • Multiple ad types (native, out-stream, video, etc.)
  • 30+ controls over creatives
  • Review all ads from one location

Advantages of Google Ad Manager:

  • One of the largest advertising network
  • A single place that allows you to control your web monetization
  • Advanced reports for detailed insights

Disadvantages of Google Ad Manager:

  • Setup can be a bit complicated for a first-time user

Best WordPress advertising plugin for:

Larger websites with a lot of traffic are the best candidates for Google Ad Manager.


Google Ad Manager is free of charge and works with your Google account.

More info / Download

Final Thoughts: Best WordPress Advertising Plugins

After extensive testing and reviewing, all the ten plugins we added to the list are considered the best.

We also included WP ad management plugins that handle small and big businesses, so there’s something for everyone.

Still, our top premium pick is AdSanity because of its endless possibilities and fantastic functionality.

On the other hand, go with AdRotate if you’re on a budget. It’s an epic free solution to run ads on your WordPress website hassle-free.

Remember: Don’t start a website with one core goal – to make money. That’s a NO-GO.

Instead, concentrate on creating the best content (even the best service and product) and let adding advertisements be just a cherry on top.

However, you can also read our guide on how blogs and websites make money online to gain some insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ad plugins?

A WordPress ad plugin offers you to insert or inject advertisements anywhere on your website or blog (without coding work). It offers you different ad types, reporting and insights to perform optimization for a better user experience.

Can you run ads on WordPress?

Yes, you can run ads on WordPress, and it’s very easy to do when you use a plugin.

How do I add ads to my WordPress website?

You can add ads to your WordPress site manually or you can connect with an advertising platform and they’ll appear automatically. Both options don’t require coding knowledge when you use a plugin (which we highly recommend).

Can I run Google AdSense ads on my WordPress website?

Yes, you can easily and quickly set up Google AdSense ads on your WordPress website. The Google AdSense platform does the majority of the work for you – you only need a plugin to introduce ads in different areas of your website. EASY.

Note: You can also pick an AdSense-optimized WordPress theme to make your life easier.

Is Google AdSense free?

Yes, using Google AdSense is entirely free of charge. Even better, it’ll take you only a few minutes to set up Google AdSense ads on your website (even if you’re doing it for the first time).

How do beginner bloggers make money?

There are multiple monetization channels that beginner bloggers use to make money. Some of the most common are banner ads, affiliate links, paid reviews and sponsored articles.

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