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Newspaper Theme Review – Bestselling WordPress Magazine Theme

Want to create a content-rich news website or online magazine with WordPress? If so, you’ll need to choose a suitable theme.

Thankfully there are many good options out there. But to help you find the right one, this review looks at one of the best-selling options in the news and magazine theme category. However, that’s not all this theme can be used for. It also has an interesting selection of business website demos too.

So whatever type of website you’re working on, there’s a good chance you’ll find this Newspaper theme review informative. This is especially true if the idea of a drag-and-drop page builder tool, hundreds of templates, and full control over how your website looks, sounds appealing.

But before you take the plunge and choose Newspaper for your website, read our review to find out if this really is the best theme for your website.

Who Should Choose the Newspaper WordPress Theme?

The Newspaper WordPress theme is not only perfect for news and magazine websites. It’s also proven to be a popular choice with bloggers. This is mainly due to the many templates in the Newspaper theme package. All of which have been created to help you publish your content in the best way possible. Any sites with a lot of text, images, and video-based content should consider the Newspaper theme.

Newspaper also has a proven track record with its users. So far, over 135,000 copies have been sold at the Envato ThemeForest marketplace. This has helped to make it the number 1 best-selling news theme of all time. With those impressive sales figures, Newspaper has a very positive average user rating of 4.81 out of 5, based on 7,500 reviews.

newspaper wordpress theme review

So in terms of popularity, this theme is easy to recommend. But what about its features? Let’s find out in the next section of this Newspaper theme review.

Reasons to Use the Newspaper Magazine Theme

Before we take a deep dive into the main features of the Newspaper theme, here’s a quick overview of the main reasons why people are choosing this template for their WordPress websites:

  • Over 50 complete website demos including magazine and business options.
  • A custom-built drag-and-drop page builder tool.
  • A growing library of content templates, sections, and layouts.
  • A powerful set of theme options and controls.
  • Helpful online documentation and tutorial videos.

Sounds good. Now, let’s examine the best features in more depth, so you can make an informed decision on whether Newspaper is right for you.

Designed to Make Your Life Easier

To help you create the website you want and a resource you’re proud of, Newspaper comes with a tailor-made page builder. The tagDiv Composer, from the developers of Newspaper, integrates a front-end visual builder into your WordPress website.

tagDiv Composer

Although you can use your choice of content editor plugin with Newspaper, and to demonstrate this, WPBakery Page Builder is included in the package if you want to install it, you also get access to a tool that was built specifically for use with this theme. With tagDiv Composer running on your site, you can open up any templates in the Newspaper theme package and start customizing them through a modern drag-and-drop user interface.

Access to tagDiv Cloud Library

You don’t have to take a hands-on approach to building your website. While it’s nice to have a tool like tagDiv Composer running on your site, you also get access to a large and growing library of templates. This gallery of over 620 pre-made demo designs covers all the sections that make up a typical website. This includes homepage, header, footer, post, and page templates. You’ll also notice that there are templates for author pages and 404 error pages and lots of blocks and sections that can be combined into a single page layout.

Cloud Library

Unlike some other themes that simply bundle all the templates into the theme package, with Newspaper, these files are hosted on the developer’s servers. Once you’ve seen a suitable template in the tagDiv Cloud Library, you can quickly import it into your website. This approach should help minimize your website’s overall size, reducing the risk of overrunning your web hosting storage allowance or slowing down your loading times.

Composer Example

As you might expect, all the templates are fully editable through the included tagDiv composer. This means websites can have a unique design even when using an off-the-shelf theme.

Infinite Loading

Many popular websites now use infinite scrolling or infinite loading to keep their visitors engaged for longer. You can also add this feature to your WordPress website with the Newspaper theme. Now, when a visitor gets to the end of one of your pages, more content is automatically loaded instead of their journey ending. Thanks to this, they won’t run out of things to look at until they’ve seen everything on your site. However, you can configure how this feature works, ensuring its set up correctly for your audience.

Header Builder

If you want to take control of the design of your website, you must be able to modify its header, and not just the post and page content. With Newspaper, this is very straightforward. The tagDiv Composer includes support for customizing the header of your site through its front-end interface.

As well as importing one of the pre-built headers from the Cloud Library into your website, you can also design your own. This makes it possible to add custom logos to your header and create a personalized menu system through the front-end editor of the tagDiv Composer tool.

50+ One-Click Website Demos

Newspaper Website Demos

As well as all the individual page templates and items, you also get to choose from over 50 website demos. These demos are fully formed websites that cover a wide range of projects. They can each be imported in just one click. The import process takes place through your WordPress Dashboard, making it easy to start your site.

Simply browse the options. Then preview any demo that catches your eye. Once you’ve found a suitable demo, you can import it in just one click. Then it’s just a case of adding your content to the site, such as your text and images. However, as mentioned earlier in this Newspaper theme review, all templates can be customized through the tagDiv Composer.

Here’s an example of the range of website demos in the Newspaper theme package:

Newspaper Default Demo

Newspaper Default Demo

The default Newspaper demo is perfect for news and magazine WordPress websites.

Newspaper Gaming Demo

Gaming Blog Demo

The Newspaper theme has a demo for creating gaming news and review sites with WordPress.

Newspaper Travel Blog Demo

Travel Blog Demo

Travel bloggers can use this Newspaper demo to give their website a stylish look.

Newspaper Old Fashioned Demo

Old Fashioned Demo

The Old Fashioned demo can help give your website a distinctive look

Newspaper Dental Studio Demo

Dental Studio Demo

The Dental Studio demo is just one of the business website designs in the Newspaper theme package.

Newspaper Showcase Demo

Showcase Demo

The Showcase demo was built to help you promote your products and services online.

Mobile Theme

As well as the demos, Newspaper also includes a mobile theme to ensure your website is fully compatible with smartphones. The optional mobile theme can be installed alongside the regular Newspaper theme. However, it’s only loaded on mobile devices, delivering a smartphone-friendly user experience to these visitors.

As you can see, Newspaper is more than just a news and magazine theme. So no matter what type of website you’re creating, you might find a suitable option in the demo library.

Affordable Pricing

Money isn’t everything. However, when it comes to choosing a WordPress theme, there are many excellent value options to consider. Newspaper is no exception regarding good value pricing, with the theme available for $59. This price includes six months of support from the theme developers. You also get lifetime access to future updates – of which, there have already been many.

That just scrapes the surface when it comes to the features of this theme. If you want the full rundown of what Newspaper can do, visit its page at ThemeForest for more information.

Newspaper WordPress Theme User Experience

One of the benefits of choosing a well-established theme like Newspaper is its tried-and-tested user experience. Any issues with the user experience should’ve been ironed out, thanks to feedback from the many people who’ve purchased this theme.

Compared to some popular WordPress themes, Newspaper is very easy to use. After uploading the theme files you get access to after purchasing Newspaper from ThemeForest, you’re ready to start.

Configuring the Plugins

First up, you can choose which of the included plugins to install and activate on your site. This includes the tagDiv Composer, as well as the third-party WPBakery Page Builder plugin and other paid tools. Most of the configuration work occurs through the Newspaper theme dashboard on your WordPress website.

Welcome Page

Importing a Website Demo

Once you’ve installed your choice of plugins, you can check out the demos and then install one on your site. As mentioned earlier in this Newspaper theme review, there are over 50 website demos. These demos cover a range of projects and they can all be installed in just one click.

Import Demo

You can also find links to the support forum, online documentation, and video tutorials in the Newspaper dashboard.

Personalizing Your Website

With Newspaper, you can import one of the pre-built demos or create your own site using the page builder tool. However, in both situations, you can also control the many aspects of your website through the Newspaper theme panel.

Newspaper Theme Review Panel

Unlike some other themes, the Newspaper control panel doesn’t integrate seamlessly into the WordPress Dashboard. However, despite this, it is easy enough to use. The vast array of controls are well organized. This makes it easy to find the settings or options you’re looking for.

Panel Top Bar Options

The header is one area of your website that the Newspaper theme panel lets you customize with ease. Through the panel, you get access to multiple pre-built header layouts, an easy interface for uploading your logo, and control over what other content is displayed in the header. This approach also applies to other areas of your site, such as the footer.

Panel Footer Settings

If you want to monetize your website with adverts, you can enable and control this through the Newspaper theme panel. Other settings, like adjusting the fonts and colors, can be found in the panel too.

Font Settings

If you’ve chosen to enable the mobile theme we covered earlier, you can configure how it works through the panel.

Editing the Individual Pages

Using the tagDiv Composer is pretty straightforward. The best way to get started is to import a pre-built template, rather than starting with a blank page.

Page Builder Example

Working on an existing template gives you a good idea of how the pages are constructed in the tagDiv Composer. Then, once you’ve got the hang of things, you can start work on your own unique page designs if you want to.

Newspaper Theme Developer Information

Newspaper was created by the tagDiv team from Romania, authors that have been active on the Envato Marketplace since 2010. As well as the popular Newspaper theme, they also have the Newsmag theme in their portfolio.

tagdiv review

These two themes have sold over 155,000 copies via the ThemeForest marketplace. Based on the feedback from over 9,000 users, tagDiv has a very positive author rating. So if you want a theme from a reputable source that’s well supported by its creators, Newspaper meets that criteria.


As you can see, Newspaper is ideal for creating content-rich websites with WordPress. Not only that though, thanks to the varied selection of demos, it’s also suitable for many other types of projects. So whether you’re creating a blog, news site, or business website, Newspaper should be on your shortlist.

The tagDiv Composer tool is very powerful, while still being easy to use. The library of over 50 websites demos all look good and up to date. The individual templates, including header and footer layouts in the Cloud Library, are perfect for constructing your site or adding extra pages to the demos.

If you’re looking for a theme loaded with high-quality content and easy to customize, be sure to check out Newspaper today.

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