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9 Best WordPress Coupon Themes and Plugins in 2023

We reviewed the latest and greatest coupon WordPress themes for your thriving project.

Do you want to profit by helping others save money on deals and purchases? Set up a coupon-based website and offer the best deals on the web.

It’s FAST with a WP theme.

Fun fact: The coupon business is enormous. (Duh!) RetailMeNot posted revenue of $280 million last year, while Groupon posted revenue of $950 million in 2022.

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Each theme and plugin has specific features, and no solution meets all expectations.

Browse through the list, and see which theme or plugin suits your needs. We have something for everyone.

Best WordPress Coupon Themes

1. CouponHut

coupon wordpress themes

For any coupon-centric website, CouponHut is an excellent coupon WordPress theme. It has a streamlined design that encourages individuality and customization.

CouponHut users will benefit from an excellent page builder, which enables the reordering or creation of different page elements. Your website can feature two main deal variations: discount and coupon.

CouponHut has also integrated a search function into its header and tons of personalized widgets. In addition, Potential clients will be able to register as members on your coupon website.

For novice customers, a detailed documentation source explains every feature. Boom!

More info / Download Demo

2. CouponXL

popular coupon WordPress theme

CouponXL is an innovative coupon WordPress theme, using modern web technologies such as Bootstrap framework.

With CouponXL, you won’t have to make your customers wait. Your coupon website will have lightning-fast loading speeds, resulting in an ideal browsing experience for all users.

This theme is also optimized for search engines, thus increasing your overall view count and bottom line. Site members can submit offers, earn money, and advertise their products.

This theme also offers a particular Ajax search function to predict the best stores and locations. Finding lucrative offers has never been easier!

CouponXL also integrates several coupon types: affiliate link, print coupon, and code coupon.

More info / Download Demo

3. CouponSeek

couponseek wordpress coupon theme

For deals and discounts, CouponSeek is one fine WordPress coupon theme that gets your project up and running swiftly and reliably.

It is a contemporary solution that follows all the latest trends and regulations, like mobile readiness, cross-browser compatibility, and fully supports Retina screens.

CouponSeek spices up the experience with attention-grabbing parallax and hover effects and will make everyone go, “Wow.”

You can set an expiration date to automatically turn off the deal and connect vendors with your platform through the convenient WC Vendors plugin.

Other dedicated features are dealt counter, excellent advanced search feature, and loads of shortcodes. With CouponSeek, limitations are none.

More info / Download Demo

4. Couponer

couponer WordPress theme

Couponer is one of the finest premium WordPress themes for discounts, daily offers, and coupon websites.

It is Retina-ready, fully responsive, and based on the Bootstrap framework.

A complete membership system enables users to access your coupons and discounts displayed.

In addition, you have an option to set up the Daily Offers with Time Counting to keep your members updated with the expiration of the time frame of the availability of the deal.

It also comes with Advanced Search and Ajax Based Shop Search to help your users instantly find what they are looking for.

Additionally, the integration of Mailchimp with this theme will save you a lot of time and get you a running opt-in email form promptly.

More info / Download Demo

5. Dealsdot

dealsdot wordpress coupon theme

Dealsdot is a general WordPress theme for marketplaces and coupon sites. It has many features and functions that will help you kick-start your project like a champ.

You do not need any experience whatsoever; Dealsdot is for everyone, whether a professional or a newbie. The page layouts are ready-made, and the features are set for you to employ.

Dealsdot works with WooCommerce, rocks a mega menu, includes WPBakery page builder, and follows all the latest trends. You can do that if you would like to translate it.

Dealsdot is here to make a change.

More info / Download Demo

6. REHub

rehub - magazine review and coupon theme

Another WordPress theme that is custom-built for creating coupon websites is REHub. It is an innovative hybrid theme for magazines, blogs, and review and shop options.

REHub has a powerful page builder and tons of content blocks and shortcodes, allowing you to create an excellent content presentation on your website.

It supports multiple post formats, such as sliders, audios, videos, and reviews.

This theme also works well with Ecwid and WooCommerce Store, so you can quickly sell your products, coupons, or deals.

It supports other popular third-party plugins, such as bbPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and Affiliate Link Builder. In short, REHub is the best choice if you want to have a well-crafted and profitable website.

More info / Download Demo

7. Froday

froday wordpress coupon theme

Are you starting a coupon website? Froday is one of the best WordPress coupon themes with all the necessary elements and components to realize your ideas and help you start something fresh.

You also don’t need experience in coding to work with Froday, thanks to the drag and drop website editor.

It is best for beginners and professionals, allowing everyone to create the neatest coupon websites.

Froday is packed with amazing traits like Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, advanced theme options, and entirely optimized for mobile devices, RTL languages and web browsers.

Enjoy a working contact form, parallax effect, social feeds, and quick demo data import that ease the process and put you on top in close to no time.

More info / Download Demo

WordPress Coupon Plugins

8. Elfsight Popup

elfsight popup wordpress coupon themes plugin

A pop-up will do the trick if you want to capture your visitors’ attention with a coupon. Elfsight Popup is a dope plugin that will help you get things moving forward in close to no time.

It is versatile enough to help you create the same pop-up that fits your website style best. You have the creative freedom to trigger everyone’s curiosity in a snap.

A pop-up combined with a coupon is a fantastic solution to get the traction for a product, service, special deal, you name it.

Elfsight Popup also comes with different targeting options to make a pop-up appear precisely when you want.

With all the functions available, you can create various tests and see what suits your audience best.

More info / Download Demo

9. Coupon Creator (FREE)

wordpress coupon plugin

Coupon Creator is a powerful plugin to assist you in creating and managing your coupons. You can use it with any WordPress theme, plus it is highly customizable.

If you can’t get something done via the web interface, you can upload your image and use it as a coupon. This is the simplest yet most powerful solution for coupon management.

More Info

[Update] We have created a dedicated coupon section on our website. This section features a custom-built solution based on the Flash “copy to clipboard” solution. It is not perfect, but it is far better than any other plugin.

Our implementation won’t copy coupons to the clipboard because it is based on Flash, and Flash is not supported on any mobile device, such as iOS, Windows Phone, and Android.

Other solutions mentioned above are great because you don’t need coding knowledge to make them work or customize them.

However, if you want to create something stunning, usable, and easy to use, you will most likely make your platform as we did.

There are plenty of great libraries on GitHub that can help you get started, but none are optimized for WordPress by default, and you will have to get your head around it on your own.

If you are not a developer, I strongly recommend choosing premium WordPress themes with functionality integration because you can’t go wrong with them.

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Frontend web developer and web designer specializing in WordPress theme development. After graduating with BA he self-taught frontend web development. Currently has over 10 years of experience in mainly CSS, HTML (TailwindCSS, Bootstrap), JavaScript(React, Vue, Angular), and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience, and simplicity.

This Post Has 101 Comments

  1. Thank you Aigars, for the extensive list of Coupon Theme’s. I personally like Volume Discount Coupons Plugin. its not free however offers enough options to pay for itself.

    1. Personally I don’t like any of currently available WordPress coupon plugins. I recently created coupon section on this website which you can see here and I had to create my own solution because nothing worked well for me. Most of these plugins look automated, are slow or doesn’t work a tall. I created a clean, minimalistic setup and I know that I can always tweak it since I made it myself and know everything what it does.

      1. Amit Arora says:

        Thanks Aigars, Will look into the solutions provided.

  2. Aigar Superman Wow and awesome ,The plugins are wonderful and extraordinay you are rocking man,All are very very fine and trustworthy You are rocking man.

  3. Thanks for this list! I wish I had seen this before list before. I think I just got scammed by purchasing from The software doesn’t work and support is dead slow. On top of that the software was too expensive. I should have known better.

  4. Tapajyoti says:

    Awesome list for this coupon sites theme . Premium themes looks nice 🙂 Thanks for the theme list .

  5. Check also Couponer WordPress theme on ThemeForest

  6. Hi Aigars, Will you be releasing your custom made coupon plugin at all? It’s exactly what I’m looking for and all the others seem really rubbish. Would be more than happy to pay for it if it was a premium plugin. Thanks

    1. James,

      So far I have two potential buyers which is not yet enough to start working on this plugin as currently it doesn’t function as plugin but is created as part of our theme. I have not abandoned this idea but I can’t give you any exact release date either. Sorry about that.

  7. Mursaleen Siddique says:

    Wow they are really helpful coupon themes and plugins. Definitely could find a great use for my upcoming projects as well as my WordPress related blog. Thank you for sharing this with us

    1. Mursaleen,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      These are definitely the best themes and plugins available for coupon related website. This collection isn’t perfect as there aren’t many really great themes and plugins but this niche is also very narrow that’s why developers like me aren’t looking to build themes or plugins. You can also see sales amount for some popular themes on this collection and you will see how limited is this niche. Of course there is some money to be made but not enough for most developers are there are plenty of other more profitable niches such as eCommerce and Business themes.

  8. Is there a way so that when a coupon has EXPIRED it shows the code and no longer hides it?

  9. MikeMeisner says:

    Great selection of Woo themes, they seem to be improving by the day. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Techarrival says:

    Is there any way to make cashback site using wordpress?

    1. Everything is possible by using WordPress. You just need to find the right plugin for that or implement your own functionality. There are no theme with this kind of functionality but WordPress is not just about themes and you can use plugins as well and there definitely should be some available that could help you. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried to create similar website, so I can’t recommend any plugins but Google will definitely help you to find it.

  11. Thank you for your recommendations!

  12. Cool Friv GamesJuttBahi says:

    Great collection of theme, and i am big fan of woo theme, and thanks for the coupon of wordpress theme. I love to buy this now in cybermonday sales

  13. Angelette Rouze says:

    Thanks for sharing this themes!

  14. Neha Kumari says:

    good work… i like it 🙂

  15. kuponindirim says:

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. Let me add that we have a few coupon websites and in half of them we use Clipper; we are very happy about it. Our second one is Couponpress and is also advised.

    1. Hi, can u provide a link to your sites? I’d like to see samples

    2. Thank you for your feedback!

      What makes Couponpress and Clipper so special? Is there some functionality that no other theme can offer or it’s just a personal preference?

      1. Victor Ronald says:

        Aigar, can you make a coupon plugin please?

        1. I might consider building one if there will be enough requests but it is definitely going to be premium plugin because all existing premium solution are really that bad.

  16. Neha Gajjar says:

    Good collection of coupon themes for wordpress. Nice 🙂

  17. ladyshady says:

    Thanks a lot for this list. I’ll go with the JC coupon plugin. Let’s make som cash:-)

  18. Shame your not selling your plugin, I seriously have to go and buy a theme to get anything that looks modern (just want the plugin function)

  19. domain racer says:

    we want to start site which display our coupon code. which one of above is best wordpress theme.

  20. Im going with the clipper coupon theme, awesome looks and functions, gonna buy it! thanks!

    1. Sasta,

      Glad we could help you to choose the right theme for your website.

  21. says:

    I really like your 1st theme of coupon, i want to go with that.

  22. Devendra Shah says:

    Wow! Thank you for the list. This was very helpful. I was looking for them for a long time. This page provided the best of all.

    1. Devendra,
      Thank you for your feedback!
      I see that you are already using Couponize for your website. Really nice choice and that’s also my favorite theme on this theme collections.

  23. I got Clipper theme with flatter child theme. It works great! Thanks for your collection of coupon themes and plugins

  24. Been searching for some alternatives to regular coupon plugins and you have the best list here. Thank you so much. Will give Couponize a try. Thanks.

    1. Robin,

      Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad you find this plugin and theme roundup useful.

  25. Do you have new themes to release for Summer 2015?

    1. It doesn’t matter when theme was first released what matters the most is if developer still maintains it and released updates. If so then theme could be released 3-4 years ago but might still be responsive, mobile-friendly and feature a modern design. Some theme are outdated before they even become available, so that’s something you should keep in mind while choosing the right theme for your website.

  26. Why don’t you show this WP theme? 🙂

  27. Thanks for this information, i have used couponpress before i had some problems with it then i moved to clipper theme.

  28. Mark Philip says:

    Awesome plugin! Thank you for this, really helpful.

  29. Responsive and Cool coupon theme! Love it

  30. Google doesn’t like WordPress and affiliates!
    I created a website using WordPress and affiliates to get coupons from advertisers. From technical point of view everything looks ok but Google doesn’t show my site when related search keyword is entered. If shoppers can’t find you on the web when they enter the related keyword, no commission is earned. Read more about this at different places on the web and use your judgment.

    1. Den,

      You are absolutely correct that Google doesn’t like affiliate and coupon websites. But this doesn’t just apply to affiliate and coupon website but any gateway websites that doesn’t offer any value but are made to manipulate Google results. Any website that doesn’t add anything unique and are meant for quick profit will never rank high on Google search.

      While you might think that RetailMeNot is the same style website it actually isn’t. It is community driven website and offers millions of different coupons and all these coupons are regularly updated by users. Users can also see if this coupon still works as everyone have a chance to vote if coupon is still working or not. While you might think that it is a tiny thing it is actually a huge deal and offers much more reliable results that your website ever will.

      There is still a chance for your website but you need to find some unique twist and not just copy your competitors.

  31. Hi Aigars,

    It’s a great list of coupon themes & plugins.

    You are right that Google doesn’t like the gateway sites. But it doesn’t much effect the intention of the people who want to make handsome money with the coupon sites.

    I presume that, this is going to be the era of deals n coupon websites, as it is one of the most profitable way one can make some good money.

    Thanks for sharing the list.

    1. Manidipa,

      It is possible to make money with coupon website but you need to have an unique twist and sustainable business model. Dropping few hundred or few thousand coupons won’t make it. User powered website could be a whole different thing but you need to get first traction and for that you need some marketing budget or again some unique twist for your whole venture. Otherwise it is going to be just gateway website just like 98% of other coupon sites out there.

      I might sound really pessimistic but I have been involved in internet marketing for the past 6 years and I have seen way too many complaints on webmaster forums about coupon website and their poor ranking. I would love to help these webmasters before they have wasted their valuable time on something that won’t work. Coupon website does work well but only when webmaster have something unique to offer. Think RetailMeNot.

  32. Avinash Kumar says:

    Is there any free coupon theme ? I want to make a coupon code, deals, offers etc website based on affiliate program like amazon.

    1. Avinash,

      There aren’t any free themes but there are free plugins that you can use with any free or premium WordPress theme. Here are some free WordPress themes that you might want to consider using for your upcoming website.

  33. inditheme says:

    Great list. Really help me to find one of coupon plugin. Thanks

    1. I am glad you find this list useful! Which plugin did you choose and can your recommend it to others?

  34. Greetings,

    Could you please let me know if it is possible to have multi-language for Couponer? I mean can I translate it to Russian and how difficult it is?


    P.S. sorry for typo and rest language issues

    1. Alex,

      Couponer theme is compatible with WPML plugin (sold separately) that will help you to make your website multilingual. Translation is really easy and support for WPML plugin is outstanding. If you will have any problems with translation, WPML team will help you to get things sorted.

      If you want to translate theme in Russian and use it only in one language you can follow this guide to lear how you can translate any WordPress theme. No technical knowledge is required and it is really simple process.

      Let me know if you have any other questions about WordPress theme translation or multilingual support.

  35. Thanks for putting this together. Have you come across a template that can be used as the on-line version of our local coupon mailer, to be able to print or email the coupons? All of the above is for coupon codes or deals, we actually produce free (to the consumer) savings using printed coupons. The system we use now is “rented” from an old online software service provider, with limited customization.

    1. Steve,

      WordPress themes are all about design and some basic functionality. Functionality such as your mentioned coupon printing is delivered using plugins or some other external services or software. Therefore there aren’t any WordPress themes that have this kind of functionality you are after and you still need to “rent” software from other vendors and combine it with WordPress or other content management system.

  36. Descuentosya says:

    hi!! I use Clipper theme for my coupon site. very easy to use. integrate the best affiliate programs…Cheers

    1. For me Clipper theme feels outdated but it’s functionality is hard to match. It is so well built that this theme will live for several more years to come. Hopefully, it will face some redesign at some point but other than that this theme is here to stay.

  37. Why you have not included CouponXl. I think it is one of the best wordpress coupon themes available right now.

    1. Akshat,

      We will include this theme on our list during the next update for this article. We constantly update theme collection to provide information about the best WordPress themes available.

  38. Great list. I think Point WordPress theme also deserves a mention here. Even the free version of that theme provides me lots of flexibility of usage and is quite conversion friendly. See my blog at the included link here if you need to see a live example.

    1. Darshan,

      Point is a free WordPress theme which is best suited for blogs and simple magazine style websites. It can be used to showcase coupons, promote affiliate products and do other things with it but it’s still a blog theme and a rather simple one.

  39. Are any of the coupon scripts commission-based (to the website owner)?

  40. You guys are full of it – even more than that athemes mob – random generic crap filled with more crap – these themes suck big time and if you cannot backup one of these themes to a customer – god dam stop promoting them.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! We will pass it to developers as none of above listed ones are created by ourselves.

  41. Travamart says:

    where i can download a template travel coupon?

    1. Hi,
      I think that Couponer theme is the one that you are looking for. It can be used in any niche including travel.

  42. Hey can you tell me? Following WordPress site which coupon plugin installed?

    1. This website is using plugin called “Coupon Code Revealer Plus” which you can find for sale on one popular webmaster forum. Just Google it and you will find this plugin. I haven’t used it myself therefore can’t provide much information.

  43. So Let me know you Favorite! Which is best free coupon code generator wp plugin for this moment?

    1. Sid,

      I don’t use any free or premium coupon plugins for my websites. I am using a custom built solution which is fairly easy as it completely depends on ZeroClipboard library. You can find it on Github. My final result of its integration looks like this. ZeroClipboard library itself is what copies text and saves it on users clipboard, and the other code and design are done by myself. Many of plugins and themes use this JavaScript library because of its simplicity. But without some coding skills you won’t be able to build your solution and might want to hire someone from Upwork.

  44. Me using clipper with flatter child theme

  45. sumit jindal says:


    Thanks for sharing the knowledge….I am in the phase of developing a coupon website.

    I am using flatter theme of WP. Can you please guide me on how to post coupons.


    1. Sumit,

      Please look into Flatter theme documentation as it greatly covers how to build your website using this theme as well as how to post coupons.

  46. I am using flatter theme.

    but as per my concern clipper had some extra features which are not wanted
    as featured bar shows good on desktop version but the same looks not so good on mobile version of the same.

    The menu on the theme is also not so much user friendly. You can use your header or footer navigation as primary navigation but the same
    I would like it more if there is store navigation and the category navigation could be of better display.

  47. the above comment had mix reviews of the both of the themes as clipper theme is parent theme and flatter is the child theme of the same

  48. Premium themes are really better than the free themes. Clipper theme is one of the best themes in coupon theme industry.

  49. Socialclub says:

    Hi Aigars,

    I am studying to create a coupon site Like Some Other friends here . In addition to coupons , I intend to publish daily offers.

    Among the topics covered in the blog has some more recommended? I have limited time in my day , and themes with more automated functions to import , validate and publish coupons are very important to me.

    1. None of themes will handle validation for you because it is a way too complex process. You need to have a separate bot for each website that would check if coupon is still valid or not. That’s something you can achieve as a small website owner. There are going to be a manual process or should add voting you can see on large website that shows how many users managed to use coupon successfully.

  50. Hello Aigars,

    Very nice collection of coupon themes!

    I am using clipper theme from above and facing a serious problem. in my website store images are not showing . when i am inserting store image it only shows a blank white area.
    Do u have any solution for my problem. Would be great helpful for me. Thanks in advance

    1. Abhy,

      Make sure to contact Clipper theme developers for additional support. We support only our own WordPress themes that you can find here.

  51. Kupon looks like a Groupon theme. Very clean and sophisticated looking.

  52. i like 1-2 template thanks for that..

  53. Karan Bhagat says:

    Thanks a lot Aigras for this list, I only wanted plugin and have got some here, going to decide the suitable one for my website now.
    Thank you once again 🙂

  54. Antonella Pisani says:

    This is a great list Aigars. I’ve built my site on Clipper and their Coups child theme, but have put in a fair amount of time into CSS modifications and adding other plugins/tools to make it look a bit more custom. Clipper has a lot of functionality, but it has a very dated look and feel out of the box and some of their widgets aren’t very good.

    For your next version of this post, you may want to consider adding some reviews of the plugins that help import coupons since having good quality deals is the bread and butter of any affiliate site.

  55. Vironica Jerry says:

    I was Searching For the Best Coupon Themes and You have share it all info regarding all Coupon Themes Now it’s easy to select one from the one place.

  56. Pradeep Khodke says:

    Really an awesome collection of coupon themes, i’m gonna update on my site very soon .:)

  57. Sara Rungta says:

    I was looking for a good plugin to create Coupon and Deals section on our website. As per your recommendation, will try Coupon Creator. Hope it works for us.

  58. Imtiaz Rayhan says:


    I created a plugin which lets you add coupons and deals to your WordPress posts, pages with a simple shortcode.
    The plugin has the functionality of click to copy coupon while opening a link. And you can insert the shortcode directly from the post editor.

    I tried to make it fast and lightweight.

    If anyone is looking for a simple and good looking coupons and deals plugin you can check it here


  59. Twice Nice says:

    Well I am using Coupon Theme and Clipper with Flatter On my Projects Both are Good and Easy To Use but Flatter is Far Easy and its Looks Good and Easy to Customize. Thanks for sharing some more themes I would Definitely Give a Try to one of them

  60. Hello Aigars,
    I am looking to build a niche website where merchants can publish coupons, discounts, and special deals and also sell them (with the webmaster receiving a commission).
    From the list above I like the overall front-end appearance of CouponHut and Coupon XL the best (however, I have not found a way to look at their back-ends…, don’t know if there is a way for this…).
    What are the differences between those 2 themes? Are there any Pros and/or Cons for one over the other? Would one be better over the other when it comes to setting it up “out of the box” (without having to add too many additional plugins) and when it comes to webmaster options for monetization?
    Or is there another theme that you feel would be better suited for our purposes?
    Thank you.

  61. Not sure if comments in this post are still monitored.
    I am trying to get some information related to my earlier post from July 7 (above).
    Thank you.

  62. Neha Agarwal says:

    Very Nice WordPress Themes. I really like all themes and that is one very awsome couponxl…

    1. I agree, CouponXL has a nice design, but it has a few negatives :
      1. It doesn’t get updated very frequently (last update now 1 year old)
      2. It only has 4 payment gateways (no regular PayPal, bank transfer, or offline payment options).

      Two other good coupon/discount themes are missing in this post:

      1. WPGroupBuy (very clean, good support, many payment gateways)
      2. Indexer (can even be used for discount bookings with Woocommerce plugin)

  63. The collection of the theme is nice. The themes provided are easy to use and provide easy navigation for the users.

  64. Jinka Narayana says:

    I like the list. I am using Clipper theme with flatter child theme. They will give perfect coupon theme. Coupon XL theme will also give more features for the less price.

  65. Which one is best for coupon site? :/

    1. We have already selected the best options out there. Choosing any of them will get the job done with ease.

  66. Raovirender joshi says:

    Thanks for this useful information before this blog i am very confused to choose theme and plugin for my website.

    Thanks Again

  67. Amit Yadav says:


    I want to make an affiliate marketing site to provide best offers and promo codes for clients.

    My year budget is $10 year… If possible,, make is asap for me.

    1. Amit, on that yearly budget building a site that makes money is going to be extremely difficult.
      You can get away with free themes and plugins but you still need a hosting and a domain name and domain alone is at least $10/year (you can get it cheaper for the first year but not renewal it that cheap after). There are free hosting providers out there but they are completely unreliable, slow and you will never convince any user to spend some time on you website because it will be painfully slow to use.
      More reasonable budget would be around $100/year. Usually, first year for hosting and domain can be purchased cheaper but renewals rarely will go under $100 for a good service.

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