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10 Best Google Review Plugins for WordPress 2023

Here are the best Google review plugins to help you choose the right one for your business.

Online reviews are one of the best ways of getting new loyal customers.

Nothing beats a good customer review that embraces an actual user’s full and personal experience.

But you also need to know how to react and respond to reviews. Be smart, and you can win even more users on your side.

The following review plugins for WordPress allow you to integrate, organize, publish, and respond to online reviews and testimonials directly from your admin.

Note: If you have an idea for a WordPress review website but don’t know where to start, our detailed WordPress website setup guide will help you out.

This post covers:

Why Do You Need A WordPress Review Plugin

The first reason for getting a review plugin is obvious: you don’t need to code it yourself.

We don’t recommend coding it because these plugins will save you a lot of time when adding reviews and testimonials to your website.

Each smoothly integrates with any modern WordPress theme and offers plenty of flexibility to make it work exactly how you want.

Also, we suggest you use a review plugin if you run an eCommerce website or offer (some kind of) services.

Why? Because they build trust and thus increase conversions. 63% of customers trust brands with reviews more than those without. Plus, over ninety percent of shoppers admit reviews impact their shopping decision (and I’m one of them).

But here are five more reasons why you need a WordPress review plugin:

  1. Feedback: You can gain quality information by paying close attention to all your reviews and testimonials. Use these to improve on your existing offerings and for new product drops and upgrades. Plus, use reviews/testimonials to find keywords that you can use in articles and product and service pages.
  2. Content: The more (quality) content, the better. And reviews are excellent detail that can contribute to user experience and, consequently, SEO. Google favors great user experience, which can increase your rankings.
  3. SEO: One part of the SEO boost because of reviews and testimonials is above. And the second is this: Google likes consumer reviews and tends to rank them higher when they are structured right to show rich snippets.
  4. Engagement: When you want to buy a new pair of headphones, you’ll spend a lot of time reading reviews to find what others have to say about them. What does this mean? An increase in time spent on site. And all because of reviews! And more engagement and more time spent browsing the site means a rise in sales. (And a lower bounce rate, which is good for SEO.)
  5. Social proof: If there are dozens or even 100s of positive reviews about a product or service, we’re all very likely to get the “stuff,” too. We’re all guilty of this. (Positive reviews are why I recently purchased a new bike helmet.)

5 Key Features Of WordPress Review Plugins

When picking the right plugin, You must pay close attention to multiple review system functions.

That’s also what we did when reviewing 40+ review plugins for WordPress, and these were the most important factors:

1. Customization

Luckily, you probably won’t need much customization when adding reviews to your WordPress website. Yes, because these plugins already LOOK GOOD.

But it’s still important to brand them and even edit ratings, have a chance to pick from different rating methods and choose the ideal sorting.

2. Moderation

You need to have an overview of all your reviews because you NEED to avoid spam. And you also don’t want too many negative or “troll” comments on your website.

One simplest way to avoid the “bad” is by activating review approval rules.

For instance, you can set manual approval for all new reviews and testimonials. But you can auto-approve all the users who already shared their opinion and are trustworthy.

Note: You can also use WordPress anti-spam plugins for your website’s safety.

3. Ratings

From star and number ratings to writing an actual review, a review plugin must have everything accessible for you to decide who you want customer ratings and reviews to appear.

This leads us to:

4. Display

A review or testimonial display needs to blend with your website natively. On top of that, you also need to have the option to set the information you’d like to display.

Date of review, reviewer’s name and image (avatar), only stars, only review (or stars and review), etc.

Another beneficial function is to allow reviewers to add images and videos to their reviews.

Lastly, allow your users to filter reviews by positive, negative and rating.

5. Rich Snippets

Do you want to score more real estate on SERPs? Of course, you do!

And that’s when rich snippets come into play, adding a few extra lines under your site’s search result.

Rich snippets can drastically improve your click-through rates. Which is, again, good for SEO.

Hey, if the rating and the number of raters are high, you’ll likely click on it.

Let’s look at the best WordPress Google reviews plugins for your website.

TL;DR – Best Review Plugins for WordPress

Best Free & Premium WordPress Review Plugins

1. Wiremo

Best WordPress review plugin for: Beginner and expert users who want to add a review system to their eCommerce platform.

Wiremo is a customer review plugin that provides spaces for customer feedback. It works for physical products and services websites and is connected through social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

It has a free and three premium versions, covering projects of all sizes. You also get a 24/7 customer support and can enjoy a 14-day free trial if you’d like to jump straight to pro.

Wiremo also uses free widgets and a powerful dashboard to display all information.

It is user-friendly with regular updates, so it keeps operating smoothly for years. It is also fast and responsive, with great SEO optimization options for adding rich snippets.

We also like how Wiremo integrates easily with WooCommerce, so your customers can comfortably select star ratings and write a review.

Key features:

  • Questions and answers
  • Event triggers
  • Anonymous reviews
  • Multilingual support
  • Auto-approving reviews

Advantages of Wiremo:

  • Easy set up and smooth WooCommerce integration
  • Saves you a lot of time with fantastic automation

Disadvantages of Wiremo:

  • Essential plan comes with Wiremo branding


  • Free: Regular updates, reviews rotation carousel
  • Essential ($19.99/mo): 1k emails, 3 images for uploading
  • Professional ($49.99/mo): 10k emails, 5 images for uploading
  • Premium ($200+/mo): Unlimited emails, Unlimited images for uploading
More info / Purchase

2. Book Blogger

Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin for WordPress

Best WordPress review plugin for: Everyone who wants to create professional book reviews.

Book Blogger is a review plugin for book readers. If you’re an avid book reader that writes book reviews, try upgrading your book review software.

The Book Blogger plugin is a simple review platform. It offers custom prebuilt fields for reviews that will improve user experience.

You can easily curate essential information about the books you are reviewing. For heavy readers, there is an option to review multiple books simultaneously.

And you will save a lot of time with features like automatic data fetching from Google Books and Goodreads.

You can extend Book Blogger with widgets, such as a social media follower box. Also, you can display the kind of books you are reading at any given moment or list your recent reviews.

If you want to one-up yourself, you can always display the number of books you read within 365 days!

Key features:

  • Easy post formation
  • Supports ISBN to fetch data
  • Various ways to populate your archives

Advantages of Book Blogger:

  • Saves a lot of time when creating professional book reviews
  • Multiple options to display any book info you want

Disadvantages of Book Blogger:

  • No free version (but you can try its demo version for free)


  • $35: Automatic updates and support for 12 months (option to renew)
More info / Purchase

3. Site Reviews

site reviews wordpress plugin

Best WordPress review plugin for: Allowing your site visitors to submit star rating reviews with comments easily.

Adding reviews to your website can benefit your overall business tremendously. Reviews and testimonials build trust in potential customers and might be the last information they need to contact you or make a purchase.

Of course, if they are positive.

To simplify adding reviews to your page, Site Reviews is the WordPress plugin that will take care of it. It allows users to submit their reviews with a 5-star rating system.

Core features of Site Reviews are pagination, support for Asian languages, comprehensive documentation, and configurable widgets.

There is also Google’s reCAPTCHA on the submission form to prevent spam. It will take you little time to activate the review system on your website with this plugin.

And do you know what the best thing is? You can start for free.

Key features:

  • Avatars
  • Blacklist
  • WooCommerce support (with free WooCommerce Reviews add-on)
  • Compatible with WP multisite networks
  • You can respond to reviews (publicly)

Advantages of Site Reviews:

  • The plugin includes blocks, shortcodes and widgets for easy inclusion
  • Multiple rules for review approval


  • Free: Backup and restore, GamiPress and WooCommerce integration support
  • Premium (89€+/year): 1+ site, review and form builders, built-in search
More info / Purchase

4. WP Customer Reviews

wp customer reviews wordpress plugin

Best WordPress review plugin for: Users who want to benefit from product reviews and customer testimonials.

Regardless of your business type, you can implement reviews and share with the world what amazing experiences your clients and customers had working with or purchasing from you.

Whether it is a service, software or product, with WP Customer Reviews, you can introduce both customer testimonials and product/software reviews.

What’s cool about this WordPress review plugin is that you can decide which review to display and which to skip. This allows you to avoid adding negative comments which may harm your business.

The tool’s goodies are full customization, compatibility with WordPress Multisite and caching plugins, spam protection, and shortcodes.

For your information, WP Customer Reviews is lightning fast, making sure not to slow down your website, keeping the outstanding performance intact.

Key features:

  • 100% control over every submitted review/testimonial
  • Integrated anti-spam solution
  • Works on posts and pages
  • Customizable

Advantages of WP Customer Reviews:

  • The plugin works for reviews and testimonials
  • Free and open-source

Disadvantages of WP Customer Reviews:

  • Looks very simple (too basic for some users)


  • Free
More info / Purchase

5. Google Reviews Widget

google reviews widget wordpress plugin

Best WordPress review plugin for: Adding Google business ratings and reviews to your website. (It also supports Yelp and Facebook reviews.)

As the name suggests, Google Reviews Widget is a simple-to-use review plugin for WordPress that adds Google Business Reviews to your page.

Moreover, it is a widget, so you can easily add it to your web space’s sidebar or other locations.

A neat function of the plugin is that it stores all the Google Reviews you import into the WordPress database. This way, the reviews are live regardless of what is happening with Google.

Google Reviews Widget is a free plugin for WordPress, but it also offers a premium version to unlock even more features.

The plugin is SEO-friendly, allows you to trim longer reviews with a read more button and show up to five Google Business reviews per location.

It is also compatible with light and dark themes, mobile devices and modern web browsers to boost UX.

Key features:

  • “Review us on G” button
  • Multilingual support
  • Show full review or just a rating badge
  • Works with any modern WordPress page builder

Advantages of Google Reviews Widget:

  • Offers effortless Google reviews integration with compatibility for other platforms
  • Live preview option to ensure the reviews are exactly how you want them to be before going live

Disadvantages of Google Reviews Widget:

  • Limited free version


  • Free: 5 Google and 3 Yelp reviews, paginations, long reviews trimmer
  • Business ($85/year): Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews, badges, filters
More info / Purchase

6. WP Review

wp review wordpress plugin

Best WordPress review plugin for: Building a full-blown review site or mixing review posts into your existing blog.

WP Review is a convenient review plugin for WordPress that will save you time and energy when creating new content.

If you are a blogger or run a review website, this plugin helps you post reviews for products and services. You can add a star, percentage, or point rating along with the in-depth text.

Additionally, WP Review is fully translatable to use with any language you want.

WP Review delivers two different box templates that you can customize further. From basic to modern, it is up to you how you would like reviews to appear on your website.

Moreover, the layout is responsive and flexible, supports unlimited colors, and is fully congruent with caching plugins and all modern WordPress themes.

If you want to start releasing a new type of content, WP Review is a tool that will get you going immediately.

Key features:

  • 19 types of rich snippets
  • 16 available review templates
  • Various rating systems
  • Ratings and reviews

Advantages of WP Review:

  • Create a review site without coding
  • Contributes to better site SEO
  • Optimized for great performance (doesn’t slow down your website)

Disadvantages of WP Review:

  • Free version lacks functionality


  • Free: Star, point, percentage rating, schema support, customizations
  • Premium ($77/year): Premium support, 19 types of rich snippets, integrated Google Places
More info / Purchase

7. Facebook Reviews

fb reviews widget wordpress plugin

Best WordPress review plugin for: Everyone who wants to add social reviews and recommendations to their sites and blogs.

Here’s a plugin to add Facebook reviews to your website. And the installation and activation processes are so simple, anyone can do it.

On top of that, the Facebook Reviews plugin is free of charge and available just a click away.

Remember, to make it work, you need admin rights on the Facebook page for the plugin to pull out the reviews. Also, it works with the Facebook Graph API.

When all is set, you will see Facebook reviews appear on your page instantly.

Other features of the Facebook Reviews extension are pagination, location-specific reviews and the option to trim longer texts with the read more button.

It is also in tune with most modern themes for smooth integration.

Note: The plugin’s pro version also supports other platforms, like Google and Yelp.

Key features:

  • Automatic review refresh
  • Nofollow tag
  • Google rich snippets
  • Slider and grid themes
  • Multiple sorting options

Advantages of Facebook Reviews:

  • Unlimited reviews limit even in the free version
  • Connects with all major platforms but also allows manual reviews

Disadvantages of Facebook Reviews:

  • No pro version supports unlimited business connections


  • Free: Google and Facebook, rating and word filters, trim text
  • Standard ($5+/month): All platforms, no branding, priority support
  • Pro ($15+/month): All platforms, collecting reviews via widgets
  • Business ($25+/month): All platforms, send review requests via SMS and email
More info / Purchase

8. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

customer reviews for woocommerce

Best WordPress review plugin for: Every WooCommerce website owner who wants to add reviews and ratings to their products and services.

When running an online store on WooCommerce, you want to add customer reviews to boost sales. With social proof via reviews, you can build trust and raise your potential to win over more customers.

You can now introduce reviews to your eCommerce website with Customer Reviews for WooCommerce.

What we particularly like about this plugin is that it automatically encourages everyone who purchases to leave a review.

But you can take many other great features to your advantage. Some are aggregated review forms, reviews for discounts, trust badges, and an option to import and export reviews.

Avoid leaving money on the table, introduce reviews and see an increase in sales.

Key features:

  • Automated and manual reviews
  • Review voting
  • Q&A function
  • reCAPTCHA to prevent spam
  • Trust badges
  • Reviews for coupons (our fav!)

Advantages of Customer Reviews for WooCommerce:

  • Easy way to encourage users to leave a review
  • Effortless integration with any WooCommerce website

Disadvantages of Customer Reviews for WooCommerce:

  • The free version doesn’t have the option to make comments mandatory


  • Free: Automatic scheduling, picture and video reviews, coupons for reviews
  • Pro ($49.99/year): Brandable look, min. review length, links to products
More info / Purchase

9. Reviews and Rating

google business reviews rating

Best WordPress review plugin for: Including Google My Business reviews to any website with links to current ratings, a form to write a review, and places with Google Maps.

If you have a Google Business account with many positive reviews and ratings, wouldn’t it be awesome to display those on your official website?

You can now make it happen with Reviews and Rating. This WordPress plugin does all the hard work for you.

You only need your unique ID to copy and paste to the plugin, and that’s pretty much all the necessary work. The plugin also urges your new customers to leave a Google Business review (with a Google icon).

Reviews and Rating has shortcodes, widgets, 28 designs, a live preview, amazing customization functions, and an option to show and hide reviews.

The layout of the reviews is also mobile-ready, working flawlessly on all devices. (It’s also compatible with RTL languages.)

Key features:

  • Custom appearance
  • 250 designs and themes
  • Structured Data support
  • Translation-ready

Advantages of Reviews and Rating:

  • The plugin captures reviews easily via your unique ID
  • Multiple customization functions (with more on request)


  • Free
More info / Purchase

10. Recencio Book Reviews

recencio book reviews wordpress plugin

Best WordPress review plugin for: Book review websites or anyone who’d like to review books in their niche occasionally.

There are many review websites, and reviewing books is a popular niche. If you are an avid reader or run a WordPress food blog where you would like to review some cookbooks, Recencio Book Reviews is the plugin for you.

Of course, when it comes to reviews, the mentioned are just an example. There are also tons of different niches and industries that this extension works with flawlessly.

What’s more, Recencio Book Reviews can also earn you money by adding your affiliate links.

Other plugin functions are custom posting for reviews, automatically fetching book details via ISBN (or adding manually), 5-star ratings, and five widget types.

Additionally, readers can also leave a comment on your review and rate it accordingly. Recencio Book Reviews is translatable and GDPR compliant, too.

A pack of goodies for every book reviewer.

Key features:

  • Custom review post type
  • Fetch book details via ISBN
  • Include reviews to posts and pages with shortcodes
  • Five custom widgets
  • Book purchase (affiliate) links

Advantages of Recencio Book Reviews:

  • Excellent flexibility to adapt to any niche and industry
  • It’s easy to add affiliate links to book reviews


  • Free
More info / Purchase

What Is The Best Review Plugin For WordPress

We couldn’t decide on the ultimate best review plugin.


All these ten are good, but they also have unique functionalities, focusing on different review styles.

But, we have four BEST solutions that cover everything:

  • Wiremo: If you run an eCommerce store, this is the solution that you should implement for reviews and ratings.
  • Book Blogger: Save yourself time and effort when creating in-depth book reviews.
  • Site Reviews: This WordPress review plugin accepts star ratings and reviews (on ANY website) with blocks, shortcodes and widgets for effortless inclusion.
  • Google Reviews Widget: While this one specializes in Google Business reviews, it also easily integrates with Facebook and Yelp reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About Review Plugins

What is the best review plugin for WordPress?

The best all-around WordPress review plugin is Site Reviews. But Wiremo is the ideal solution for eCommerce and Google Reviews Widget for adding social reviews (including Facebook and Yelp).

How do I show reviews on WordPress?

The simplest way of showing reviews on your WordPress website or blog is with a dedicated plugin. It includes all the necessary functions for moderating reviews, adding star ratings, filtering, spam protection, etc.

How do I add Trustpilot to WordPress?

The best solution for adding Trustpilot to WordPress is using the company’s own Trustpilot Reviews WordPress plugin.

How do I add a star rating in WordPress?

With a plugin, you can add a star rating system to your WordPress site. You won’t need to code but still have the opportunity for the necessary configurations, so stars appear exactly how you want.

Are they any WordPress themes for review websites?

There are many ready-made WordPress themes for review websites, and we have written a detailed comparison.

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  1. Alexander Jemeljanov says:

    Hi Alex, indeed, my feeling is that there are not so many honest review blogs out there. And I think those have better chance on success, because audience feel what is the truth 🙂

  2. Hi there, I am looking for a great plug in where guests can write a Review on site in how they felt my Service and the Safari has been. the guests should be able to post the Review with some Picture material. Can you recommend any plug in? It does not have to be a free one,

    many thanks in advance


  3. I used the Trustbadge reviews widget on my online shop to collect and show customer reviews. It’s fairly easy to use. They have many integrations in different shop systems. And it comes with 7 languages and is mobile-optimized.

  4. Rahul Chugh says:

    Is the review showing in my post description in search engine

    1. Rahul,

      Yes, it will show up on search engines but you can always use a separate text just for SEO purpose.

  5. I do agree with Aigars, to be honest it will show up on search engines but you can always use a separate text just for SEO purpose. Thanks a lot for sharing your content with us.

  6. Tracy R. Simmons says:


    Nice collection of Review plugins for WordPress.

    Keep updating!!!


  7. DevlinCreative says:

    Thanks for these.

    I was tempted to just develop one myself but since there are so many I’ll just use one of these and see where I go with it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Timix A Thomas says:

    I think WP product review is the best so far. I use it on all of my websites and I get great results, Even as SERP rich snippets

  9. dipesh rai says:

    Hi Alex, Well written content ! I m very happy that you are updating people about new thing and technologies, it really great. i want to update you about a Reviews management system for wordpress, woocommerce and for other platform.

  10. I’ve used Ultimate Reviews for a few projects. I really like the company too. I’m an intermediate, self-taught WordPress user and the support they provide is excellent. They also listen to feature requests and regularly maintain their products.

  11. Herc Magnus says:

    I know that it’s not very popular, but you really should include Project Supremacy v3 in this list. Their Schema Generator is absolutely insanely good and their pricing is even better. They have the entire Library to build from and even something called a Schema Duplicator which allows you to clone the schema from any other website to use on your own. This is definitely an up and coming schema plugin.

    Oh and it also happens to be a WordPress Management software as well so not only can you build and inject schema to any of your websites with a single tool, but you can do all the other WP managment stuff.

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