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Hongo Review – A Modern Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Hongo is a brand new multipurpose WooCommerce theme for creating online stores with WordPress. This Hongo review explores the pre-built content that will help you quickly launch your WordPress ecommerce store.

We also evaluate the features you get access to, including eCommerce functionality, general website tools, and other extras.

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether or not Hongo is right for your online store and if it’s the best WooCommerce theme for launching a new eCommerce project with WordPress.

Let’s begin…

About the Hongo WooCommerce WordPress Theme

If you want to launch an online store, WordPress and Hongo will provide you with everything you need. After installing this theme and its recommended and required plugins, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the powerful WooCommerce plugin to build your eCommerce store.

As we’re about to see in this Hongo review, this theme includes a high-quality selection of online store demos. These demos cover a range of eCommerce styles and product types, giving you a range of options to choose from.

As well as the eCommerce templates, Hongo has lots of useful eCommerce features to help enhance your store. We’ll cover these in more depth later on in this Hongo review. However, some examples include powerful product filtering, product quick views, and multivendor support for creating marketplaces. Wishlist and product compare functionality are other features of this theme that will help give your store a professional look.

While the pre-built content of Hongo looks great, it can all be easily customized. Thanks to including a premium page builder plugin and a powerful set of theme customization options, you get full creative control over how your eCommerce store looks.

There are lots more reasons to choose this theme for your online store, so let’s start this Hongo review by looking at some of its best features.

Best Features of Hongo

As Hongo is a multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress theme it’s packed with features to help you launch a wide range of eCommerce stores. So with that in mind, this part of our Hongo review highlights the best and most useful Hongo features, to help you decide if this is the best WooCommerce theme for your store.

Ecommerce Store Demos

The eCommerce store demos that you get access to with Hongo are quite focused on specific products. However, you don’t have to use the designs exactly as intended. For example, if you like the look of the fashion store demo, but you’re selling gadgets, you should still be able to use your preferred demo. So do bear that in mind when browsing the Hongo demos.

Fashion Store Demo

This demo has a large, full-screen slider as its centerpiece, giving you a great opportunity to highlight some of your featured products. As your potential customers scroll down the homepage, they can browse the nicely displayed products that you’ve selected for the front of your store.

The social media features of Hongo are put to good use at the bottom of the homepage layout. Thanks to this, you can easily display the latest photos from Instagram on your website.

Watch Store Demo

The watch store demo is ideal for watches and accessories, jewelry, and other similar items. Again, this demo uses a large slider as its main feature, followed by product displays using a few different grid layouts. There’s also a feed from your blog, displaying your store’s latest posts and news.

Lifestyle Store Demo

The lifestyle store demo should work with a wide range of products, making it a good all-round ecommerce store demo. The large grid section at the top of the homepage is ideal for highlighting your key product categories. The rest of the homepage layout has many product sections to display the different items you stock. Animation effects are well used throughout this demo to make your store a little more eye-catching.

Lingerie Store Demo

The lingerie store demo would work well for any type of clothing and other fashion-related items. The homepage is another one that uses a slider. This gives you a good way to get your key products in front of your visitors as soon as they arrive at your site. Other elements on the homepage include a logo slider to showcase which brands you work with and a product grid for promoting your newest items.

You can view the full list of ecommerce demo from this theme on the Hongo website.

Blog Post Templates

As well as the different ecommerce store demos, Hongo comes with lots of other useful templates and layouts. One example of this is the selection of blog post templates.

Adding a blog to your ecommerce store can be a great way to promote new products and share your brand’s story. Thanks to all the templates in the Hongo package, you get a lot of control over how your blog will look.

Not only are there lots of layouts for the individual posts on your blog, but there are also many templates for displaying multiple blog posts on one page. Some examples include the masonry layout, other types of grids, and the text-only option, to name just a few. These archive templates look great and are sure to give your blog a professional appearance.

Whether or not you want to add a blog to your store right now, it’s nice to have so many templates to choose from when the time comes to start blogging.

Ecommerce Features

When it comes to ecommerce features, Hongo doesn’t disappoint. While the core WooCommerce plugin provides the essential ecommerce functionality for your store, you can do a lot more with this theme than simply launch a basic online shop.

Product Filters

To help your shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for, Hongo has impressive product filter functionality. Depending on how you choose to configure your store, you can give your visitors the ability to filter your inventory using a range of options. Thanks to this, shoppers can narrow their search results to find the products that meet their requirements. Hopefully, this will lead to more sales on your website.

Product Quick View

The ability to quickly inspect products in more detail is a popular feature found in many ecommerce stores. By choosing Hongo, you can easily enable this feature to let your shoppers get a closer look at your items. As Hongo has a 360-degree product view feature too, shoppers can easily inspect items from any angle. This should increase the chances of them finding the right product and deciding to purchase.

Multivendor Support

If you’d like to let other vendors list their products for sale on your eCommerce website, you can do so with Hongo. Thanks to supporting for Dokan, the leading multivendor plugin for WordPress, you get full control over how this aspect of your store works. Not only does this give your shoppers more choice but the ability to charge vendors a fee for accessing your eCommerce platform also gives you another way to generate revenue from your website.

Sticky Add-to-Cart Button

To ensure that your visitors can easily add items to their cart, Hongo has an optional floating add-to-cart button that can always be on display. So if a shopper is checking out a product and has scrolled down the page, they can just click on the sticky button at any point to add it to their cart, making it available for purchase when they are ready to check out.

Product Wishlists

If a visitor to your store sees a product they like, but aren’t ready to buy just yet, with Hongo, you can give them the option of adding it to their wishlist. Then, when they are ready, they can return and move those items from their wishlist to their cart.

Catalog Mode

You can also use your online shop as a Catalog Mode by hiding Add to cart or price button on product pages. With this Catalog mode, you will have a chance to turn your website into an e-catalog.

Product Tabs

For more clear and intuitive product presentation, you can use special product tabs to display longer product information in short area. It will also allow you to customize product pages that can enable custom product tab to any specific products or all product pages in overall store.

Smart Product

No matter how large is your products gallery, you will always have a chance to showcase your top-notch product with Smart product feature. Using this, you can display your favorite or top-rated product as sticky overlay, which can be closed by the user.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

As we’ve just seen, the pre-built ecommerce demos of Hongo look great. However, you don’t have to use them exactly as they come. Thanks to the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, the templates can all be opened for editing.

After some recent updates, WPBakery Page Builder now has a fully responsive visual editor. Through this WYSIWYG interface, you can drag and drop items around the page. You can also click on an item to start editing it, complete with a live preview of your work.

WPBakery Page Builder comes with its own set of modules too. Thanks to this, you can quickly insert a wide range of elements and modules into your pages. In addition to modules like the slider, video player, and countdown timer options, WPBakery Page Builder has some ecommerce modules that store owners should find useful.

Templates Library

By accessing templates library, you can click your desired section template from the hundreds of ready awesome designed templates and build your beautiful and stunning home pages and inner pages in no time. This is a very simple and fast way to prepare the content blocks for your website pages. Hongo gives an authority to access all premium class downloadable templates.

Now, it’s very easy to save your time while working with content. No matter what type of post, page or product you need, using templates library, you can give a professional touch to each post or page.  Also, each template has been crafted in a unique way which is easily customizable.

Customization Options

Like the best modern WooCommerce WordPress themes, Hongo is highly flexible. As well as using the page builder to personalize the pre-built content, you can also adjust the site-wide settings of your store.

Opening up the WordPress Customizer gives you access to many settings and controls. These cover elements like the logo, header image, and many more areas of your site. Whenever you make a change to your site through this interface, you can instantly see what impact it’s had on its appearance. There’s no need to preview your work in another browser tab. Then, when you’re happy, simply hit the Publish button to confirm your changes.

Thanks to this, if you want to personalize your ecommerce store, there’s no need for any coding experience. Nearly every aspect of your website can be customized through the visual settings and controls, meaning you won’t even have to look at a line of code if you don’t want to.

We all know that header and footer are the backbone of the site, so it is vital to have an excellent header and footer. You can build a powerful website with various pre-designed header and footer templates. You can easily draw visitor’s attention with these custom header and footer.

By bringing the power of the custom header and footer builder, you can design them the way you like and complete projects faster than ever. For further use, you can save them as a template.

Creating different headers and footers to different pages of your WordPress site can be very easy. As you can accomplish this goal in no time. All you need is to create different header and footer templates and assigning to different pages as per your needs. You can create different headers on special occasions such as sale for black Friday, Christmas, and many more occasions.

One Click Demo Import

One click demo import is another important point to consider when choosing a WooCommerce integrated WordPress theme. It saves you time. One click demo import is one of the most important and useful features. It will setup your site smoothly as it supports import full demo data or individual demo data such as content, widgets and theme settings with just a single click.

So, by importing theme demo data, you can get an easy and quick way to customize theme. Once you have imported all demo data, it’s easy for you to add your own custom content. All this can be done with just a single click that too with the help of the one click demo import feature of Hongo theme.

About the Hongo Author

One important point to consider when choosing a theme is looking at who it was created by. This isn’t as important with well-established themes as many people will have tested the theme out after purchasing it. However, as Hongo is a new theme, you might be wondering whether it’s been road-tested enough for your project.

Well, the good news is, while Hongo is a relatively new theme, it has been created by a very well established developer. Themezaa, the creators of Hongo, have been producing WordPress theme for many years now and have generated over $750,000 of sales at the ThemeForest marketplace. Including Hongo, they currently have 15 themes listed at the ThemeForest marketplace and two products available at CodeCanyon.

So if you’re looking for a theme from a company with a good reputation for releasing popular themes and supporting their products, Themezaa certainly meets that criteria.

Hongo Pricing Information

Hongo is currently available for $29 which is a great deal as similar themes usually sell for about $60 at ThemeForest. As this is reportedly a launch offer, you can expect the price of Hongo to rise in the future.

Purchasing Hongo includes lifetime access to theme updates as well as six months of access to support from the developer. However, you can extend this support period to 12 months by paying an extra $6.38.

It’s also worth mentioning that Hongo comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution plugins. Due to this, you won’t need to invest in these tools or similar options if you want to add a drag-and-drop visual editor or slideshow creator to your website.

Hongo Review Final Thoughts

After carrying out testing for this Hongo review, it’s fair to say that if you choose this theme you’ll be getting access to a great set of templates for your online store as well as some genuinely useful ecommerce features.

With a good selection of pre-built store demos to choose from, you’re very likely to find one that’s right for your project.

Thanks to the customization options, including the premium WPBakery Page Builder, you can easily personalize the demos and templates to match your business branding.

So if you’re searching for a high-quality ecommerce theme that will give your WooCommerce store a professional look, Hongo is easy to recommend.

Click here now to find out more about Hongo and try the ecommerce demos today.

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