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22 Best Wedding Website Builders 2023

If your commitment ceremony is just around the corner, these wedding website builders are here to save you time and energy.

Instead of sending out old school and outdated invitations, wouldn’t it be better to have a fully functional page where family and friends could register for the wedding event and learn more about you? With a solid site, you can share stunning images and showcase the preparation for the big day and even the event timetable.

As complicated as all these may sound, it is not quite like so. The most crucial thing you need to know about these wedding website builders is that they do not require programming knowledge.

You can be someone who has never made a website and still attain unbelievable results on the interweb.

Moreover, each website builder on the list also comes with diverse features and many ready-to-use web designs, which you can employ however you see fit best. You will quickly and effortlessly have your particularly impressive wedding website prepared for the big launch.

Best Website Builders for Weddings

1. Wix

wix wedding website builder

As powerful, versatile, and highly adaptive as Wix is, you can create any website you want with it. Of course, we can easily call Wix a wedding website builder, as it comes with all the necessary tools for such page. Out of the box, Wix comes with several ready-to-use templates specifically designed for wedding events, planners, invitations and the like. There is a wide selection of layouts at your disposal so it will not be hard to find the right look for your online presence. On top of that, you do not need to go with the default look. With Wix, you can customize and alter everything and make it follow your needs and regulations.

Moreover, Wix also comes with three different approaches to making a compelling wedding page. You can use the amazing ADI (artificial design intelligence), the all-around Editor, or the powerful Code. The name of each pretty much tells you all you need to know. But to truly understand the amazingness of Wix, you better see it do its thing yourself.

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2. Squarespace Website Builder

squarespace wedding website builder

Make your nuptial more memorable by choosing Squarespace as your wedding companion. Join thousands of couples who love this wedding website builder. It is an all-in-one platform that takes care of everything you need for that special day. With a modern, simplified planning method, all you need to do is have a motif and a theme ready. And no, you do not need any prior page development experience. With Squarespace, all is swift and undemanding, very newbie-friendly.

Squarespace has customized wedding registry features that organize your guest list accordingly. No mess with Squarespace! Preserve those significant memories by chronicling all your photos and putting them in a gallery. This is perfect, especially if you share it with your friends and family. You also get a custom domain name that lets you personalize the website easily. Moreover, a team of experts will always be at your service if you need any assistance.

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3. Hostinger

If you are in the process of setting up a wedding website, look no further than Hostinger. This outstanding, modern, and effortless website builder is here to make a difference for everyone. It does not matter if you are a web developer or haven’t built a website yet; you will witness much success with Hostinger. Hostinger will never ask you for coding knowledge and any other advanced skills.

You can kick things off with Hostinger’s lovely templates in various styles. In other words, there’s something for everyone. Of course, you can also perform additional customization tweaks, introduce an RSVP form, accepts gifts and share all the necessary information and detail about the D day. What’s cool about Hostinger is that you can manage and maintain your wedding website from one location, including domain name and web hosting.

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4. The Knot Website Builder

the knot wedding website builder

Tying the knot is unforgettable, but the stress accompanying it is no joke. Do not worry; The Knot is here to save the day and keep things in perfect order. This wedding website builder offers the complete package for planning your special day. All templates are imbued with fresh, breathtaking designs that capture the event’s mood. Have it your way when customizing background photos and colors in just a few clicks. With this in mind, enrich your newly designed page with your signature touch.

Core features of The Knot include a budgeter, checklist, guest list, vendor list, registry and a gorgeous wedding day timeline. These tools will help you set up everything, from inviting guests to walking down the aisle. Make it exclusive and have something novel, exciting, and ready to go live to announce the big day with The Knot.

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5. Weblium

weblium wedding website builder

With Weblium, you can create a wedding website easily and effortlessly as a couple or an organizer. It is a sophisticated and intuitive website builder for all levels of users. Meaning, whether you are building your first page or an experienced developer, with Weblium, anyone can get things to happen. You need no skill and talent and still come out with a lovely wedding website that suits the purpose.

Make a site for weddings of the highest quality with Weblium. The process is swift and straightforward. You get to pick the template that works for you best and activate the drag and drop method for styling and improving the default settings. Also, Weblium comes with a brilliant AI (artificial intelligence), which will tremendously support.

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6. Jimdo

jimdo wedding website builder

Jimdo is no stranger to building wedding websites. This builder lets you start your online journey for free and upgrade to a premium plan later. See how things work out for you first and go from there. Go with the flow, and before you know it, you are already be attracting your loved ones to the website. Or, if you would like to promote your wedding services, invite potential clients and grow your business accordingly. You will have difficulty turning back once you investigate Jimdo in great detail.

With an array of ready-to-use samples, you can quickly find the one that suits your taste best. Of course, it does not end here. With Jimdo, you can further customize and improve the template of choice and personalize it. All Jimdo websites are also mobile-friendly and built with SEO in mind.

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7. Minted Wedding Website Builder

minted wedding website builder

Minted is a full-blown solution for anything wedding-related. Minted is modern-looking and creative, perfect for couples who like something different. Many designs are available and ready to employ either as is or enhance further. You can even pick from different color schemes, layout styles, and whether you would like to craft a one- or a multi-page website. Yes, you can even build a website and create other designs.

Moreover, you do not need to spend a dime when using Minted. Indeed, you can start for free, but the premium plan is always at your disposal when you want to unlock even more features. With Minted, you can match your invitations, greeting cards, and website all from one location. Hint: no one wants that bulky domain name.

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8. Elementor

elementor wedding website builder

If you are in WordPress, you will almost certainly want to check out Elementor. It is an exclusively crafted page builder for the mentioned CMS with incredible features. Since our topic today are weddings, Elementor perfectly adapts to the niche. Moreover, the tool integrates with other ready-made WordPress themes and has you covered for designing and establishing a solid web presence. Due to its effortless and fast visual editing, you can have your wedding website up and ready to go live in a snap.

Elementor does not require coding or want you to be a designer. You could be without experience and still have a chance to develop a professional page that will rock the web. You can create the entire layout for your couple’s page from scratch or choose from its over 300 ready-to-use templates. With Elementor, you will save time and energy to invest in planning the wedding instead.

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9. WPBakery

wpbakery wedding website builder

Another outstanding wedding website builder for WordPress is WPBakery. It is a general site editor which instantly adjusts to different niches and industries. No matter what type of page you would like to craft, with WPBakery, you can do just about anything. You can go as creative and complex as possible, or keep things simple and minimal. While it comes with multiple ready-made layouts, WPBakery also integrates with any wedding WordPress theme you find on the market. Those themes already come with WPBakery at no additional cost in many cases. Again, WPBakery is here to make things happen for you.

With WPBakery, you can do edits in the back- and the front-end and be a pro at it, even though you might be constructing your very first website. Form your color skin, drag and drop elements, introduce handy add-ons and display imagery with a custom grid.

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10. Riley & Grey Website Builder

riley and grey wedding website builder

Enjoy a luxurious and vibrant wedding celebration by using Riley & Grey. This wedding website builder will surely exceed your expectations regarding all things commitment-ceremony-related. The templates are more than just cheesy and sweet. They are modernized and sleek-looking, yet still romantic and special. With the numerous available, there is a style for every taste. And if not, you can always improve and enhance the desired template to suit your needs and regulations.

There is no need to be too focused on building the website, as this builder takes care of that. You will get elegant wedding invitations, organized RSVP cards, and more. The best thing about Riley & Grey is that it is simple, yet the outcome is always of the highest degree. Let your wedding website resonate your personalities and connect with your family and friends. Do your thing and shine with all of your light.

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11. Weebly

weebly wedding website builder

Weebly provides a platform to manage and maintain your online presence fully. It is an eCommerce and a wedding website builder with a broad specter of options that unlock new opportunities and possibilities. The fastest launch of your new page will be by selecting the right theme for your wedding page. You can use it as-is or improve it according to your ideas. In both cases, it is guaranteed that the end product will be of the highest quality, sparking the curiosity of everyone who visits your site.

You can choose from over 200 apps appearing on the web as an expert implemented them. Thanks to the drag and drop editor, you never need to change the code to make modifications. Moreover, you can also start a blog and tell your family and friends about the entire preparation for the wedding.

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12. WeddingWire

weddingwire wedding website builder

With WeddingWire, you will never regret saying, “I do,” as it is committed to providing an excellent service for that treasured moment you have been waiting for. This wedding website builder has magnificent templates and features to aid you with these arduous preparations. Browse hundreds of web templates based on your motif or theme. They are all made with love and appear very friendly to the eye. Not only that, but you will also get RSVP cards, seating charts, guest lists, and registration forms. It is all in the bundle.

Along with the mentioned, even more features are waiting for you, so explore them when you try this builder and use it to its full potential. After setting up the wedding website, you can create your URL without limitations. Have your online presence organized and neat for everyone to experience it in the same amazing fashion.

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13. GettingMarried

gettingmarried wedding website builder

You can build a wedding website like a pro with GettingMarried. If you would like to make a difference and share with the world all and everything about yourself, your love story, and the mandatory gift list, you better create a page and share it with your family and friends. GettingMarried ensures establishing a simple yet stunning, page that anyone can utilize for their wedding plans.

First and foremost, you choose from numerous layouts that GettingMarried has up for grabs. This saves you a ton of time and energy and has you online in close to no time. From then on, improve and customize the layout, add your information and keep everyone updated. GettingMarried also has a fully sorted out RSVP, and it just happens that it is free of charge. It takes only five steps and two minutes, and you are done working on your wedding page with GettingMarried.

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14. Appy Couple

appy couple wedding website builder

Try Appy Couple and discover why thousands of happy couples have selected it as their service provider. It is both a page and an app that makes it super convenient. This wedding website builder aims to impress hosts and guests, which helped them gain more potential customers. All designs are effortlessly chic, artfully social, and truly modern. Meaning, you can create a website instantly and hassle-free. Some of these predesigned templates include rustic, floral, and resort styles. There are hundreds to choose from so you will find what’s best for you.

Appy Couple has expansive amenities such as video cover pages, event scheduling, guest lists, RSVPs and digital cards. It is ready for you for a quick and reliable page launch. Your creation will work both on desktop and mobile devices smoothly as butter, as well as on all popular web browsers.

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15. With Joy

with joy wedding website builder

With Joy is the ultimate wedding planner and designer you will ever need. Indeed, it is a wedding website builder that does everything with joy and pleasure. Devoted to display genuine matrimonial charm, the designs are stunning, highly intuitive, and easily customizable. With this in mind, you do not need to stick to the default look but change it however you fancy. Joy’s built-in templates cover everything from scheduling to listings.

Ensure accurate responses from your guests with their standardized RSVP collection system. Got some unprecedented last-minute changes? No worries, as you can update your guests regularly and automatically online. Yes, this means you are always fully organized and nothing will ever slip through the cracks. You can also access With Joy’s unlimited storage album for your photos. With Joy will guide you in every step of the way so don’t hesitate to ask for help from the support team.

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16. eWedding

ewedding wedding website builder

The number of websites that eWedding supports is in high hundreds of thousands. Yes, that’s how many couples already have their pages live, announcing their big day and sharing their experience with all their family and friends. This tells you that eWedding is a solid website builder doing a great job. Usually, you get the basic features from other builders such as RSVPs, guests likes, and the like, but you can do more with eWedding. One of the fantastic features is the relationship timeline which enables you and your spouse to share and reminisce memories from the moment you first met to the day you walk down the aisle.

eWedding’s pages are fully responsive and look perfect on desktop or mobile devices. While free, eWedding also offers a premium service with loads of additional functionality to elevate your page. From now on, it is all up to you, how quickly you would like to launch your custom wedding page.

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17. Zola

zola wedding website builder

Building a website can be both stressful and costly. Thankfully, Zola has your back by removing these deterrents, providing a fun experience. It is a wedding website builder with over a hundred elegant templates and straightforward designs to set up, personalize and share. Zola understands that every wedding is unique and extraordinary, so should its website. Zola lets you switch out themes and color schemes, emphasizing personalization. Make it your own and stand out with a remarkable web space everyone will enjoy browsing.

RSVP written in paper cards is so old school, that’s why Zola directs your guests to your site to send their responses. Make it modern and follow the new trends and regulations with the impressive Zola. It does not stop there, as guests can also provide meal preferences! Moreover, you can also keep track of all the responses with the guest list manager.

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18. uKit

ukit wedding website builder

Lavish and glamorous weddings often cost a fortune but uKit breaks this trend. This wedding website builder is perfect for practical, diverse, innovative and trendy couples – basically, every bride and groom on the planet. Admit it, you want the magazine cover style of wedding, don’t you? Well, this builder will give you just that – for a very low cost. You can even try uKit for fourteen days straight and ask for a money-back if it does not suit you. That may seem too good to be true but it’s better to try it yourself.

uKit has excellent designs in 38 categories, incredible features and the simplistic drag and drop method of building a page. Of course, your final page will be mobile-ready to work fluently on all devices. Like that would not already be enough, you do not need to hold yourself back slightly. Be as creative as you want, uKit handles all challenges.

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19. Say I Do

say i do wedding website builder

Simple, yet upbeat, that is how the Say I Do builder works its wonders. This wedding website builder lets you create an informative and innovative site in just five minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, 5! Some things seem hard only because you picture it that way. In reality, it happens to be way simpler than you think. All designs are updated regularly, never getting stuck with the usual and outdated ones. Your page will stand the test of time, look refreshing and brilliant.

After you pick the design, you can add essential details like schedule, photos, registry, and more and complete it quickly. Using their smartphones, guests can respond easily to your invitation with a few clicks. This also tells you that Say I Do websites are responsive and flexible. Sure, paper card guest list may look classy but not as trendy as this builder’s digital spreadsheet.

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20. Pagecloud

pagecloud wedding website builder

You can do any website with Pagecloud easily, including wedding pages. It is a powerful and extendable page builder to achieve great results online. Instead of sending outdated invitation cards and emails, surprise your folks with a stunning and attention-grabbing website. It is Pagecloud that is the wedding website builder you can rely on. There is no need to be doing things from scratch or asking someone to do it instead of you. You can still hammer out a striking page even if you are short on time (we all know how busy the wedding preparation is!).

You can go live swiftly by utilizing the predefined templates and the practical features of Pagecloud. With the complete design flexibility, you can comfortably create a custom look. Editing and adjusting elements, adding new ones, and deleting existing is as easing as ABC. Do it yourself and stay in full control of your internet presence. Moreover, updating your page with new content will be unchallenging, too.

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21. Site123

site123 wedding website builder

Site123 is named like that for one main reason; it requires three straightforward steps to construct your page. On the other hand, the name also emphasizes how easy and quick building a page is. Nowadays, you can be both a designer and a developer at the same time once you use the right wedding website builder. What’s fascinating is that you do not need to deal with a single string of code. With that in mind, you know that structuring your dream page will be fun and joyful.

Additionally, Site123’s pages utilize all the latest web and tech practices, like mobile readiness and cross-browser compatibility. Regardless of where your wedding attendees come from, they will enjoy your page through the roof. Besides, if you need additional guidance, Site123’s customer support is always at your service. After you launch your website, you can update it at free will. Add new content, share with your audience what’s going on at your end, and increase the hype.

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22. Tilda Wedding Website Builder

tilda wedding website builder

Would you like to create a website for your commitment ceremony for free? Now you can do it without difficulties using Tilda. While Tilda is a generic page editor, it is also safe to call it a wedding website builder. It even has the right ready-to-use layout that you can use to speed up establishing your perfect webspace. Furthermore, Tilda also has over 450 pre-built blocks, but you can efficiently create custom ones with Zero Block features. Set your parameters and let your site entice all your visitors.

Introduce your favorite typography, create forms, add a background video, animate text and loads more with the power of Tilda. Since it follows all the modern web regulations, Tilda’s websites are also genuinely adaptive and mobile-ready. Push your stunning pictures and create an unforgettable experience with zero coding knowledge needed. You are in good hands with Tilda.

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  1. This is such a fantastic idea! Wedding website builders make wedding planning a breeze, and the fact that you don’t need any programming knowledge is a game-changer. Having a dedicated site to share all the details and moments leading up to the big day sounds amazing. Can’t wait to check out these options for our upcoming wedding!

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