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Torridge District DEVON


Torridge CATS 2016 Awards Evening

Torridge CATS have set a date for their 2016 Awards Evening

This inspirational event will take place on THURSDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2016 at Langtree Village Hall

This will be an opportunity for Torridge CATS to recognise and reward young people (aged 5 – 25) who are involved with VOLUNTEER WORK. Young people can be recognised for ANY kind of VOLUNTEER WORK, it does NOT have to be sport related!

If you would like to NOMINATE a young person for the 2016 Torridge CATS Awards, please do so using the below link


The DEADLINE for nominations is 13th August 2016

NEW Volunteers / Committee Members sought

Torridge CATS are keen to continue and grow their work with young people in 2016 – in order to do so, they are actively seeking NEW volunteer committee members.

If you are interested in supporting young people in the Torridge area; ensuring that they receive the recognition they deserve for their positive community action and are given opportunities to engage, in a positive way, with their community – please get in touch with Karen on 01288 488086 or via for more information.

The committee meet every 6 – 8 weeks in order to progress their work and in particular focus on their annual Awards Evenings. Torridge CATS are also in the early stages of discussion with Great Torrington Town Council about a joint venture which will see young people given a chance to engage in regular positive activities within the local area.

Torridge CATS needs YOU!


2nd Awards Ceremony for Torridge CATS

Due to the staggering number of nominations received for the 2015 Torridge CATS Awards, a second Awards Ceremony was held on 16.07.15 at Great Torrington School – to recognise and reward young people from the school for their positive community action.

CATS staff were in attendance as was Thomas Mack, Development coordinator (North Devon & Torridge) at Active Devon.

It was an inspirational ceremony, recognising and rewarding the young people for the positive contributions they make through volunteer work

Torride 2nd

Torridge CATS 2015 Awards Evening

On 04.06.15 Torridge CATS held their annual Awards Evening to promote, recognise and reward young people (aged 5-25), from the local area, for their positive community action (volunteer work).

This inspirational event took place at The Pier House in Westward Ho!

Torridge CATS received so many nominations in 2015 (188 in total), that we simply couldn’t fit everyone in one venue on one night. As such, some of the positive young people are set to be rewarded at a separate ceremony at Great Torrington School on 16.07.15.

A total of 112 young people were recognised on 04.06.15 and a further 76 will be recognised on 16.07.15 at the second ceremony.


VIPs attending the evening and presenting Awards to young people included; Denise May MBE (Co-Founder of CATS), Tom Vinall (Young Tennis Coach of the Year 2014), Richard Bean (1610 Leisure) & Neil Blackburn (Bideford AFC & Devon & Somerset Fire Service)


Entertainment on the night was provided by GTS Choir who did a fantastic job of entertaining the crowd as they arrived. Streetz Dance Company also provided entertainment by treating us to a glimpse of a routine they had prepared for The Worlds










Torridge CATS would like to thank the following, without whom, the Awards Evening and subsequent ceremony on 16.07.15, would not have been possible: –

  • The young volunteers and those who nominated them
  • Councillor David Hurley
  • Councillor Rosemary Lock
  • Councillor Peter Christie
  • 1610 Leisure
  • The Big Sheep
  • Westward Ho! Tennis and Sports Club
  • Active Devon
  • Michelle White Fitness Centre
  • Exeter City FC
  • The Milky Way
  • Tesco Bideford
  • Royal North Devon Golf Club
  • Southdown Adventure
  • SW Lakes Trust Ltd
  • Bideford Canoe Club
  • The Pier House
  • Nick Bryant
  • Great Torrington School
  • Morrisons
  • Asda
  • Devon & Somerset Fire Service
  • Panier Pantry


All Records BROKEN

Torridge CATS are set to recognise a record breaking 188 young people (aged 5 – 25) at their 2015 Torridge CATS Awards Evening on 04.06.15

Committee members and CATS staff were thrilled by the number of nominations received – especially as some of the young people were nominated multiple times by different members of the community. This really goes to show how much their volunteer work is valued.

We look forward to meeting and recognising these inspirational young people on 04.06.15 at The Pier House in Westward Ho!

Due to the amazing number of nominations received, some of the young people will be recognised at rewarded at a separate ceremony at Great Torrington School (date yet to be confirmed) because we simply could NOT fit everyone into one venue on one night!

Nominate NOW for the 2015 Torridge CATS Awards

Click Torridge CATS 2015 Nomination Form for the online Nomination Form for the 2015 Torridge CATS Awards

If you know of a young person, aged 5 – 25, who deserves recognition/reward for their positive community action (volunteer work) the please do nominate them now. Young people can be nominated for ANY kind of positive community action, it does NOT have to be sport related – the sport bit comes in with the reward they receive!

Torridge CATS 2015 Awards Evening

Preparations are underway for the 2015 Torridge CATS Awards Evening which will take place on 04.06.15 at The Pier House in Westward Ho!

Please click on the link for more information and for a link to the ONLINE Nomination Form!

2014 Torridge CATS Award winner shines again!

Thanks to Great Torrington School for sharing news of Erin Taylor (a former Torridge CATS Award Winner in 2014) and her continued success

Congratulations to Erin Taylor for obtaining the Young Community Champion award at the North Devon Journal Community Awards ceremony on 17.11.14. What a year for Erin, after winning the top award in the summer at the Torridge CATS Awards Evening!

Click HERE to read the North Devon Journal write up from the Awards ceremony

Torridge CATS – The Future looks bright!

Torridge CATS held a celebratory evening on 8th September 2014 at Langtree Village Hall – the aim of the evening was to celebrate their achievements so far and to collaboratively determine the future direction and make-up of this CATS Branch in the Torridge area.

The Evening was hosted by Torridge CATS with the support of CATS Trustee / Co-Founder – Denise May MBE and CATS Project Development Manager – Karen Hemmings.

The evening was well attended by a varied selection of interested community members/organisations and plans are now afoot to take this exciting CATS Branch forward into a new era.

The Torridge CATS Branch intend to meet next on 06.10.14 at 5:45pm

If you would like further information or are interested in getting involved with Torridge CATS, please contact Karen Hemmings on 01288 488086 or via

Torridge CATS the Future!

Torridge CATS invite you to attend a celebration of their achievements so far and to collaboratively determine the future direction and make-up of this CATS Branch in the Torridge area…
Please join us at 6:30pm on Monday 8th September 2014 at Langtree Village Hall.
Help us celebrate our success and plan our future aims/objectives
Refreshments will be provided.
For more information and to book your place, please RSVP via 01288 488086 or by no later than 25/07/2014.
Thank you
Torridge invite 3

2014 Torridge CATS Awards

full group


On Thursday 5th June 2014 The Torridge CATS branch hosted its annual award presentation evening at the Pier House in Westward Ho!


The second of its kind in the Torridge District the evening was a resounding success rewarding the youth of the District who thoroughly deserved the recognition for their dedication and commitment to volunteering and undertaking positive community action for the benefit of others.

Becka McCulloch


There were over 133 individuals that were nominated to the CATS committee and Thursday evening was a great opportunity to showcase this within the public eye.

group of 5


Leader of  Torridge Cllr Philip Collins said, ‘Young people today often get a bad press, but I think events like these just prove that there is so much positivity in our youngsters, and endless potential. Well done to everyone, and to CATS for organising such an event.


We are sure that there are many more youngsters deserving of such credit, that have gone un-noticed up to now, hopefully the CATS project can go from strength to strength in years to come  to ensure that all of these fantastic members of the community are recognised for their efforts.

Phoebe Baker

IMGP0366Holsworty School Group







On behalf of Torridge District Council and CATS we would like to sincerely thank everyone involved. Without your support and generous contributions to the project the evening would not have been such a success or even possible.

Gabriel Rands Silva

Commons Conserators

Torridge CATS 2014 Awards Evening

Torridge CATS are busy planning their 2014 CATS Awards Evening!

This inspirational event will take place on Thursday 5th June 2014 at The Pier House in Westward Ho!

It will be an exciting evening designed to promote, recognise and reward young people from the Torridge area for their positive community action. In 2013 at the CATS Awards Evening, Torridge CATS recognised and rewarded a total of 124 young people for positive community action!

If you know of a young person in the Torridge area who deserves to be recognised and rewarded for their positive community action then please be sure to nominate them using the CATS nomination form at the top of this page.

Completed hard copy/printed nomination forms should be sent to the below address and should be received by no later than 18.04.14

Alternatively, please use the link at the top of this page for an electronic version of the form which will automatically submit your nomination once you have completed the form.

FAO Kelsey Shortridge

Torridge District Council, Riverbank House, Bideford, Devon, EX39 2QG

Get nominating!


2013 Torridge CATS Awards winners



Level 1 CATS Awards winners from Great Torrington School at a presentation held at the school on 22.11.13 and attended by Torridge CATS Committee members James Jarroudi and Louise Harris.

We think they are amazing, inspiring young people!


 2013 Torridge CATS Awards Evening Press

Torridge CATS have received some more press coverage following the success of their FIRST CATS Awards Evening on 07.06.13, take a look at this link to read more recognised at awards event

yet more press coverage – didn’t they do well considering it was their FIRST ever CATS Awards evening!

First EVER Torridge CATS Awards Evening 07.06.13

Torridge CATS have now held their first EVER CATS Awards Evening. The hugely successful evening took place on 07.06.13 at The Pier House in Westward Ho!

CATS UK attended this event and would like to congratulate the Torridge CATS team for putting together such a fantastic night. 124 young people were recognised and rewarded  for their positive community action as a result of this CATS Awards Evening

Check out this link to see some of the press coverage Torridge CATS have received following their Awards Evening

Here are some pictures of some of the deserving CATS Award Winners from the Evening

Winners from Great Torrington School

Winners from Great Torrington School


Deserving CATS Award Winners

Deserving CATS Award Winners






2013 Torridge CATS Street Paddler

Torridge CATS have now completed their 2013 Street Paddler Scheme. We are looking forward to receiving a full report from the Torridge CATS Branch in due course but they have shared this snap shot with us of their Street Paddler Young people proudly wearing CATS Hoodies after successfully completing the Street Paddler scheme














Here are some snaps of the action from some of the 2013 Torridge CATS Street Paddler sessions – we are looking forward to more action shots as the sessions progress

Torridge Street Paddler 013Torridge Street Paddler 016

FIRST Torridge CATS Annual Awards Evening

Torridge CATS are getting set to host their FIRST ever Annual CATS Awards Evening on 7th June 2013.

If you know of a young person in the Torridge CATS area who deserves to be recognised and rewarded for their positive community action, then please feel free to download and complete a nomination for using the link above.

Please return all completed nomination forms, as quickly as possible, to James Jarroudi: Torridge District Council,  Riverbank House,  Bideford,  Devon,  EX39 2QG

Click on this link to see some of the recent publicity Torridge CATS have managed to generate while spreading the word about their FIRST ever Annual CATS Awards Evening –

Street Paddler 2013

Torridge CATS are getting all geared up to run their SECOND Sports Diversionary scheme!

Street Paddler is all set to get underway on 18th April 2013 as Torridge CATS hold their TASTER SESSION 6pm – 9pm at Skern Lodge on that day.

Street Paddler sessions will then run every Thursday for the eight weeks after the Taster Session and will give the young people involved the chance to try a wide selection of kayaks and canoes. Sessions will take place at many differnt locations including the Estuary, Upper Torride River, Skern Lodge’s pool and also the Sea!!!

Torridge CATS are once again working in conjunction with Skern Lodge to provide this fantastic Sports Diversionary scheme.

Transport is being priovided each week from the meeting place (the top of Kingsley Steps in Biddeford).

Torridge CATS are keen for anyone wishing to volunteer with this Sports Diversionary scheme or any other aspect of Torridge CATS to get in touch – please contact CATS UK to express your interest via 01288 488086 or


Here at CATS UK we are looking forward to seeing some of the pictures of the sessions once they are underway!


Torridge CATS Street Paddler

June 2012

Torridge CATS is a new member of the CATS family and this Spring they ran their first Street Paddler programme.

As the Branch was so new, referra s the usual way were not possible, due to the time it would take to get the committee in place, and so CATS UK approached the Devon Youth Service, Torridge District Council and Young Devon to ask for referrals.

Session 1 found us with no young people so we decided that action needed to be taken. The providers, Skern Lodge, were eager and ready to get some young people out paddling so CATS UK, the instructors at Skern Lodge and Devon Youth Service went and spent some time in the Bideford skate park. We chatted about the programme to the young people and it became apparent that there were some very bored young people who really welcomed a challenge. The majority of them were out of school, work or employment so jumped at the chance to try something new and get something different on their CV’s. Before we knew it we had 12 young people signed up for the following week.

Some were apprehensive at first and the weather wasn’t very nice! But the instructors and the youth workers all explained the benefits of getting stuck in with the paddling and giving it a go. They all loved the session and came back for more the following week.

The instructors at Skern Lodge gave them a very varied programme of paddling to keep their motivation high as well as offering them opportunities to try new boats.

The sessions involved pool kayaking to focus on rolling/capsizing skills, surf kayaking, canoeing and kayaking on the estuary and on a river.

The ratios of young people to instructors are high on Street Paddler so the very best attention could be focussed on the young people developing their skills, whether in the boat or more social and emotional skills such as teamwork and communication.

The last session saw 10 young people finish off their logbooks which they had been working through, and complete their course. This meant they would receive a certificate from the British canoe Union and they were all rewarded by Skern Lodge with a chance to do a bridge jump!!

2 young people were so motivated by their new outdoor skills that they then went on to volunteer at the Surf Reward Weekends at Skern Lodge in the Summer, a chance to show off their new water confidence!

Sian, one of the participants, said “I’ve had so much fun. I can put this in my record of achievement, and also I want to volunteer now I feel more confident. I’ve made friends and want to help out on the next Street Paddler if possible”.

Breaking News

CATS Charity to CLOSE as a result of a lack of funding, please click on our NEWS & EVENTS tab and then select CATS NEWSLETTER to read the full story.

CATS builds on Big Lottery success and enters an exciting new phase thanks to support from The Tudor Trust and Garfield Weston Foundation

CATS comes to the end of its 3 year Big Lottery Funded project




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