Color Mixer

The name Color Mixer speaks for itself - it takes two colors and mixes them in various intensities to show shades. Color mixer is a nice tool to create color palettes and design for websites and other graphics.

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Probably the best color mixer you have ever used.

This tool does what it say it does, it mixers colors. You can choose color to start with and choose the second color to end with and color mixer will do the rest.

It uses HEX color codes but during color mixing it converts them to RGB values for easier processing. Additionally this tool provides output for HEX values along RGB values for further use in design process or elsewhere.

Not everyone will come to this website with their own colors they want to mix so you can use built-in color picker for both colors. Color picker includes the entire RGB color spectrum - 16,777,216 unique colors.

I hope that you will find this color-mixing tool useful. In case you see that something can be done better please don’t hesitate to contact me via Twitter.

This tool is made as simple as possible but here are some basic tips:

  1. Choose first color using color picker or copy/paste if you already know what HEX color code of color you want to mix.
  2. When you are happy with the results hit “Submit”. You should see instant results.
  3. Now choose second color with color picker below sample color area. You can also use your own HEX color.
  4. Play around different color variations to get the results you are looking for.

Please note! Currently this tool supports HEX color codes but it outputs both HEX and RGB color codes for further use.

Did I already mention that you can blend Metro colors too?

This Color Mixer is in early beta and is work in progress. If you have an idea how to make it better please let us know!