Where We Fit In

CATS belongs out in the wider community in order to be effective, so that other generations, and the community as a whole can see young people doing positive things – demonstrating that young people have the ability and energy to contribute positively to their communities and should be recognised and rewarded for doing so!

We believe that CATS Branches can work in any community, after all, CATS is all about pooling knowledge / resources and joined up thinking to benefit the wider community. That is exactly why we encourage our CATS Branches to invite multi-agency professionals to be part of their volunteer committees. Multi-agency committees help to draw in not only positive young people but also disaffected young people, enabling them ALL to become part of their community in a positive way – aiding community cohesion!

CATS works with all community agencies and partners. We do not try and tell you what to do, or how you should do it. All we ask is that we work with you, helping you to work together to recognise young people.  Where possible giving them opportunities to engage in a positive way with their community.


Local Council representatives can help by identifying projects that can be done by young people (perhaps repairing, repainting, clearing areas) before drawing in professional contractors, this could provide another approach to your CATS Branch  Young Person Led Project. 

School representatives and Police/PCSOs can identify ‘at risk’ young people who would benefit from being involved with a CATS Sports Diversionary scheme, or perhaps just joining in with a positive community project which will in turn make them eligible to be rewarded at a CATS Awards Evening.