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About Us

CATS aims to promote, recognise and reward all young people for positive community action with sports based awards.


We believe that volunteering is the inspiration, recognition is the key and that sport is the driving force!


Community Action Through Sport (CATS) is a registered charity and was established in 2005 in Bude, North Cornwall. CATS was established in answer to anti-social behaviour and in response to a dispersal area being imposed on the young people of Bude.

These young people, along with representatives from the local police and secondary school, set out to raise the reputation of young people in the area. They felt aggrieved that the positive contributions young people were making to their communities were going unrecognised and set about to not only recognise but also reward these positive contributions. CATS was the solution… creating a Big Society before its time.

Simply put,  CATS offers all young people the opportunity to get involved, in a positive way with their community. This positive action is then rewarded with sports activities and/or healthy living rewards. Very often sports that the young person has not had the opportunity to try, or considered before.

Since 2005 and with the support of funding from The Big Lottery Fund, more CATS Branches have now been established in communities throughout Devon and Cornwall,  rewarding hundreds of young people for their positive community action. CATS are keen to see the CATS ethos rolled out across the UK in time.

How does it work?

CATS works by drawing together the experience and facilities of different organisations, in order to set up CATS Branches. CATS Branches consist of multi-agency volunteer committees and we encourage these committees to include representatives from the following areas of the community: –

  • Schools – both primary and secondary
  • Police / PCSOs
  • Local Council
  • Youth Groups and Services
  • Sports Providers
  • Sports clubs
  • Young People
  • Any interested party in the local community

CATS is all about pooling resources and knowledge, joined up thinking, to benefit not only the young people in the community but also the community as a whole!

CATS Branches are currently being established in many areas throughout Devon and Cornwall. Check out our Branches tab to see if there is already a CATS Branch in your local area, or contact the CATS UK Head Office if you are interested in setting one up.

So what do our CATS Branches actually do?

We ask each of our CATS Branches annually to carry out the following activities: –

  • CATS Awards Evening – An evening designed to promote, recognise and reward young people for their positive community action. CATS Awards Evenings take place within the wider community environment, as opposed to within a school or club environment, thus highlighting the positive contributions young people make to their communities. Young people are rewarded with sports or healthy living rewards.


  • Young Person Led Project – CATS Branch committees support younger members of the community to run a Young Person Led Project, this could be a one off fundraising event for a local or national charity, or an on going project such as our Bude CATS’ Friday Night Splash project. The project will be led by the young people, allowing them to develop valuable life, leadership and governance skills.


  • CATS Sports Diversionary schemes – 8 – 10 week schemes designed to draw “at risk” young people away from anti-social behaviour while engaging them in sport and teaching them valuable life skills. Not only will the young people gain valuable life skills, but they will also work towards an accredited sporting qualification whilst developing positive relationships with adults in positions of authority.


For further details about CATS or any of our CATS Branches, or if you are interested in setting up a CATS Branch in your community, then please contact the CATS UK Head Office – 01288 488086 or via




Breaking News

CATS Charity to CLOSE as a result of a lack of funding, please click on our NEWS & EVENTS tab and then select CATS NEWSLETTER to read the full story.

CATS builds on Big Lottery success and enters an exciting new phase thanks to support from The Tudor Trust and Garfield Weston Foundation

CATS comes to the end of its 3 year Big Lottery Funded project




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